Skeptics on the radio

Harold Ambler – Worldwide Radio Interview Tonight

I’m looking forward to joining the hosts of Wise Guys of Weather at 8:10 p.m. EDT this evening to discuss weather, climate, and my book. Hosts Joe Bastardi, Joe D’Aleo, and Alan Lammey of bring cold hard facts of energy and climate to bear for listeners around the world. I hope you’ll tune in!

As I sometimes mention, it’s as though some of the people on the pro-AGW side have very little appreciation of the wonder and majesty of the ocean-atmosphere system. Not a problem with us four! Seriously!  Call in with questions: 909-265-9150. We look forward to hearing from you!

h/t to Tom Nelson

9 thoughts on “Skeptics on the radio

    Sorry again about me being stupid on the Hansen article. You are right, its big news anyway and its actually something I dont have a big problem with… its the hammering of c02 and the shackling of the nation that gets me.
    You think the MSM will ever call him on it

  2. I thought it was settled until I read that new Hansen piece. Now I just don’t know. This atmospheric stuff is just so much in the air. /sarc

  3. It sure would be nice having WUWT WebTV for similar endeavors and live interactive events. Small studio, some additional band width, lots of makeup, and whoomp there it is!
    Perhaps you could poll the viewers appetite for such?
    PS, interested investors like myself are standing by for the opportunity.
    I give up sending emails on said subject 🙂

  4. Thank you for the link, I caught the last fifty minutes of it, and now am playing older shows. Quite a good show, informative and lively.

  5. I’ve written to DMI to ask that they leave the business of predictions to others or at the very least make the old graph reporting extent available again.

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