California Academy of Sciences pulls the plug on their climate change exhibit

WUWT readers may recall our guest post from Russ Steele in 2009: CA Academy of Science AGW display apparently not very popular

Here are a couple of photos from his visit then:

Academy of Science04Academy of Science01

That’s one big hockey stick they got there – click to enlarge

He wrote then:

For the most part these displays were ignored, except for a few casual observers seeking refuge from the long lines at the real science displays.  This lack of interest and participation seems to reflect the recent Gallup Polls indicating people are not really concerned about global warming, or ocean warming either. It could be our children have caught on to the scam, or they have reached global warming overload for the school lessons,  and want some real science for change of pace.

I visited the CAS for the very first time on Saturday with my children, and I’m pleased to report that the exhibit is now in pieces on the floor, and cordoned off from the general public. I asked a museum docent “why is the global warming exhibit in the museum brochure (showing her mine) but closed off?”

Her response was priceless:

People just weren’t warming up to the exhibit. We are doing a new one on Earthquakes opening soon.

Russ Steele was right.

Maybe it had to do with the message. For example, this bit of ridiculous propaganda in the original exhibit:

Image from “In my Copious Free Time

Or maybe the fact that people didn’t like being lectured on what to eat, especially when the exhibit was in full view of the museum’s Academy Cafe:

Image above from Wandering Architect.

The “Carbon Cafe” is in shambles now, as is the “green building” portion of the exhibit, click to enlarge:

Here are more views of the dismantled exhibit:

In it’s heyday, it looked like this:

Image above from Cinnabar, Inc. details:  New Academy of Sciences, Cinnabar’s “Altered State” Exhibits Speak Up about Climate Change and California

The whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling is still there, but everything else is dismantled.

Maybe it was the labeling of California as an “altered state” in their press release for it that did it in. The LA Times said at the opening that it was a Museuem that Shouts Climate Change.

I guess maybe they shouted too loud, because now they plan to exhibit on something that Californians can really relate to:

When the über green California Academy of Sciences pulls the plug, you know “climate change” is a dead issue with the public.



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Jenn Oates

I’m laughing. It’s probably very wrong of me, but I’m enjoying it. 🙂


Looks like they mixed up the hockey stick (“one big”) with helicopter Ben’s money supply!

Dave N

When an exhibit has blatantly misrepresented items such as that CO2 graph, it is no wonder people didn’t like it. Anyone with half a brain would be wondering whether the academy thought that the Earth began around 1000 years ago, let alone swallow the “angry beast” simile.

I guess relevance is a relative term. Mother nature is far more interesting than propaganda.

Al Gored

Sign of the times. That ‘Angry Beast’ theme is about as far from science as you can get, except maybe archaeology or paleontology. Think like a Neanderthal kids!

Al Gored

And what’s with the whales? Or did the Great Acidification strip their carcasses to the bone?

The angry beast is Joe Lunchpail and Sally Housecoat who just realized that they’ve been fed a steady diet of propaganda for the last few years.
Has anyone else noticed that the average person no longer believes in AGW? If there’s one thing that the salt of the earth have that the rich don’t is a great b.s. detector – and theirs went off about the same time Al Gore (the inventor of the Internet) started popping up on every board in the country that had a handful of stock options to hand over to him.


Only fly in the ointment I see is that they will likely blame the “Earthquake is coming” on CO2.


I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at some of their board meetings when they must have surely discussed what a failure the whole exhibit was before deciding to dump it.
People grow tired of the propaganda. It’s no longer ‘cool’ to be green in a ‘climate’ way I guess.

Hahahahahaha! 🙂

George E. Smith;

Oh Anthony ! you are killing me. Why don’t they have an exhibit on designs for chain mail suits for sea otters ?
Now that would be something I could get my teeth into.


From the 2008 “altered state” manifesto
“They can videotape themselves making a pledge to reduce their carbon footprints, and then email the video to their friends; submit ideas for alternative energy technologies on a communal bulletin board;”
My idea would be to make anyone suggesting an energy technology personally liable for the subsidies if thinks go wrong and the technology is actually implemented through legislative mistakes.

Willis Eschenbach

I saw that exhibit for the first (and apparently the only) time about six months ago. It was a joke. I mean, the climate is a fascinating thing, but they turned it into something dead, dead, dead …
Then they poked it with sticks, and stuck alternately boring and threatening words and boring and threatening pictures up on the wall, deadly dull displays, and hard-to-understand mini-dioramas … the whole thing looked like it had been put together by sixth graders with a minimum of adult help. Inspired, passionate sixth graders, to be sure … but sixth graders nonetheless.
I laughed more in that exhibit than I had in a while, and went off refreshed to see the real science. They have a suggestion box when you leave, or they did then. I blush to remember what I suggested they do with their climate exhibit … and now it seems they have done, if not what I suggested, at least something constructive with it.
PS—How do I know that they didn’t do what I suggested with the exhibits? I don’t really know, but the circumstantial evidence that they turned my idea down lies in the fact that there was no spike in admissions to the hospital Emergency Rooms of Academy of Science employees with proctological complaints …


All that crap is being warehoused next to the “Duck And Cover” exhibit of 1955. They’ll drag it back out in 30 or so years and have a laugh at it too.

