Hansen on skeptics – we are winning

Taken at the Energy Crossroads conference in D...

Taken at the Energy Crossroads conference in Denmark on 12 March 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though, he still thinks we are all funded by some sort of “machine”. It never occurs to him that he’s fighting a guerrilla war and that most skeptics are self motivated.

Update: the UK telegraph has a similar story here

Scientist hits climate change skepticismUPI.com

EDINBURGH,Scotland,April 9 (UPI) –Environmentalists and climate scientists, facing public skepticism, are losing the debate on global warming, a U.S. scientist who first raised the issue says.

James Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who issued warnings about man-made climate change as early as the 1980s, said public skepticism is increasing even in the face of growing scientific acceptance of the reality of global warming.

“There is remarkable inconsistency between the scientific story and public story,” Hansen said in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he will receive the Edinburgh Medal at the Edinburgh International Science Festival this week, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Hansen said those opposed to major social and economic changes needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions were attempting to undermine the scientific evidence.

“The science has become stronger and stronger over the past five years while the public perception is has gone in completely the other direction. That is not an accident.

“There is a very concerted effort by people who would prefer to see business to continue as usual. They have been winning the public debate with the help of tremendous resources.”

Without a dramatic change in public opinion, Hansen said,he fears future generations will inherit a world where global warming is out of control.

“Our parents honestly did not know what the consequences of continued development and reliance on fossil fuels as an energy source,” he said. “We can no longer claim that, as the science is now clear.”


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jonathan frodsham

Yes Hansen: Tremendous recourses of common sense and truth. NOT MONEY.


Dear Anothy,
We think, we hear, we think again…. we understand,
Be skeptical…

You can’t help but feel it’s only a matter of time until he pulls a Gleick. He’s such a driven fanatic.

It must take a lot of guts to go to Edinburgh and try and scare people about Global Warming.
Average temperature in, april 7C / 45 F. Brrrrrr!


‘It never occurs to him that he’s fight a guerrilla war and that most skeptics are self motivated.’
Typo should read ‘that we fight a…..’
Regards S


What a tool. Unbelievable he can say these blatant falsehoods in name of the once great NASA. Very sad…

William Martin in NZ

Wow,he has a swollen head,they aren’t losing,they have lost.Game set and match the way I see it.


There is remarkable inconsistency between the Hansen story and scientific story.

Bob the Swiss

How can this guy remains director of the NASA GISS ?

Sure the science is clear, clear as mud.
The gall of a man who fabricates data graphs and maps using statistical interpolation to inflate the temperature record. Sure it’s clear that that isn’t science, it’s scientific fraud and as he has accepted monies based upon those fabricated claims it graduates to finanancial fraud. Someone needs to find a nice jail cell for Hansen.


Looking through the comments and scores claimed (including mine:-) on the ‘scientific literacy’ test I’m guessing the average was about 40/50, or 80%.
Perhaps that^s why many of us here are unconvinced by Hanson’s ‘settled’ science’ claim!


“The science is now clear’
He has the arrogance to think that the public are so stupid that if the science is clear they would accept spin over fact”
I always thought the older you get the more wise you become, although my research suggests the more you travel by jet plane, living the high life the more you take on the attributes of a air brained celebrity.

David, UK

Can somebody change the record please? I’ve heard this one.

I’ve received a sum total of $0.00 for my scientific skepticism on any topic. I don’t even have ads on my science blog.

Gary Pate

Is he getting a medal for being consistently wrong?


No, Hansen! you are the one losing the debate about CAGW, because you’re the one who is fixing the numbers & lying to save your own skin. It won’t work and I hope you live long enough to be brought before some kind of tribunal that cashiers you in front of the World’s TV cameras. It’s the very least you deserve. OTOH, your naked banishment to the environs of Barrow in Alaska, as a large white predator tracks you down; that would be fun to watch!

son of mulder

“public skepticism is increasing even in the face of growing scientific acceptance of the reality of global warming”
At least he didn’t say “growing scientific evidence”. I wonder why?


I honestly don’t know how NASA could possibly feel this man is doing them any good – his history of ill-advised anti-climate sceptic public pronouncements should have rung alarm bells a long time ago. It’s hard to imagine anyone any longer feels Hansen has anything useful or constructive to add to the debate.


