Quote of the Week – Dr. James Hansen of NASA GISS, unhinged

“The Oceans will begin to boil…” – yes he actually said that, along with some other silly things. Watch this video:

One wonders, if Dr. Hansen realizes that no scientist has yet presented any credible evidence that the “oceans boiled” millions of years ago when atmospheric CO2 values far exceeded the 390 ppm we have now. Of course, given that this is a “Climate Progress World” production, such inconvenient facts don’t matter, as its all about the scare.

File:Phanerozoic Carbon Dioxide.png

This figures shows estimates of the changes in carbon dioxide concentrations during the Phanerozoic. Three estimates are based on geochemical modeling: GEOCARB III (Berner and Kothavala 2001), COPSE (Bergmann et al. 2004) and Rothman (2001). These are compared to the carbon dioxide measurement database of Royer et al. (2004) and a 30 Myr filtered average of those data. Error envelopes are shown when they were available. The right hand scale shows the ratio of these measurements to the estimated average for the last several million years (the Quaternary). Customary labels for the periods of geologic time appear at the bottom.

Hansen apparently has Venus on the brain. Even normally alarmist Wikipedia doesn’t embrace Hansen’s “runaway greenhouse effect” on Earth.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runaway_greenhouse_effect

The situation on Earth is very different from that which existed on Venus, as any terrestrial runaway effect is not irreversible on geological timescales. Potential runaway greenhouse effects on Earth may involve the carbon cycle, but unlike Venus will not involve boiling of the oceans. Earth’s climate has swung repeatedly between warm periods and ice ages during its history. In the current climate the gain of the positive feedback effect from evaporating water is well below that which is required to boil away the oceans. Climate scientist John Houghton has written that “[there] is no possibility of [Venus’s] runaway greenhouse conditions occurring on the Earth”.

h/t to WUWT reader “coldlynx”


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Don’t you mean James Hansen of the Doomsday Clock and the Atomic Chickens?


He shouldn’t handle boiling acid so recklessly.

Don Keiller

Absolutely barking.
Hansen has completely lost it- bring on the men in white coats with a straightjacket.

Oh Puh-lease!
Something has gone unstable alright!
Is this what we get from NASA? Disband them!

I’m still waiting for NYC to go under water like he promised….


I’ll keep this in mind while I’m putting my plants in the garage tonight and covering up the outside faucets because of the freeze warning we have here.

Does ones brains go away with hair loss? If so,boy,am I in trouble.!!
That is the only thing I can think of to account for his nonsensical rubbish!
Maybe James ,and I will meet up in a sanitorium somewhere,someday,and opine on the loss of our senses[and hair],if not completely gone by then!

Awwwww, it would be nice to be able to just reach in and pull out a lobster, already cooked.
However, at least he’s honestly consistent. If you truly believe in a catastrophic tipping point, well, there is no well-understood upper bound on positive climate feedback, is there?
I wish he could read my remarks on nuclear bombs igniting the Earth and black holes created by the LHC swallowing the Earth. That might help him understand why his conclusions are truly laughable. He might look at the relative albedo for a completely cloud-enshrouded Earth and the Earth as it stands now, as well, and explain how the Earth is going to get all hot when 70% of the incident sunlight is reflected away by clouds. Or does he not believe in any sort of thermal instability that will carry all that extra water vapor up to where it hits e_s and clouds form?
Probably not. If he understood this, he’d understand why the feedback from water vapor isn’t, in fact, runaway solution positive, but is rather self-limiting.
On the good side, this sort of thing is precisely what we need to see from Hansen. The greater the level of hyperbole, the more the bullshit detectors of most living humans will start to sound the alarm. If he and Al Gore could only get together, perhaps with Michael Mann — well, one wouldn’t even need to satirize it, would one?


He reminds me of Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, and Ralph Nader. They make a good living from getting the suckers to pay them lots of money to listen to garbage about what bad people they are. Personally, this guy should be just fired from NASA with prejudice.


Does he mean this about the Cayman vents are world’s hottest? You may have mentioned it, but I just saw it and decided to look through your blog.

Jeff Wiita

And this is the guy that the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and the Weather Channel go to as an expert?

George Tomaich

Hansen has definitely crossed the line from way out there to manically disturbed. To make the comments that he has show he has lost a grip on reality. The people in Congress need to see this video. It may act as a wakeup call on his credibility.

