Climate Craziness of the Week: UK Government adviser Bill McGuire says global warming is causing earthquakes and landslides !!!!

Wow, just wow. “He said:

“We are going to get climate chaos. Are we going to have geological havoc added to it? Climate change is already driving more earthquakes and giant landslides in some parts of the world.”

Full story at :

What can you say when somebody goes off the rails like this?

h/t to Barry Woods


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The epitome of a deranged ‘Ministry of We Know Best’. Their clarion cry will become increasingly strident, increasing desperate and increasingly ‘Lost’.


[snip – OTT]

I can just about remember when government advisors actually gave sane advice. Here he is, Of course he isn’t actually a climate scientist, so why should we believe him!

Don Keiller

Cue men in white coats.
McGuire is certifiable.


A psychiatric assessment is needed

John Greenfraud

He has gone from useful idiot to dangerous useful idiot. Off the rails? He’s in the field plowing up turf with the cow-catcher. He can’t back those statements up, he knows it and he doesn’t care. Dangerous!

A Lovell

Like the witterings of Pamela Anderson, this dross will only hurt the ‘Cause’. Twelve out of the twelve comments that I just read under the Telegraph article have pronounced it utter ‘b*ll*cks.

Gunga Din

Didn’t Danny Glover blame an earthquake a few years ago on global warming?

I think he is overlooking the zombie connection. Clearly, when zombies become active, they cause a lot of underground disturbances. I think I need a government grant to work on this theory…

Mike Jowsey

…said that the speed of today’s climate change was unprecedented in the Earth’s history. There was already more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than at any time in the last 15 million years and melting of the Greenland ice sheet would become irreversible in ten to thirty years if present trends continued.
Yawn…. talk it up, Prof, talk it up. We’ve heard it all before.


Absolutely UNHINGED! This is completely ridiculous. I suppose 9,000 years ago the Earth must have just been one constant Earthquake considering temperatures were much higher than today. His advisory status should be immediately revoked and he should be referred to the NHS for evaluation.

Anthony Watts says: June 5, 2012 at 2:20 pm
Maybe Dr. McGuire, the TEAM, and all the rest of the good and great of climate science will be raptured first and leave the rest of us in peace?

The old Seadog.

Reminds me of the sex maniac squirrel…..

Gunga Din

Anthony Watts says:
June 5, 2012 at 2:20 pm
Maybe he’ll go so far as to say “the rapture” is coming due to CAGW.
One thing I know about “the rapture” is that neither Man nor Mann have anything to do with its timing.

David in Michigan

(Those who have been incorporated into the Borg can not return to normal.) The purpose of the article is to (obviously) continue to pound the general public about the hazards of “climate change”. It doesn’t matter how outrageous the claim, the important thing is to keep pounding away. This strategy works….. don’t believe those polls showing otherwise. It WORKS. The argument that rational discourse can win the day is a false one. (Sorry readers of WUWT.).

Richard Nelson

When ice heats it cracks like glass. All solids do. You need to check your facts before you start lying to the public, unless your considering presenting real SOLUTIONS to climate change. Not to mention, I am positive the original creator is not giving you permission to use their work as you have here. Mr Anthony your not part of a game but a real industry of professionals that will sue you for doing this.
REPLY: Actually, its called “fair use”, which applies in the case of critical commentary… look it up. As for your other assertion of “When ice heats it cracks like glass. All solids do.” I’m assuming this is satire, and you simply forgot the /sarc tag, because it is too stupid a claim to be anything else. If that were true of “all solids”, concrete and steel would crack in the mid-day sun 😉 – Anthony
[Not to mention taffy and bubble gum.☺ ~dbs, mod.]

Follow the Money

“What can you say when somebody goes off the rails like this?”
Usually I would presume they are one of those sad and damaged people associated with But he’s a British official, they’re even loonier than the Australians. Remember the Lord Stern Report? It was so bad, even the craziest climate nuts ignore it.
“Maybe he’ll go so far as to say “the rapture” is coming due to CAGW.”
Gore already did Revelation in AIT. It truly is time for a sequel.


