Best – warming – headline – evah

I’ve been getting a lot of pressure to cover the story by warmspinner Richard Black over at the BBC about a supposed feedback between Arctic sea ice and colder, snowier, winters in the UK and the EU. For example, WUWT “elftone” says:

Richard Black of the BBC – despite getting his head handed to him on a platter twice recently – is spinning like crazy about snowy winters. The cause is shrinking arctic ice. No, really :). I’m amazed he’s able to stand:

I’ve been resisting covering this for a little bit, because I knew sooner or later some MSM media fool would mangle this story into something unrecognizable (they always do). I was right, and the result is the most hilarious global warming headline ever:

They really have lost the plot, haven’t they?

After a few hours, probably responding to people calling up the newsroom and laughing uncontrollably, some editor changed the headline to read “Melting Arctic causes snowier winters in Europe, the US “.

The Internet though, has a memory for such things. The original link was:

But if you click on that you get the revised headline with revised URL.

It is still cached in some places, like this law blog:

UPDATE: I’ve posted the Georgia Tech press release on the science here. While the idea posited isn’t totally implausible, I need to see more examples to be convinced. – Anthony


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cui bono

Buffoon Broadcasting Corporation.

Garry Stotel

I believe it is called a “negative feedback”… Although, the warmists are not to be told…


This story, unbelievably made headline news on the BBC radio station (6 Music) I am listening to today!

David Ball

If he was wearing a tutu, this might actually have some entertainment value. They have really covered all the bases on this. ” In the future, we will be having weather of some kind”. If you predict every possibility, you cannot be wrong. Abject fail.


Next headline:
‘Climate Scientists Hopelessly Confused – Say More Money is Only Remedy’
…at least I’d have to give them credit for honesty.


They’ve actually lost the plot. Their collective heads are now so far up their collective […], they seriously expect that they can say “warming makes it colder!” and your average layperson isn’t going to nearly laugh themselves to death.
Great stuff guys, you’re making yourself look more and more like the fools you are. Keep it coming.


The world is “dangerously warming” the alarmists say – caused by Mankind and his CO2 emissions.
And then the “climate is changing” the alarmists say – caused by Mankind and his CO2 emissions.
And now we hear “climate is warming causing cold” the alarmists say – caused by Mankind and his CO2 emissions.
I get the sense I am witnessing a group people at a party, mildly drunken, playing charades to the question: “Mankind’s CO2 causes…”


i just got dumber


This would leave M4GW in a bit of a quandry.

Rob Crawford

Maybe it’s the Coming Ice Age making the world warmer?


Sounds like a title directly from the fingertips of Bill Nye, the antiscience guy…


Well, yes, then the warming is not really “global,” now is it?

Carmen D'oxide

If you can’t understand things, be a journalist.
If you can’t be a journalist, be a headline writer.


Its all global warming all the time now, with every crystal that falls from the heavens.

Pull My Finger

Somewhere Orwell is smugly laughing to himself.

The record sea ice in the Bering Sea is also caused by missing sea ice in the Arctic.

Chris B

“How it happens
If less of the ocean is ice-covered in autumn, it releases more heat, warming the atmosphere.
This reduces the air temperature difference between the Arctic and latitudes further south, over the Atlantic Ocean.
The dwindling Arctic summer ice may have severe consequences for wildlife
In turn, this reduces the strength of the northern jet stream, which usually brings milder, wetter weather to Europe from the west.
It is these “blocking” conditions that keep the UK and the other affected regions supplied with cold air.
The researchers also found that the extra evaporation from the Arctic Ocean makes the air more humid, with some of the additional water content falling out as snow.”
So, the nice cozy warm ice blanket keeps the heat in the ocean, which prevents the jet stream and cold snowy winters in Europe, when the summer ice extent is greater than it was. To everything there is a season (turn, turn, turn)
I’m going to read “1984” again.

Frank K.

Thankfully, here ins the U.S., the great Defunding of CAGW climate “science” is coming in November…
What I find somewhat distressing about these episodes in the MSM is that supposedly professional earth science organizations, such as the the now Gleick-free AGU, say nary a word about these idiotic press releases when they become hopeless mangled. THEY should be the ones doing the corrections…[sigh]


shrinking ice?
NSIDC website, FEB 2012
Arctic sea ice extent in the Bering Sea was the second highest in the satellite record for the month of January. Ice extent in the Bering Sea was 562,000 square kilometers (217,000 square miles), which is 104,600 square kilometers (40,400 square miles) above the 1979 to 2000 average. The record high ice extent for the month occurred in January 2000, at 629,000 square kilometers (242,900 square miles).