Grandpa Boris

That exhibit was vacuous and weak. It used up a large amount of space and was extremely weak in the way it delivered its science. I am pleased to learn that they are replacing that ridiculous “agit-prop” with an exhibit that is at least relevant.
Instead of wasting all that space on the CO2 fiasco, they should have rebuilt the “Life through time” exhibit that was in the old Academy building, which was quite detailed and was a huge hit with the kids, or the fascinating army ants exhibit they had in the temporary location while the new building was being built.

George E. Smith;

What happened to the archives. I was trying to find a copy of
Prof Davies paper on the cloud levels falling, so I have it before I talk with him about it.
someone got a link to that paper ? please

Neil Jones

What’s the betting their new “Earthquakes” exhibit includes AGW, Climate Change, Climate Extremes, Sustainable Development (the new IPCC mantra) spin and drivel.

I don’t see a reference in the other page, but is this the museum that put a lot of money into solar panels and stuff that never quite worked out as well as they hoped?
Yeah, guess so, see – no performance data available from a cursory look.
George E. Smith; says:
February 19, 2012 at 9:59 pm
> …get my teeth into.
Love it!

Mike H

If they kept it, they would have to change their name to the Calif. Academy of Political Science


Ric Werme says:
February 19, 2012 at 10:14 pm
“Yeah, guess so, see – no performance data available from a cursory look.”
“Surrounding the Living Roof is a large glass canopy with a decorative band of 60,000 photovoltaic cells. These solar panels will generate approximately 213,000 kilowatt-hours of energy per year and provide up to 10% of the Academy’s electricity need. The use of solar power will prevent the release of 405,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emission into the air.”
What is that, a science museum? And they are unwilling to give you a simple value like peak performance, which I estimate at 70 kWpeak from these numbers, or about 12 times the typical homeowner’s installation.
How does science education profit from unclear writing. They could give clear crisp numbers and their fluffy numbers as a bonus on top. They don’t seem to know anything about science.


Sorry to say this but this site and all “climate” sites will go same way as less and less people become interested in the subject as they are now noticing that climate really hasn’t changed and will not in their lifetimes LOL


This is what happens when a display has no “science”. They promised “science”, but didn’t deliver. No surprise the public gave it a negative reception.


So they have given up on unpopular science. The right decision for all the wrong reasons. This attitude to science is why we are in this mess right now.


Well done Russ for Steely eyed reporting and you didn’t even get a grant, silly boy.
What a week Fakegate a shambles and Museumphonypropagandagate taken down by an lack of interest /Earthquake, yes the walls are tumbling in on the warmist.If only more Californians could wake up from the sleep walking and do something concrete to tackle these crazy socialist running the state (mental) government institution!
And a nod of the head to DirkH and his comment to Aaron Huertas of the Union of Concerned Scientist
You are the Author of the letter to Heartland Institute.
DirkH permalink
February 19, 2012
Greetings, Aaron.
I’ve read your letter to the Heartland Institute. You know the one you had Ray, Dave, Mike, John, Ben, Gav and Kev sign.
Why didn’t you sign as well? It would have been honest to see “UCS” on the letter, wouldn’t it?
Or don’t you do honesty?
I’m expecting this comment to never see the light of day, of course.


maybe they could sell the display to the Australia labor gov,t, they still believe in global warming’ god bless them for they DO not KNOW what they are doing

Aussie Luke Warm

Had a good laugh at this – great article.

Thanks for remembering my original post on the subject. My daughter and son-in-law only live a few block from the Academy of Sciences now and Ellen and I will check out the new display on our next visit.


The public didn’t like being poked with sticks…..
That can turn us into angry beasts.


I hope someone has lots of detailed photos of this exhibit, and the others like it that have been displayed in person and on the web around the world. Those are valuable educational materials.
We will need them to document this era. After the fall of the paradigm, there will be concerted attempts at historical revisionism. The brighter amongst the warmists are undoubtedly preparing now.


The reason even children are catching is that the AGW’ers are almost “cult like” in the way they spread their propaganda. Even a 10 or 12 year olds have seen enough to realise that there`s something “not quite right” about these people.

Michael in Sydney

“Climate is an angry beast…” Actually the climate is pretty bloody good – good enough for 7 billion of us!


Too bad they don’t set aside a small amount of space to fads and fakes in science. A small memorial to the Piltdown Man would be nice.