Changing loads on the crust from melting glaciers and rising sea levels actually could cause earthquakes. Such quakes would very likely be too rare and minor to be of any concern though.


It IS 2012 after all. Can you blame the guy?
(Do I need a sarc tag? Perhaps a h/t to the mayans.)

I can’t take much more of this! 🙁


Actually it is probably not quite correct to say that rising sea levels and melting glaciers could “cause” earthquakes. It would probalby only change the timing and distribution of them, without making them worse on average.


For the benefit of readers outside the UK, the “Hay Festival” originated as an annual get-together of authors and arty types in a sort of ‘bonding’ way (an opportunity to try to claw each other’s eyes out with decency).
Over the years it has expanded to include all sorts of leading experts on absolutely everything (and anyone who can escape without the nurse noticing their absence); these folk give freely of their time to pontificate to the assembled and adoring throng.
Yesterday, the Telegraph’s same Geoffrey Lean wrote faithfully of friend Bill McGibben’s bewailing that there is too little poetry, music or opera created to enlighten us all in the cause of AGW.
My case rests.

Disko Troop

I take comfort by reading the comments under yet another cut and paste from Geoffrey Lean. Apart from the nutters like Mcguire trying to sell their books, the average person appears to treat Global Warming/ chaos/climate change or whatever it has morphed into with the informed contempt that it deserves. Problem is that getting the nutters off the gravy train is going to need a lot more than a whistle and a red flag.

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And yet we’re the crazy ones for being skeptics.


Unfortunately I must correct myself again. It is possible for earthquakes to be caused by melting. For example if all the ice in Antarctica melted that would likely cause significant earthquakes which would not occur if the ice remained constant. Of course I realize that all the ice in Antarctica can’t melt anytime soon, if ever.


Anthony Watts says:
June 5, 2012 at 2:20 pm
Maybe he’ll go so far as to say “the rapture” is coming due to CAGW.

He’s only one letter away from doing so. (He’s saying the rupture is the fault of AGW.)
Here’s where he may have got the idea:

kadaka (09:28:22) :

HectorK (03:11:03) :
Sorry…. OT I know but after a brief lull it appears the BBC are right back on it! Global Warming the child killer!!!

You could have headlined that post with what is stated at the beginning of the article, as it explains a lot.
Dr Tony Waterston
Consultant paediatrician and chair of the Advocacy Committee, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Don’t get me started on the earthquakes, which are linked to global warming. (Because the extra thermal energy has lead to more intense flows in atmospheric and oceanic currents, which has resulted in more movement of and stress on the tectonic plates thus more and stronger earthquakes. See, makes perfect sense.)

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

Anthony Watts said on June 5, 2012 at 2:20 pm:

Maybe he’ll go so far as to say “the rapture” is coming due to CAGW.

It’s actually the raptors coming to the windmills combating CAGW, but close enough for government work.

Wow, obviously the answer for this kind of intellectual training deficit is for Universities to require students that manage to avoid Calculus and a rigorous Math concentration to take a course in Logic and Semantics and at least one other philosophy course. Of course telling Professor McGuire that he needs to take a couple 100 and 200 level course could start a “volcano storm” all on it’s own.

And Chicken Little said the sky was falling oh, hold on, they are both British fairy tails aren’t they


Anyone able to read the comments to the article?
For some reason I’ve had problems loading disqus at the Telly recently.

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These people are just amazing. They think we’re so stupid that if they scattered gravel at our feet we’d peck at it.

Cut him some slack! We’re having a unique four-day national holiday, street parties, loads of beer and pop-concerts, thousands of hill-top bonfires and are celebrating a diamond jubilee despite the drizzle. With any luck the hippies over at Hay-on-Wye will do some chanting and wailing and dancing with the Druids and evoke summer. Reality will cut in next week as the Eurocrash tumbles and local councils block windfarms.