Steve from Rockwood

The Earth is now suffering from a run-away Jim Hansen effect.


That’s James Hanrahan to you-


Oceans boil at about 2:10 into his spiel. What a kook. It is hard to believe he is employed by the US Gubmint; but then so are Holdren and Chu.

The more I see and hear from this environmental wacko, the more he reminds me of Max Headroom.

Dave Salt

He lost me at 01:35 when he started talking about it being unrealistic to transport life from our planet to another one. This guy may work at NASA/GSFC but he seems to have no concept of spaceflight and its future potential!

Captain Queeg comes to mind – strawberries anyone?


And AGW proponents people wonder why people find it hard to take Hansens’ views as being scientifically valid . The sad part is that thanks to his ‘management’ one of the worlds most important climate databases is now virtual worthless thanks to ‘adjustments ‘ so that it can support Hansens’ political goals .


He should stick to making muppets and quit trying to scare the children.
The oceans will boil over eventually. It will not be due to CO2 or human activity. It will be caused by the Sun in 4 or 5 billion years when it becomes a red giant and probably cooks the entire planet to a crisp. Or so they say!

After seeing the link, it’s too easy to mock Hansen, so I wont do it.
but I do have a message to NASA. ‘You guys should really pay attention here. Your reputation is at stake’


I watched the whole clip and tried hard not to laugh. This man is a complete idiot. He loves himself and his climate-pron so much, that he would sell his soul to swim in a boiling ocean.


I thought the thick sulfuric acid clouds were the main greenhouse driver on Venus. A real blanket that causes it to receive even less sunlight than Earth.


The Earth never experienced or will never experience a runaway greenhouse effect. For that the planet has to move closer to the sun.
The story about the melting of methane clathrates is still scientific speculation. There is no proof that this actually happened in order to explain the temperature rise.
Snowball Earth! Nobody really knows what caused the Earth to freeze over and it is still speculation if CO2 only melted it.
Hansen is becoming a believer of his own little fantasy world. Trapped inside his own beliefs. Some are right here: He should get fired from NASA. This is not a scientist speaking. He is a disgrace to himself.


this it truly sad…
….and even more sad that it’s contagious

David A. Evans

Will he buy me a new bullshit detector?
Mine’s permanently knackered now, the needle bent around the endstop!
Note to self…
Must get one of those new digital ones complete with overload protection.

Sean Peake

James Hansen: the Crazy Cat Lady of climate science


NASA, I’m disappointed in you.

James Allison

Are only nutters left in the Alarmist camp?

George E. Smith;

Wentz et al in SCIENCE for July 7, 2007 in a Peer reviewed paper: “How much more Rain will Global Warming bring ?” OBSERVED that a one deg C rise in the global mean surface Temperature resulted in a 7% increase in each of the variables: Total global evaporation (of H2O), Total Atmospheric water content, and Total global precipitation (of H2O).. They also reported that the GCMs also predict the same 7% increase in Total global evaporation and total global precipitation. Everybody understands that total global precipitation and total global evaporation must balance, or the oceans would end up over our heads. The first (evaporation) is simply a consequence of the Clausius-Clapeyron equation.
But the GCMs only predicted; excuse me, that’s projected, a 1% to 3% increase in Total atmospheric water content. That 3:1 fudge factor ratio is obligatory in climate “science”, and of course the GCMs are somewhat more dependable than actual observed measured data.
Not reported by Wentz et all, but also self evident, is that precipitation is often accompanied by (precipitable) clouds, so a 7% increase in precipitation likely means a 7% increase in precipitable clouds, which could be, more cloud area, optically denser clouds, longer cloud peristence times, or cloud movement to higher moisture locations.
So it is reasonable to conjecture that this pattern would repeat for some increases in Temperature.
But, it is also self evident, that ANY increase in atmospheric water content, including clouds, MUST result in LESS solar energy reaching the earth surface, since H2O absorbs significant parts of the solar near and IR spectrum.
So how is the earth’s ocean going to boil in the face of ever diminishing surface solar energy ?