Scandelous and shameful. Shameful and scandelous. And he gets a medal for it. What does that say about Edinburgh. I thought Scots had more sense.

Hansen is clueless. Most surveys now show that more people are skeptical of CAGW than ever.
Here is a recent survey that shows that ONLY 30% of Meteorologists believe CAGW is something to be concerned about.
This is a far cry from the IPCC propaganda purporting that 97% of ALL scientists adhere to the dire predictions of CAGW *sigh*ence…

Lew Skannen

“James Hansen,director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies,who issued warnings about man-made climate change as early as the 1980s”
A week after concluding his alarmist warnings about global cooling…

Jimmy Haigh.

We have Mother Nature on our side. We just need to bide our time.

Garry Stotel

They left me no choice but to join the ranks of the volunteer fighters against their establishment. It is THEM who orchestrated the biggest attack on the current civilisation, and I hope, that one day I will see them answering for their deeds.
Global Warming establishment disguists me, as any bunch of lying cheating full of hubris bastards would.

Bloke down the pub

Do you think he’s trying for the sympathy vote now? He wont get any from me.

Colin Porter

So what did he charge for bringing him over to this little party?


The PDO has peaked and it’s now starting on its decline.
The Sun appears to be heading into another grand minimum similar to the Dalton
Minimum (1790-1840)—or maybe worse (another Maunder Minimum?).
How much longer before the divergence of the data from the models becomes
so large even Hansen can neither ignore it nor dismiss it?
Of course, the data will remain “obviously wrong” for quite a while yet.
In 3 years time, what will we see?
In 3 years time, what will the “true believers” have successfully imposed on the world in the
name of “climate change?”
We can say—without a shadow of doubt—we definitely live in interesting times …

Rob Schneider

@Charles Gerard Nelson
He will be amongst friends in Edinburgh.

Geoff Alder

David, UK says:
Can somebody change the record please? I’ve heard this one.
David, I am certain that James Hansen would be the happiest of all if he were to be left to his own devices. And, when did you last hear this story…where he will receive the Edinburgh Medal at the Edinburgh International Science Festival this week…?
Geoff A


I will believe that Hansen believes what he says when his own children and grandchildren live in mud huts without heating and AC, eating only what they grow in their own gardens. When his own children and grandchildren have given up electricity, telephones, TV’s and other modern conveniences…I will believe that his prophecies of doom include both him and us.

Meanwhile hot air and money drives global weirding in British politics…


I think that James Hansen gets his scientific facts from the same sourse as the skeptics get their millions of dollars in funding.
That would be never never land.
When was the last time that JH debated this issue?

Ally E.

I guess trying to shut down the economy, oh yeah, and civilization, and going from a promise of boiling seas and fry-and-die for all, to a sudden “um, yes, that means it can get colder, too, LOOK, the snow proves it!” – turned out to be a bad idea.

Alex the skeptic

Hansen said:
“…..a world where global warming is out of control”. Control by whom? Hansen himself? Does he he think thathe is God? Global warmings, and coolings and climate change have always been out of Man’s control. If Hansen believes that he can control the weather or global climate, then he must be sufferring from a serious bout of megalomania and should be wearing a straight jacket and locked up in a rubber-lined room.
“….growing scientific acceptance of the reality of global warming”. We all know that global warming (and coolings) has happened, will happen and will always happen. It’s the cause that we don’t agree on and more and more scientists, such as Professor Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, a social democrat and green activist and geologist/paleontologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning. Vahrenholt who authored the now famous book Die Kalte Sonne. fact is that more andmore scientists are coming out of the woodwork exposing their skepticism on the anthropogenic cause of climate change.
I think that besides ‘climate deniers’ and ‘climate skeptics’, there should be another label added to this story, describing those scientists who are abondining AGW beliefs in exchange for a healthy dose of climate skepticsm. I am not proposing a label myself. Any offers?

Anthea Collins

Apparently, The Wellcome Trust is going to fund an e-journal for those scientists who are finding difficulty in getting their papers into mainstream journals. Is this going to be good, bad or neutral for the sceptics?

Roy Milner

When proponents of AGW start behaving as though it’s real, then I might start thinking there is something in it!