Pull My Finger

Headlines I’d like to see
Daily Bacon promotes heart health
Smoking extends life expectancy by 10 years
FDA reccomends vegetables be replaced by beer in food pyramid
Global Warming results in longer wangs
Free Money and Sex


Yup, that actually was worth the wait, Anthony :). I’m going to print that one out for those times when I need a good laugh, and can’t get to the BBC’s environment page.

Steve Hutton

They covered this on BBC TV news yesterday evening. How they did it without laughing I’ll never know.

Bullsh!t Baffles Common-sense … from the ‘I’m not real smart but I can lift heavy things’ brigade.

Ken Hall

So Black has forgotten his earlier articles from about 3 years ago stating that global warming means snowy winters will be a thing of the past? Now global warming is the cause of more snow…
And they make these 180 degree U-turns with a completely straight face and expect to still be taken seriously! No wonder that they have had to resort to fraud, theft and deception out of desperation.
What is so satisfying is that Gleick did not even discover any evidence of wrongdoing, whatsoever. That is why the faked document had to be over hyped, and (by the irrational warmists) retrospectively “validated” by them to still support their own paranoid delusions.
Personally, I do not feel like I am in a war. and I dislike anyone on any side using such emotive and hate filled metaphors, for they are NOT useful or positive or helpful to anyone. That said, if Michael Mann et al feel like they are involved in a war, then I am more than happy for their weapons to be lies, U-Turns, deceptions, and slander. Their strategy to obtain their truth is is basically, “this is the conclusion, now how do we validate and prove it? For no other conclusion is acceptable”
I will stay on the side of whose “weapons” are truth, The Scientific Method and sceptical, open, yet critical minded evaluation of empirical evidence, wherever that may lead. Our strategy to obtain truth is the strict adherence to the scientific method, “How can we use these tools to accurately ascertain what is ACTUALLY happening in the climate?”
I am NOT in a war! I am NOT. I do not need to be. I am not fighting anyone. I am in a pursuit of truth, a race to gain accurate data and fill in the blanks of our knowledge.
You do not have to be in a defensive frame of mind, ‘defending a belief,’ if all you are doing is looking for truth, wherever it leads, for the truth’s strongest defence is itself!

Reg. Blank

Standard doublethink.
Like that “climate change” doesn’t just mean variations over time in the weather (well, duh!,) but it also means political change using climate guilt as a hook.


I notice on the NSIDC website that all causes of sea ice loss are stated as fact, when it comes to atmosphere temps it says ‘likely’
to me “likely” is the Legal bods saying you can get away with writing this without being sued for making a false statement.
Carlsberg had to resort to “Probably” the finest lager, meaningless but gets across the right message for the gullible.

Chris B

“Dr Len Shaffrey, University of Reading: “This is very early days for this research””
You would think that would prevent them from saying silly things until the money runs out.

The Infidel

Its was rerun here in Australia on the abc, from the skit, it take it they claimed, the ice melted, the air then cooled, which pushed the “jetstream” south, thus allowing siberian winds to head over England and make snow.
I believe they tried something similar not long ago, exept it was the “gulf stream” that would be stopped by the cold, fresh water moving south, thus the lower air would cool and cause mini ice age.
Oh and then there is the one that Europe is going to freeze all the way down to North Africa, whilst at the same time, Alaska is going to see a re-emergence of sub tropical rain forests. Oh and this will increase the tilt of the earth to push Antarctica firther north thus melting all the ice there and opening it up to being reforested again.
How am I going for a noobie? can I get a job as a climate alarmist scientist yet? How much in grants do you think I can get, 1 mill, 5 mill? or maybe I can get all of Bill Gates’ money, yeah, billionaire sounds good, I’m in, I wanna be rich and have a huge house that uses the same power as a small town to run. Anthony, can you give me a reference please? and a cash cheque for 1 million Australian dollars. (chuckle)


The second author of the PNAS paper that led to this story is Judith Curry.

John Marshall

The UK has had a mild winter so far, apart from a couple of weeks ago with a record low of -18C in Lincolnshire. The story claimed that the warming Arctic was causing the jet stream to change bringing colder air into the UK for colder winters. The winters of 09/10 were cold and snowy but as we all know Arctic ice is increasing not melting but this small fact escapes Black and his cohorts. Also missed, or not mentioned, was the record cold/snowy winter in central and eastern Europe. We in the UK are shielded from the worst of the cold by the Gulf Stream but this vital fact is ignored by the BBC/Black

Tabloid news based on tabloid science at its best!


