There's no frying in baseball*

Jose Canseco attending the Birthday Party of K...

Jose Canseco says Al Gore is dead. It looks like he's been out in the sun too long. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People send me stuff.

Today I learned via Twitter from baseball great Jose Canseco that Al Gore is dead. And here I thought it was just Futurama that thought this:

Jose doesn’t stop there, nooooo, he adds that if we don’t keep fight global warming by wearing flannel pajamas and recycling, and stopping our mass consumption, the polar bears are toast and we are all going to fry.

You really can’t make this stuff up. Here’s Jose’s twitter feed capture:

Predictably, the reaction on Jose’s Twitter Feed is as colorful as many on field arguments in baseball we’ve come to know.

Update: this juxtaposition from earlier in his Twitter Feed is priceless:

Yes, let’s stop all that “mass consumption”.

*For those of you unfamiliar with the pun I made in the title, it is one of the all time great movie lines uttered by Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own.

h/t to Eric Nielsen for bringing my attention to this over at The Slanch Report


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Who was it that said she liked her men big and dumb?………………..

Pull My Finger

I’m not sure which is worse. That Jose Canseco is “political” or that someone actually follows his Tweets. That guy was a ass clown even when he was a productive (if tainted) baseball player. Obnoxious, multiple speeding tickets, illegal firearms, beating up girlfriends, stalking Madonna, steroids, coke, and on and on.


Another great reason to ignore US baseball


Steroids are bad……m’kay
(h/t Mr Mackey)


I don’t know Canseco’s politics or beliefs, but it almost sounds like he is parodying real alarmists in his tweets. If he’s not and he’s being sincere and serious, then ..just wow.


I hope this is the result of his account getting hacked, because if those are his actual thoughts then I’m concerned for his safety.

Eustace Cranch

In an earlier post, I got finger-wagged for a satirical comment pointing out something absurd, and was invited to “contribute something of substance.”
REPLY: From the masthead: current news/puzzling things. Humor helps take the edge off some of the hate mail sent my way every day. – Anthony


And elsewhere, he’s bragging about going 186 mph in his car. He loves the Earth so much, he like to wrap it in his snuggly carbon footprint
REPLY: Thanks, added that one. Bizarre. – Anthony


Why is Anthony following Jose Canseco?
I mean the days of Canseco and McGuire in Oakland was decades ago…


I think Jose should run for congress. He makes about as much sense as most and seems much smarter than others.


Another ‘climate expert’. I never knew he took so many balls to the head.

Hole Families. Yup. We have a winner. A Moron in Jammies.


wow he is almost as smart as Rick Perry


Under the post I get an advertisement “Know the warning signs of Alzheimer.”
Sometimes google’s pattern matching gets spooky.

reduce reuse recycle morons class in session i complete you of to practice…
All your base are belong to us


Those who twitter shall be known as twits. Jose is a role model for that subspecies.


Baseball been belly belly good to me.
And, next question, what do you think of the log effect wrt increasing CO2 levels?
Well, let me jus say, baseball been belly belly good to me.

Anything is possible

You just know a cause is well and truly lost when Jose Canseco is supporting it……

bobby b

Mmmmm, polar bear toast!
Damn. Now I’m hungry.


Does anyone know what his lifestyle is like? Is he frugal? You normally find many who berate humans are in fact hypocrites. Al Gore immediately springs to mind.

bobby b

Omigawd. I read some of his twitts. (Tweets? Tweats?) I could feel brain cells fleeing through my ears in protest.
“Hole families used to sleep in one big bed and produce no waste.”
Well, yes, Jose, they could do that because they were all dead by age 14. A dead person is a green person.
For a while, anyway.

Mike Jowsey

Ric Werme says:
March 29, 2012 at 11:03 am
Laugh my asp off!! Brilliant


No wonder he hit home runs he was too (fill in the blank) to read the signs from 3rd base for bunt, take a pitch etc.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

If Al Gore had died and was replaced with animatronics so his image would still be useful to “the cause”, could you tell?
Well his wife would notice and complain, citing “…’til death do us part” as her escape clause, and want to distance herself from the deception somehow… Oh wait, that happened.
Dear Lord, I hope the controlling computer has strong protections to prevent inadvertently activating the “chakra release” function. Better include a hardwired safety curtain to make sure everyone is at least the minimum safe distance away.

Kelvin Vaughan

Flannel pyjamas? With all this global warming I don’t wear pyjamas any more, an extra 0.8°C and the heat is killing me.


