Josh on 'that sinking feeling' at Gleick's Pacific Institute

Josh makes some usual biting satire. Looks like dread cast upon the waters to me.


31 thoughts on “Josh on 'that sinking feeling' at Gleick's Pacific Institute

  1. Brilliant!
    I see an inflatable dinghy out there somewhere, representing an ethics post for scientists which might just take him on board – part time…
    Kurt in Switzerland

  2. How could Gleick have run his ship into the rocks in the dark of night? Didn’t he see the solar-powered lighthouse?

  3. I wonder if they would give a convicted felon a sabbatical to serve a prison term….?
    Here’s hoping that Heartland sees this thing through to the end…of Peter Gleick as the head of anything.

  4. This is a nice way for people to understand clearly that the AGW prmoters are not the sort of people one should trust policy or money matters to.

  5. I just have to say, we all always appreciate the represenatative and sometimes biting snark from Josh. But it hit me on this one for some reason…..what a talented artist it takes to actually (quickly) create the perfect image to supplement, or actually present, that which is in our minds after assessing the situation.. What a sharp mind combined with a talented hand! But I’m not jealous at all.
    I’ll be over in the corner practicing two-handed chopsticks on the piano now.. Key of Asia Minor. Or maybe I’ll tackle that paint by numbers I’ve been putting off.

  6. Josh, your pictures are a testimony to the invincible human spirit… you see the nuances of the truth so beautifully and without any aggressive selling.

  7. Josh does it again.
    Heartland; solid as a rock? An island in the midst of stormy seas? Location for future lighthouse / billboard of truth? Shaped like a real heart?
    There will be some good comments on this.

  8. kadaka (KD Knoebel) says:
    June 7, 2012 at 3:53 pm
    Be wary out there, Mister Gleick! There be Ethics in them waters!
    Snicker…..ha ha ha ha

  9. Well Gleick can always swim over to those Heartland rocks, pull himself up on them, apologize and affirm that open debate and good scientific principles are the only way to go…. and the storm will died down and the sun will come out…. 😉

  10. Satire and Art will come together and sink Gleick. Oh, wait… Josh has already done it.

  11. Great, as usual, Josh.
    This is a perfect time for Gleick to offer an apology to Heartland and agree to a debate.
    Science only. We could leave the ethics issues out.
    Might be hard to ignore so much looseness with the truth.
    Not sure who I’d trust to moderate and provide answers.

  12. It’s a great cartoon. I’d personally like to see Heartland, if not prepared to take the Gleick-Clown to court at least prepared to mount a loud and aggressive campaign to draw warmist scientists/alarmists into the harsh light of public debate. This is the one single thing they are most terrified of: meeting their educated, climate-realist peers in public debate. Seems to me, this is the single most effective way to expose their lies and hypocrisy – we just need, as a climate realist movement, to find a way to draw these people out into the plain light of day and expose them before their peers.
    As Rio+20 draws imminent, now more than ever we climate realists need to concentrate our fire on getting some of the most vocal and propagandist warmists into public debate – the only sure-fire way to reveal to the public at large the extent of their hideous deceptions and the weakness of their ‘settled’ science when held up to clear-headed, educated scrutiny.

  13. Phil Ford says:
    June 8, 2012 at 2:00 am
    As Rio+20 draws imminent, now more than ever we climate realists need to concentrate our fire on getting some of the most vocal and propagandist warmists into public debate.

    Concentrate on the ones with more ego than situational awareness, otherwise it’ll be like trying to coax a weasel out of a woodpile by clucking “Here, kitty, kitty…”

  14. This morning on to hundreds of thousands of readers:
    “NOW THAT THE CONTROVERSY’S BLOWN OVER: Peter Gleick Reinstated at Pacific Institute. “The water and climate expert Peter Gleick, a scientist who masqueraded as a board member of a conservative organization to gain access to its confidential financial information, has been reinstated as president of the Pacific Institute, the environmentally minded think tank that he founded. . . . The statement said the Pacific Institute’s board of directors had accepted Dr. Gleick’s apology for misrepresenting himself. It added that no other staff member was involved in his subterfuge. . . . By saying that its investigation, carried out by unknown parties, confirmed Dr. Gleick’s account, the institute was implicitly backing the scientist’s claim that he was not responsible for cobbling together a document labeled a fake by Heartland, which he disseminated along with other genuine ones.”
    Upholding the high ethical standards for which the climate science field is known.”

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