A couple of corrections to my 2.47pm post, if I may:
I see it is McKibben, ‘K’ not a ‘G’.
Telegraph article referred to actually dated 1st June, although I read it yesterday.

Mike Smith

From the last paragraph:
“Most recent earthquakes, he added,had been caused by conventional geological activity, without any contribution from climate change, but global warming was likely to make things worse in future. ”
In other words, recent quakes have nothing to do with AGW but they might in the future.
I don’t believe any recent quakes were caused by crappy journalism either. But it could cause huge earthquakes in the future. Watch out California!
Is there no end to the stupidity the MSM will inflict upon us?


My My…imagine his excitement should ever find a turnip in the shape of the Virgin Mary…

John Blake

Paging Pentti Linkola: The real tectonic shift is in McGuire’s dead brain.

Green Sand

For this statement Dr. McGuire needs to be brought infront of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee. The government must be greatly concerned about these new developments?
Or is it just that they are on the road again!
i owe, I owe,
From Hay to Rio we go!

Luther Wu

Bill McGuire’s words will be taken up as gospel and repeated. It won’t be any use trying to talk sense with those who will vehemently echo his remarks, as any such efforts will earn one a hate filled tirade.


@Green Sand
“The government must be greatly concerned about these new developments?”
The development being that a government science adviser appears to lost his mind.


Well, electoral landslides maybe.
People get sick and tired of the lies and taxes caused by AGW.

Anthony Watts asked: “What can you say when somebody goes off the rails like this?”
You could give some arguments, why you think it is impossible that global warming may cause earthquakes and landslides. For the experts here at WUWT it may be obvious why this is unthinkable, but I am not a seismologist. Unfortunately, now I only have the arguments from the Telegraph in favour of this possibility. To be able to form a better opinion some arguments against would be very much welcome.

David Delaney

Uk earthquakes
We have them all the time:

4 eyes

Another newspaper I won’t ever read or refer to again. Publishing rubbish like that is very very irresponsible and can not be justified however you want to contort the argument for doing so.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

From rogerknights on June 5, 2012 at 2:53 pm:

Here’s where he may have got the idea:

kadaka (09:28:22) :

Ha, that’s an old and long “Of course global warming causes or makes worse everything!” reply rant. Had to dig it up to remind myself what I wrote:
Nice to see the “science” as presented to the public hasn’t changed much. They keep blaming, and blaming, and blaming, and looking crazy, and crazier, and crazier…


Prof Lenardic at Rice University/College in Houston (Earth Science) would appear to provide a numerical modeled basis to McGuires’ Revationesque view of Armageddon as lead author of this article ‘Hot Climate Could Shut Down Plate Tectonics’ (Rice University 2008, May 12). Can one suppose that there may have been a shortage of grant funding at the time, aside from any issues associated with plausibility or validation?


Apologies typo – this is all just getting to me – ‘Revelationesque’

Tom in Worcester

Hopefully not OTT.(sorry if so)
From the Telegraphs comments section:
“Does this man’s carers know that he is out and about?”

In New Zealand you can have it both ways. Believe in global warming catastrophes AND build wind farms on fault lines!

Matt G

OMG, there are even a few that are gullible.
If only warming caused earthquakes and landslides then there wouldn’t be any earthquakes and landslides when it was cooling. The Earth miles down below the land surface is much warmer than the surface.
Earthquakes are caused miles below the surface, how can a little fraction degree change on the surface have any affect miles down people, stop being so non scientific.
The difference between winter and summer temperatures are huge on the surface and they have no influence on earthquakes and landslides. For a start it would mean earthquakes could only occur in the summer too depending which hemisphere. Yet massive temperature changes have no noticeable affect on earthquakes, yet some insane actually think a fraction of degree does.