Twitter is; as has already been mentioned; for twits. IMHO it’s basically a waste of cyberspace – a tiny snippet media outlet for folk who cannot string more than a few words together! The need to impart one’s every daily thought to others is rather sad – but even worse is those who need to ‘follow’ the thoughts of others – sheep/lemmings instantly spring to mind!!
Some time ago, I proposed a different name – replacing the ‘i’ in Twitter, and Twits – with an ‘a’. I find this most appropriate…..

Ron McDonald

Nice to see Al baby reduces his carbon footprint in the future – that Al-in-a-can machine is solar powered, right?

John W. Garrett

Want some more dumb?
Here’s an NPR blog by a physicist, Dr. Adam Frank, in which he maintains that the climate changes:
My stars! Can you believe that?

Pull My Finger

Especially damaging was the one that bounced off his head and over the fence for a home run.
Another ‘climate expert’. I never knew he took so many balls to the head.

Eric said @ March 29, 2012 at 10:32 am

Steroids are bad……m’kay
(h/t Mr Mackey)

A little over two years ago, the arthritic pain in my ankle became unbearable; I could barely walk. An injection of steroids directly into the joint provided almost immediate pain relief. Twenty four hours later, I no longer needed my cane. Within a week, the pain in my lower back had diminished to the point where I no longer needed opiate analgesia. Performance-enhancing drugs are good… m’kay?
I do so wish that some sort of performance-enhancing drugs could be given to our politicians…

Ian W

Latitude says:
March 29, 2012 at 10:31 am
Who was it that said she liked her men big and dumb?………………..

I believe another quote about one of her paramours was: “The lift stops at the neck.”


If he wants me to freeze in my house without heating I’ll take a polar bear skin robe to wrap myself in. That should keep me nice and toasty.

Stark Dickflüssig

Hmm, has a ball bounce off his head (for a home-run) while playing center field, gets the living daylights whalloped out of him doing some silly punch-kicker thing, and now shills for the CAGW industry.
I am shocked.


No fair, Anthony.
Thinking targets are a greater challenge 🙂

Mickey Reno

Jose Canseco tweeted: “Al Gore is a head of his time.”
I guess Jose watches Futurama, too!

Brian H

Everyone’s got one. Celebrities’ are bigger.


I wonlder how many polar bears per mile the Caddy consumes 😉


“hole families…” I don’t get it. Does he mean clusters of holes? If he really wants to go all-in deprivation, he should look to rural N Korea for a societal model. They have no power consumption and are so close to the earth they eat dirt. In addition, they have become significantly smaller as a result of their lifestyle. They don’t need as much dirt as they did in the past.

Jarrett Jones

I guess he decided to go “green” after the bank took away his 7300 square foot house.
.. but then again maybe he was already buying indulgences from Pope Al (RIP).

Steve from Rockwood

I’ve always found Jose to be a reasonable, sober guy…
And in a very clever way, he’s right. Al Gore is dead, when it comes to AGW.

John W. Garrett says:
March 29, 2012 at 11:55 am
Want some more dumb?
I should slap you for making me go there and read that garbage !!
Some extremely malinformed commenters there !!


This is why baseball players don’t get Nobel Prizes.

Gail Combs

The Pompous Git says:
March 29, 2012 at 12:07 pm
A little over two years ago, the arthritic pain in my ankle became unbearable;….Performance-enhancing drugs are good… m’kay?
I do so wish that some sort of performance-enhancing drugs could be given to our politicians…
A good long look at Madame Guillotine before they take the Oath of Office?

Gail Combs

Seems the Jose is FOR SALE

Gary Pate

So why does this moron think Gore is dead? Not that I would shed a tear if he was….


Propaganda works in funny ways.
No more polar bears to recycle clowns, no more recycling polar bear clowns, no more clowns with cycling bears. (h/T Jose Canseco).

Now all we need is for Dr. Gleick to find a document showing Heartland Institute funding Jose Canseco. That one I could almost believe.

John in L du B

Hah! That’s great! Turn off your heat compeletly at night in January in these parts and you’ll wake up to a flooded basement. Where does this guy live? Must be a California climate nut. Try around here in winter and you’ll get some climate.

More Soylent Green!

Jose, of course, purchases carbon offsets for the baseball bats he uses and only travels by Chevrolet Volt.
~More Soylent Green!


Bishop Hill’s comments have broken out in an impromptu poetry competition if anyone is interested.
It’s called eco-poetry.