Rosie O'Donnell has a winter coat for sale

Guest post by Mark Johnson

What would the climate change debate be without a quote from Rosie O’Donnell. Al Roker was interviewing the talk show host on a Weather Channel segment Monday morning during “Wake Up with Al.” Here’s how the exchange went:

ROKER: “What do you think about the controversy about the people who say, ya know, this whole global warming thing is a scam…a sham?”

ROSIE: “It’s ridiculous. Its absurd. There’s scientific proof. And those are the people who also believe in Creationism, right? I don’t know how you can argue with science in that way when…we’re alive in 2012, and every kind of from of measuring and scientific data. Its a ridiculous thing to say it is not occurring.”

ROKER:”During this winter, when all this weird stuff was going on, were you like a lot of us, going ‘What the heck is going on?’ ”

ROSIE: “You know, I was in Chicago for the winter and everyone said to me, ‘You better get thermal underwear and heated boots!’ Literally, I spent all this money getting all this stuff. It was like spring…it was a joke! It was spring the entire winter! I used my coat once!”

Now, lets review:

According to commedien-turned-climate scientist Rosie O’Donnell,

1) the science is settled,

2) Skeptics are flat-earthers and religious fanatics;

3) one cut-off low pressure in March across the central United States is proof of global warming.

4) Rosie has a gently used winter coat and thermal underwear for sale.

I wonder what O’Donnell would think about underestimated polar bear populations, decreasing hurricane intensity, fewer strong tornadoes since 1974, the forgotten heat records of the 1930s, adjusted arctic temperatures, twelve trees in the Urals, spliced temperature data in the Antarctic, upside down Tiljander proxies, a non-ice free summer arctic, hidden declines, the non-existent big red heat spot, artificial temperature inclines, ClimateGate, FakeGate & hockey sticks.

I guess the word “science” means different things to different people…


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Chicago should invite her to spend next winter there as well, even though her talk-show has gotten the axe by Oprah. However she should be allowed to wear her coat, for scientific reasons.


Suspect that Rosie’s winter coat was made by Omar the Tent Maker.

Kelvin Vaughan

Dosen’t she know global warming causes record cold winters? She should have hung on to her winter coat.

Harold Ambler

Somebody buy that lady my book 🙂

Chris B

Rosie who?


Like ya know wow, I broke a sweat getting into my car. That must be global warming. Yeh I was late. I burnt the toast this morning and my coffee was cold. Yeh like wow, the extremes of global warming in my kitchen on one morning. How can any dill argue against that?

Gunga Din

Well, the balloo …er… buffoon does claim to be a comedian …..


Why would Rosie need a coat with all that natural insulation she carries around?


Used Rosie O’Donnell thermal underwear.
Now there is a picture I did not need in my head.


Here in South-East England, we’ve started experiencing the wettest drought on record.
Plainly ACGW does funny things to, like, weather, and stuff.
Or, possibly, it might just be weather and stuff.
You know – some days are hot, and others quite cool really. Others arr wet, whilst some are sort-of, well, dry.
Who would have believed it even remotely possible?
Maybe tell the delightful – and no doubt personally very nice – La O’Donnell . . . . . . . . .
PS – pretty sure her coat wil be substantially too small for me!

Paul Coppin

Not sure why anyone would pay any attention to a serial failure. Either one of them.

Doug Proctor

‘Course she does: she looks at the world through Rosie-coloured glasses.

Interesting site on Chicago Temperature History:

“every kind of from of measuring and scientific data”…that is proof enough for me, who am I to question such intellect.

Follow the Money

Roker is just mouthing the new mass media meme, “strange” weather. It’s a poor stepson of the “weather extremes” memes. The warmth meters aren’t showing increasing warmth, so the PR folks think up all sorts of new distractions to prove “change.” The target group is not necessarily the non-warmists, but it the warmists themselves. To keep them from going off the plantation and thinking for themselves. The trick is to play to their senses of superiority, and their susceptibility to scientific-sounding types of argumentation. The current phase of this type of meme is a build up to “connect the dots” day in May. Apparently this celebration is not the brainchild of Ogilvy Mathers or whomever Wall Street is paying for slush these days, but a non-astroturf creation of the mentally challenged 350.orggers, or similar.