The UK FCO is doing their bit (using UK tax revenue) to keep the ship afloat.

Maurizio Rovati

He looks pretty like this guy… 🙂


There clearly is a disconnect between reality and what goes on in Hansen’s brain. History will not be kind.

David Cage

He does not really mean science he means a narrow group of climate scientists when he talks about scientific opinion. Since their people were all recruited in an era when belief in global warming was a prerequisite of any hope of job acceptance he does not grasp that public belief now needs external examination of the theory by qualified specialists in every area from data collection to data analysis and the computer modelling.
Trust in climate scientists for many now ranks equal if not lower than that of of bankers and politicians so giving any climate scientist an award degrades and belittles every single member of the scientific community.
Hansen forgets that many of us were believers until the evidence that forced them to have a rebranding from global warming to climate change forced us to believe evidence we had already seen of deception, data manipulation and sloppy methods but up to then disbelieved. When the internal debate partially escaped into the public domain revealed the removal of those no longer committed to the AGW religion our previous commitment turned to antagonism for having been suckered deliberately using the integrity of other scientific fields to bolster the unjustified faith in them.
If the science is so clear why are the predictions not detailed and 100% accurate unlike the 100 months to doomsday temperature rises given so much publicity until it became obvious they were junk when there now seems a systematic attempt to write this prediction out from history of the web.

“It never occurs to him that he’s fight a guerrilla war and that most skeptics are self motivated.”
Typo alert. That should be “… he’s fighting a guerrilla war …”
I think James Hansen is the least “scientific” man I have ever heard of. He is worse in some ways that people who believe in magic.

Comical Jimmy ‘We are winning’.


Edinburgh? This means that Geoffrey Boulton must have a hand in it.

Martin Lewitt

In science, skeptics “win” by default, so Hansen should not be surprised. The science has become stronger, unfortunately it didn’t point in the direction he hoped. At the TAR there was the hockey stick and the model results. At the FAR we knew of the problems with the hockey stick and we had a much improved model diagnostic literature that showed correlated model error larger than the phenomenon of interest. The case for net positive feedback and anthropogenic influence that was significantly greater than natural variation was always questionable.

Man made Global Warming and the run away green house effect! Old Classics!

I really have no idea how someone like Hansen can be so deluded. The science is clearly on the sceptic side. Every single one of their claims has fallen through … except the one which we sceptics now appear to be the main champions of…
CO2 causes around 1C of warming for a doubling.
Hansen just needs to accept this science and stops his non-science pontifications which just make him laughable.

cui bono

Oh, NASA, hero organisation of my childhood! Now can’t launch anyone into space, is controlled by pork-barrellers, and employs nuts like Hansen.
“How have the mighty fallen”.

Disko Troop

I can picture Del Boy Hansen leaning against his Error Bar with a glass of Old Pulteney, telling tales of Global Weirding as the Edinburgh chill creeps into his old bones. I wonder what the canny Scots think of his prophecies? Lets hope no-one lifts the lid on him.


” … with the help of tremendous resources” ?!
What the hell is this jackass talking about? Even if it were true that “BIG OIL” was funding the skeptics, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the funding that the alarmists are getting from BIG GOVERNMENT. Plus, the alarmist side has had virtually absolute control of the journals, though it looks like that’s starting to change now, thanks to Climategate. The only advantages we have are 1) the exposure of the deceipt, corruption, and arrogance of the other side, and 2) the cooperation of Mother Nature. Yes, we’re winning alright, not because of tremendous resources, but in SPITE of tremendous resources applied against us. Can the son of a witch not at least be honest about THAT much?


How bout “climate apostates”?


“The science has become stronger and stronger over the past five years while the public perception is has gone in completely the other direction. That is not an accident.
“There is a very concerted effort by people who would prefer to see business to continue as usual. They have been winning the public debate with the help of tremendous resources.”

He’s kidding right? For example the public in the UK were promised milder winters. It failed and they used their own eyes. Furthermore, the IPCCs temperature projections have diverged with reality and so on.
On the issue of “tremendous resources” need I remind him that the self-confessed liar, Peter Gleick, thought the same thing too until he inadvertantly revealed a relatively poorly funded empherically based science machine. I want to see evidence of the tremendous resources on the sceptics side.