Honest ABE

He should be fired for being either incompetent or a liar.
He says:
All the species will be gone from global warming.
The oceans will end up in the atmosphere.
The ice sheets will be gone in a century.
Just add the “warming” from methane, water vapor and carbon dioxide together to get an accurate picture. Their absorption bands don’t overlap or anything right?
I’m shocked that anyone with a basic education in climatology would make these statements.

Gary Pearse

Starburst at the top (end?) of skyrocket trajectory


I had a conversation with a retired left-wing professor the other night at the campus bar. He agreed that CO2 wasn’t a problem. But he figured that ocean acidification would get us instead. I don’t think he realized the implication of what he was saying. You can’t simply make a multi-trillion dollar mistake, say “so sorry”, and then expect the public to roll over for your next great idea.
The true believers will continue to believe in one form of apocalypse or another, but if their CO2 arguments collapse it will be fifty years before the general public will again listen to them.


Wow! Dr. Hansen is completely insane!
This video was produced by bt.com (Big Think), but after this drivel, they should certainly consider changing it to bs.com.
The Cause is certainly getting desperate following Climategate 2.0, the Durban Debacle and no warming since 1998, falling: AMO, PDO, ENSO sea temps and falling ocean levels and what looks to be a weak solar cycle 24.
If NASA had any integrity, they should fire Dr. Hansen immediately, but with BHO as president, this will never happen.
Well, Dr. Hansen is on record now, and this video will come back to haunt him….


The reference to strengthening storms eventually causing something analogous to what happened in New Orleans, suggests that strong storm Katrina was the cause of all the flooding. My understanding is that the cause of all the flooding in N.O. was the ineptitude and failure of Big Gov’t; local, state, and last – federal, but mostly local and state. Primarily the mismanagement of levees and marshes.


“He maketh the deep to boil like a pot…He is king over all the sons of pride.”
Had no idea Hansen was just a straightforward Old-Testament catastrophist nutbag — he’ll be hanging around on streetcorners in sandwichboards any day now, predicting the end of the world, and still collecting his NASA paycheck.


Hansen 2003:
”We have taken over control of the mechanisms that determine the climate change.”
Yep. James Hansen has seen the naughty yellow pixies who pull the special, magic Climat-O-Levers which control the weather (and) have been paid by evil capitalists with fat cigars in their mouth and $ signs on their pinstripe suits to make the world’s climate all horrid.(h/t Delingpole)

Bob Johnston

Obviously the guy is a kook but don’t kid yourself that the pro-AGW crowd will watch this and realize that Hansen is unbalanced. Every believer I know will eat this up like it’s cookies and ice cream.


Wow! He gets paid to make these pronouncements?



He forgot to say: the moon will turn red, there will be earthquakes in divers places, there will be wars and rumours of wars, and they will see the (insert belief of the day) coming in the heavens….

bazza norwood

this man hansen brain is in a real mucking fuddle.

R. Shearer

Insane sociopath or just a pathological liar?

Hansen’s giving his employer (NASA) a new meaning for the acronym.
James Hansen: Not A Scientist Anymore

Barbara Skolaut

“Dr. James Hansen of NASA GISS, unhinged”
When was he ever hinged?

Bob K.

NASA surely employs some very, very strange people. Some of them are – allegedly – real scientists.


“…you could melt the ice sheets in less than a century”—is this perhaps the easiest to debunk? We have a pretty good idea of how much energy comes in from the sun over a century (and an idea of how much leaves), and the mass of the ice sheets; there are complicating factors (not all of the energy is available to melt the ice, there’s difficultly getting the energy to the ice (the elevation of Antarctica’s ice cap surface), and other things, but it should be pretty easy to set bounds on what is possible. At 30 million cubic km of ice for Antarctica alone, that’s a lot of ice per year to melt, and an upper practical limit on how much energy enters and stays in the system.

Luther Wu

Let the rationalizations begin!
R.Gates? a physicist? Lazy Teenager? Anyone?


We would need 4.00 x E26J for the ‘oceans’ to boil. Hansen is a loon.

Luther Wu

carlbrannen says:
January 12, 2012 at 4:22 pm
The true believers will continue to believe in one form of apocalypse or another, but if their CO2 arguments collapse it will be fifty years before the general public will again listen to them.
Pronouncements like this one from James Hansen don’t happen in an ideological vacuum.
In light of the near- total propagandization of the populace by the warmist collaborators, one could easily assume that it will be fifty years before people stop listening to them.