Adam Gallon

Maybe she’d like a ticket to Eastern Europe or Russia.
She’d be using her coat then!

Tom G(ologist)

Screw her. I think we ought to lambaste Roker – a guy who SHOULD and probably DOES know better, but he is a talking head now,

Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
Proof positive – That size doesn’t equate to smarts

R. Shearer

If you don’t know who Rosie is, I’d recommend against doing an image search.

Gunga Din

Gunga Din says:
April 30, 2012 at 1:03 pm
Well, the balloo …er… buffoon does claim to be a comedian …..
Sorry about the crack about her physical appearance but hot air and balloons just seemed to go together.

Fraizer says:
April 30, 2012 at 1:05 pm
Used Rosie O’Donnell thermal underwear.
Now there is a picture I did not need in my head.
EWWWWWWWWWW……. Ha ha ha ha

This story, the Tim McCarver “baseballs are flying further because of global warming”, and on, and on, and on… As we all know, they just keep repeating the lie until everyone believes it. As we all know, it’s working.
I was absolutely incensed with an NPR Morning Edition piece this morning.
Basically stating that extremists are destroying or democracy, that we should have Parliamentary rule (so the majority could just do whatever they wanted and not have to bother even listening to minority representation) and that it’s all the Republican’s fault.
Seriously, I’m not making this up. Their “guest expert” stated that he went into the study with an open mind and determined the outcome after careful analysis. Sorry, I’m throwing the BS flag on that one. Just like climate science, it was a premise seeking its predetermined outcome. On more than one occasion he decreed that Republicans were “anti-science” and mentioned this in direct relationship to the global warming debate. The carefully scripted “questions” to lead into the next conservative bashing diatribe. The whole thing couldn’t possibly have been more blatantly biased and partisan.
I listen to NPR, but I never donate. Now if we could just get our tax dollars out of supporting the national radio broadcasts of the Democratic National Committee’s talking points….


Who needs a coat when the only exposure you get to the elements is the twenty-foot walk from the building you’re in to the limo that’s idling outside?

No idea who she is, sounds like I’m the lucky one!

dave ward

“If you don’t know who Rosie is, I’d recommend against doing an image search.”
Too late………..

Rhoda R

For those who don’t remember, Rosie is a 9/11 ‘truthier’. She, on national TV, stated that fire doesn’t melt steel. Her scientific insights are questionable, to say the least. If she is the most authoritative source for scientific insight that Roker, can come up with the AGW, CAGW, Climate Change, Global Wierding crowd has gone beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel and has been reduced to mining the slime under it.


Rosie lives in Miami Beach right?

Paul Westhaver

According to Phil Jones at Hadley CRU, there hasn’t been any warming since 1998. [SNIP: Sorry, Paul, but that is way over the top. -REP]


This interview could have been a waste of time if not for Al’s piercing meteorological based questions – and there are those who would scoff at a BA in Communications.

R Cox

Who cares what Rosie, or for that matter, Roker, thinks. I cannot stand the “Wake Up and Worship Al” show, and Roker getting his weather and climate expertise from the likes of Rosie O’Donnell might just indicate why.


Speaking of US deniers, many who believe In God, the second amendment as well as the rest of the US Constitution and believe in the good of Western civilization, climate change deniers are smart enough to know that anyone in the entertainment industry who purposely limits their audience with insults is probably not all that bright and not worth watching.


Has anyone thought to ask Kim Kardashian what she thinks?
We might be able to get the Hollyweird consensus up to 99%.

Paul Westhaver

REP… You are absolutely correct. that was way over the top!!… You may have saved my dignity there and for that I thank you. I have Rosie Odonnell derangement syndrome….I hear her name and poof, my brain turns into a thesaurus for ugly. 🙂
[REPLY: Thank you for being understanding. -REP]

GP Hanner

Rhoda R. beat me to it, but I’ll amplify just a bit. Rosie also claims to be an expert in metallurgy: fire doesn’t melt steel. And, maybe, scissors doesn’t cut paper.