I’ve heard Black three times today on BBC news giving out this nonsense. Now I’m confused as to who to believe, him or Dr David Viner, senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia: “within a few years winter snowfall will become a very rare and exciting event”

Jenn Oates

Wait…they really believe that? Uhhhhh…
Nevermind. 🙂

cui bono

PaulM says (February 28, 2012 at 7:25 am)
The second author of the PNAS paper that led to this story is Judith Curry.
Good lord! So it is.


Heard this myself this morning on the Today program from the Biased Bull***t Corporation and my personal BS detector overloaded.
The problem is that the great unwashed believe this hook line and stinker more strongly now than ever before; the sceptical argument is lost in the noise and most people don’t want to hear it.
Indeed, if anyone is delusional enough to think that we are winning the argument and the warmistas are losing you really don’t understand. Alarmism is alive and very well; it is rampant in the MSM but especially the Beeb where virtually every program has a reference to man made climate change whether it fits the program’s raison d’etre or not.
I’ll keep saying this ’til it happens: we need a breakthrough and that will only happen when a prominent MSM preacher is convinced that the alarmist junk science is just that – junk. Until then look for more & more garbage scientific studies, more grants to The Team, more politicains calling for more green/CO2 policies, more government intervention and the ruination of our economies.


Well the ‘cold’ has to go somewhere, doesn’t it?

John Bills

This is an climategate e-mail from 2008 (the reply is worth reading too)
The purpose is to lay suspension bridge cable between some
Arctic Ocean islands in order to prevent sea ice moving south.
We plan to construct it such a way that the cable allows ice
to move northwards but cuts its passage when sea ice turns
moving southwards. The problem is that ice can melt
completely, and in fact this is our expectation before the end
of this decade, say by 2009.

cui bono

So if global warming is causing colder N. Hemisphere winters, why is Joe Romm complaining that the MSM is not attributing the mild winter in the lower 48 states to, er, global warming. 🙂
Ps: That sentence could have ended after Romm.

Patrick Davis

Almost as bad as Australias’ Tim Flannery’s radical climate change ‘solution’, I am confident I can do better than this idiot for AU$180k part-time.


If open arctic seas are releasing heat from the oceans then that is a cooling effect as energy unlocked from the ocean soon dashes off to space. A knock-on effect is it is raising the albedo in the UK by creating snowfall. That is also a cooling effect as incoming energy is reflected back to space. Something someone is sure of is wrong.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

Next up, global warming causing Antarctica to thaw and release its cold will end the interglacial and lead to continental mile-thick glaciations and iced-over oceans.
On the upside, the ice on the oceans and land will finally break the anthropogenic trends of dramatically more frequent and immensely more powerful hurricanes and tornadoes.

Richard M

Sounds like it should have been cold in Europe during the MWP. Since we know Greenland was warmer and that means a lot less ice in the Arctic, the same scenario should have existed.
But wait, according to the same dolts, the MWP was local to the NH most specifically Europe. I wonder if there are any better examples of cognitive dissonance in existence?


Doublethink: a person can hold two opposing ideas in his or her mind at the same time, fully believing in both ideas. “Newspeak” is the official language used to express the ideas of doublethink.

“We had to publish this nonsense before the funding year ends….”


Richrd Black (presumably with a straight face) states that Arctic sea ice ‘has not recovered’ from the 2007 minimum.
Well – if he’d care to look properly at the sea ice graphs produced by the Danish Met Office, and NANSEN – he might notice that it has recovered CONSIDERABLY – but hey – don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story…


It’s about time WUWT has brought to the limelight the brilliant science and groundbreaking global warming studies being reported by Richard Black over at the BBC, it’s freaking hilarious…


The subtlety was missed on this one…..
“…interfering with atmospheric currents…”
This phrasing is clever in that it would suggest a problem rather than a benefit, which in fact it is (if you consider a negative feedback a plus, OR, you’re happy with nature doing what it does), and the manipulation of the logic to the benefit of that camp.
How is it “interfering”? I can see that it is effecting, or impacting, or influencing, reacting to or with, but interfering? The usage here is suggestive of an intention, however subliminal, and it typical of the CAGW presentation. THIS is PR spin in its most clever camouflage.


That headline would be a great addition to the climate fail files.


“Melting Arctic causes snowier winters in Europe, the US “.
Does that vapor somehow skip right over Canada?