I can’t believe everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room. The CAS display is obviously another casualty of the Heartland Institute’s war on science made possible by their superior funding from big oil.
Okay, I’ll add /sarc just to be clear…

Willis Eschenbach says:
February 19, 2012 at 10:03 pm
“…PS—How do I know that they didn’t do what I suggested with the exhibits? I don’t really know, but the circumstantial evidence that they turned my idea down lies in the fact that there was no spike in admissions to the hospital Emergency Rooms of Academy of Science employees with proctological complaints …”
ROFLMAO! I just had to quote that. Beautiful! 😀


This is what I’ve dubbed generational problem evolution. AGW and our solutions will be so last generation to the next generation and after. They will have problems ours does not. They will prioritize them, they will find solutions that suit them. We will be no more influential to them than the flapper generation is to us. Plagued with the same alarmists as we for what ever cause should prevail, they will repeat the error of mitigating solutions that will require yet future generations to support because arrogance is endemic to our specie and they will not, of course, succeed because those that follow own the right to prioritize the struggles of their time.
If global warming is to become the norm then there will become a generation that will accept it as the norm and none amongst them will crave our cold uncomfortable climate as an ideal to return to. Who today longs for glacial dikes and inundations, cold that steals time from art and science, cold that mandates coal fires, foraging of wood and dung, and pillars of smoke and valleys choked with sooty haze? CO2 will be seen as the mechanism of deliverance from our brittle winters and our barren northern plains that in their time will feed the hungry world.
Regardless, we will pass our priorities torch to those who follow as it is not ours to keep. Our 30 – 50 year plans are absurd and become ridiculous beyond only 10 years. That is the nature of a multi-generational problem. We don’t get to shepherd our solutions to the end. We lack not only the necessary vision – we lack the lasting influence. Just one more thing we didn’t learn from our parents.

I was there on October 26, 2009 and had the same impression — cherry picked data and no real science.
I did see something of interest in one of their ancillary labs; a motorized small camera stand and emailed them a request for more info. Their response?
– – – crickets – – –
The rest of the place was decent and I am surprised that it has taken them two-plus years to come up with a new “temporary exhibit”


They’ll probably ship it to Aus – our politicians are still dumb enough to wet themselves over the threat of AGW


Damn – I didn’t even notice tango’s comment – beaten again.


I’m guessing the museum CEO was schooled in the arts, not the sciences…


A suggestion what the museum could do with one of the exhibit pieces.

GB hysteria has made them rich.

Willis Eschenbach

Rogelio says:
February 19, 2012 at 10:29 pm

Sorry to say this but this site and all “climate” sites will go same way as less and less people become interested in the subject as they are now noticing that climate really hasn’t changed and will not in their lifetimes LOL

Rogelio, I fear I ouldn’t disagree more. First, it will be a long time before this current climate madness plays out. As Thomas Kuhn remarked about the response to a failure of a scientific paradigm:

In responding to these crises, scientists generally do not renounce the paradigm that has led them into crisis. Rather, they usually devise numerous articulations and ad hoc modifications of their theory in order to eliminate any apparent conflict. Some, unable to tolerate the crisis, leave the profession.

So there will be lots more playing out of this story before the “global temperature is a linear function of forcing” paradigm dies, and is replaced by a new paradigm, “global temperature is the result of multiple interlocked thermostatic, input-throttling, homeostatic, buffering, and entropy-maximizing phenomena at a wide range of spatial and temporal scales”.
Second, if this site were about being AGAINST the AGW claims, you’d be right. As you say, if your site’s raison d’etre is opposing something, when the public loses interest in that something your site will suffer correspondingly.
But this site is about promoting and encouraging original, insightful, good climate science, honest and transparent climate science. I do original climate science research, investigations, and inquiries, and write them up here, as do Anthony, and a host of guest posters. And as is the essence of science, part of that research is taking apart and falsifying bad science. Science progresses by the exposure of errors, problems, and incorrect conclusions.
The posters here produce interesting, novel investigations of a host of climate issues. We are not just “opposed to” or “against”. We are leading by example, doing original work and providing information and linking to sources and providing code and insisting on transparency and ethical science.
I guess what I’m saying is that this site is about climate science. Real climate science.
And because it is, it will be of interest as long as the climate is of interest to scientists.

Scottish Sceptic

Urgent Request
When historians look back at this scam, all they will see is a few official documents – the reason is simple – after a scam like this no one wants to admit they were part of it, and so only stuff which has to be kept will be available. And, what kind of a story will that tell?
These pictures of the exhibit and probably hundreds similar worldwide, and classroom material, and local authority literature. It’s all going to be a gold mine to the future to let them understand the anatomy of the biggest scare-scandal in history.
I don’t know how we do it, but we do need to start collecting this information and ensuring it is not all lost as all those involved start ditching the material and pretending it never happened.


“Climate change” is dead.
Anthony’s sure got it right on that issue.

Complete Agreement, but you could have just said.
” As long as there is something/someone/somewhere wrong on the internet, WUWT will be there to point out, and break down the issues…” and left it at that. Just Sayin’,
Best Regards,
Jack H Barnes Jr.

Scottish Sceptic

Does anyone know what happened to these exhibit pieces, more specifically are they for sale as I would love to have trophy for my wall!


It’s a pity we can’t hold all those people who wasted taxpayers money on this Climate scam, responsible.


I wonder if they will smash and burn it all like Stanley Kubrick did with the spaceship from ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’, so that the exhibit does end up in some [other] Sci-Fi B movie.


ew-3 says, February 19, 2012 at 9:34 pm

Only fly in the ointment I see is that they will likely blame the “Earthquake is coming” on CO2.

Right on queue …