I cannot stand Rosie O’Donnell. She is the embodiment of everything crude, crass and ugly in America.

Keith Pearson, formerly bikermailman, Anonymous no longer

In case it hasn’t been mentioned yet, Rosie is the person who doesn’t believe fire can melt steel. Tell me again how scientific she is? I have no problem believing scientists. It’s just scientists with an agenda that results in my freedom and the fruits of my labor being taken from me. Oh, and I’m not a Creationist at all. Earth ~4.5Bln yo, Universe ~13.7Bln yo, dinosaurs, the whole bit. Twit. Better stop there, so I don’t have to self-snip.

Aunty Freeze

Its funny how the rich and famous like to prattle on about being eco friendly etc. It is like they feel they must compensate for their wealth and greed by telling all us peasants about being green and how to save the planet because it somehow makes them feel that they are in fact decent people and most definitely superior to us.
If they actually knew what they were talking about, gave all their money to third world countries, went and lived in a cave, lived on grass and berries and didn’t use any transportation with a motor in it, then i might actually feel some respect for them and their beliefs.

Keith Pearson, formerly bikermailman, Anonymous no longer

R. Shearer says: April 30, 2012 at 1:24 pm
I personally like the one with Rosie and KSM’s arrest picture side by side. Two peas in a pod. More ways than one.

Keith Pearson, formerly bikermailman, Anonymous no longer

Aunty, I remember when she had her TV show. Tom Selleck had a new movie out, and was touring the shows plugging it. She promptly starts attacking him for his stance on firearms. He tries to steer back to the movie, she held on like…shall I say…a dog with a bone. It came out shortly later that she had an armed bodygaurd for her young kiddo. In NYC. Hypocracy, thy name is The Left.


Rosie O’Donnell doesn’t understand the scientific method. She doesn’t know the difference between climate and weather. She uses a superficial understanding of an incredibly complex subject to draw conclusions and make authoritative pronouncements.
What’s really strange is that, in spite of these lapses in knowledge and logic, she’s still a better climate scientist than she is a comedienne. There are few people who have gone farther with less talent, a fact that even Oprah was forced to admit recently.


Foolish, foolish Aunty! It has always been thus; there have always been two sets of rules – one for them and one for us peasants. Victorian prudish England screwing their way to heaven. Oz “stars” preaching “green” yet travelling 200km by helicopter. Gore making money out of scientific lies whist residing in a squillion room mansion. European bureaucrats earning millions somehow ALL missed the fact that most countries were cheating on their finances. Have you just opened your eyes or have you been in a deep freeze darling and just come out of a cryogenic coma? Western democracy is going to hell in a basket led by power (read money) hungry people who don’t give a stuff about the “average” bloke. There – I feel so very much better.

Green Sand

Rosie O’Donnell?
Sorry from UK, so who he/she?

not to concerned

[SNIP: Funny, but no. -REP]




The real problem is that all those socialists never updated their scientific facts once the ones they read were fitting their agenda.

timothy sorenson

Remember, Rosie rejected all scientific inquiry and concluded the Twin Towers were an ‘inside job.’ My favorite quote: I do believe that it’s the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel.”


Tom wrote: “Screw her.”
Oh god no! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Paul Westhaver

REP… I can see that you are getting to read all the humor….I am chuckling just thinking about it. You have to admit, running any article with Rosie O’Donnell was like showing up at a board meeting with a red nose and rainbow hair. Mr Provocateur. I have a suggestion! Run this article in the “Friday Funnies” section WUWT. Cheers.
[REPLY: Sometimes trying to maintain the dignity of The Best Science Blog is a tough battle. Sometimes I lose and sometimes things are just too funny not to share. -REP]

John M

Fire can’t melt steel…and overeating doesn’t cause weight gain.