Hurrah for 8 orders of magnitude!

by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Those brave enough and open-minded enough to ask questions in the search for objective scientific truth about our influence on the climate rather than credulously swallowing and cloyingly parroting the socially-convenient, politically-expedient, financially-profitable party line will henceforth celebrate 7 January as Watts Up Day.

For it is today that Anthony’s outstanding blog welcomes its 100 millionth visitor: eight orders of denary magnitude. In the twinkling of an eye, has become one of the most significant and influential news media on Earth. Rupert Murdoch, eat your heart out.

How has Anthony achieved this? First and foremost, by courageous persistence in the face of the barrage of venomous ad-hominem name-calling that is the sullen climate-extremists’ characteristically petulant – and increasingly desperate – way of treating those whose scientific and economic arguments even the IPCC-hugging hard-liners among them are beginning to suspect may be true.

To gather, edit, and publish several new postings daily; to illustrate each one with a suitable image; to recruit, manage, and motivate surely the best team of moderators on any blog; to keep a patient balance, maintain courtesy, and reject extremism even in the skeptical direction; to scour the web and the literature for facts and data and papers of interest; that is just part of what it takes to control the gentle giant that WattsUpWithThat has become.

And it is hard work, 24/7, 366 days a year. I do not suppose that the advertising revenue that Anthony now gets comes anywhere close to compensating him for the exhaustingly relentless grind that maintains the daily splendor of his exceptional blog.

Not long from now, when the absurd intellectual aberration among the world’s governing class that is “dangerous global warming” is a mere curiosity rather than a grave threat to the economic and political well-being of Man and a mortal menace to the democracy of the West, historians will write of their admiration for the small and gallant band who worked out the truth for themselves in the teeth of lavishly-funded hostility and quietly asserted it against all attempts to bully them into silence until it could no longer be denied.

Not the least among this platoon of heroes, outgunned but not outclassed, will be Anthony Watts, to whom the world has very good reason to be grateful. Long may he and his blog flourish. Let us hope that there will be no need for Anthony to keep at it until he notches up his ninth order of magnitude. Here’s to Anthony, his long-suffering family, and his hard-working team. Ad multos annos floreatis!

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

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Jonathan Castle

Well said, sir, and deserved congratulations to Anthony and the team!


Congrats Anthony! Well said Christopher.

Gustavus VIII, King of Sweden

WUWT, your Nobel Peace Prize is in the post.
Metaphorically in Monckton’s praise above, Let’s hope, literally, before long.


Agreed in Full!
Congrats Anthony and thanks!!!


I cant believe you even let Monckton visit the site.
REPLY: I can’t believe you don’t have the courage to put your name to your words. Oh, wait. – Anthony

Amen to that


The count seems stuck at 99,994,961
I assume that is because all of Anthony’s fans/readers are checking to see if the Million is done
Congrats Anthony and all the backroom folks

Three cheers, Viscount!

Charles Minter

Well said, Lord Monckton!

Can I get an “Amen” to that?

pesadia beat me to it!


And may I add, it’s not the quantity, but the quality!


Congrats Anthony!


I’m embarrassed to be this pedantic, but I count 9 orders of magnitude.
magnitudes are often expressed in powers of 10, and 100million is 10^8, but by this convention the unitary magnitude numbers 1..9 are in the region of 10^0. So don’t forget to count the ‘zeroth’ power of 10.
Congrats WUWT

Well said Lord Monckton and a wonderful achievement for you Anthony


Hear, hear. Now beware the hostile takeover bids!

Congratulations! Huzzah!
Thanks so much for educating all of us. I appreciate your work, your contributors, and just all I have learned.

Bernard J.

Not long from now…

Just out of interest, and so we all know when to chill the champagne, exactly how long wil lthat be?

Ancora Ancora, Bravo Anthony and thank you.

Congratulations Anthony! And thanks so much for your relentless pursuit of the truth. What a ride these last years!
99,998,625 views as of now.

As their Lordships are wont to chant in agreement in the Upper House – “Yhear, yhear, yhear …”
Well done Anthony.


Three Cheers – Huzzah and Hooray!
Anthony – what you have achieved here is simply amazing. I am still waiting for big media to wake up to Climategate 1.0! It is no wonder they are dieing a slow, painful death.
And thank you Lord Monckton for your brilliant and eloquent words.


I can’t print the screen using the PRTSC key.
Can anyone help?

Jenn Oates

Yeah, well…I’ve read about this Moncktonly guy and not only does he not have any scientific or mathematical expertise, evidently he’s not a real “Lord,” whatever that is.
Hahahaha! I can’t keep that up, it’s so ridiculous! He’s absolutely right, of course. Congrats Mr. Watts, with gratitude from a humble schoolteacher who is a better teacher of science because of this blog.


You were 100.10^6 times right to think what you think, and 100.10^6 times right to let it be known to everybody – even to those who scorn freedom of thought and the scientific method. Be at least thanked as much, you and all your contibutors, for your enthusiasm and hard work during those years.

Leon Brozyna

99,999,962 as of 10:44 EST (1544 GMT) … by now, it’s rolled over into that tenth of a billion.


Well said.

Carol Mills

Congrats Anthony, I have learned so much since I started checking your site everyday. No scientist here just a senior lady who didn’t believe in Gore’s hype. Thanks for tall the great work.


“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
Thomas Edison
Thanks for not shying away from that from which many have fled. We know that evil only triumphs when good men fail to act. You are a good man Mr Watts. All the best!

Brian Davis

Great work, Anthony – it was your blog that was the ‘tipping point’ for me 🙂


any second now ….

Luther Wu

Servers are bogging down- LOL.



Phillip Bratby

99,999,962 now

Phillip Bratby

And now 100,004,397

Douglas McCormack

Well said Christopher and many congratulations Antony!



Well said M’lud. Bravo Anthony, for your firm (but always informative, and somehow also gentle) guidance along the path of reason and sanity, in this climate debate so much of which appears to be just “a tale … full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” (Macbeth, Act V).


■100,004,397 views now. Wow!

Phillip Bratby

Congratulations Anthony. If you had a cent for every hit, you would deserve every penny and you could really do things.

Viv Evans

I like this: Jan 7th is now forever WUWT Day!
If it needs emphasising – here I go again:
the content of WUWT is what makes people come again and again, not to forget the debates.
And the fun posts.
And the reference pages.
Ever since I visited here, WUWT was and is for me like a private university.
Thanks for all that, anthony!


100,004,397 views at 16.04 GMT!
well done Anthony and all the mods too!!


A congratulatory Haiku:
Pedal the carbon cycle
That’s Watts Up With That

Political rant, done for self-glorification; I see this every day from Obama and the other presidential candidates now, I don’t like seeing it here too. It merely reminds us all that the “debate” is political, not scientific, and above all dogmatic, not truthseeking. This post is like turning the dirty sock, covered in climate alarmism, inside out, only to find it is just as repugnant on the other side (due to the dogmatic rhetoric of Monckton, in service to the lukewarm believers in the consensus greenhouse effect, which in fact simply does not exist).

Leon Brozyna

There it is … 100,004,397 at 1102 EST (1602 GMT).
What … no fireworks?

And then there was a big jump
Blog Stats
Ah well….


Thank you.

meemoe_uk says:
January 7, 2012 at 7:28 am

I’m embarrassed to be this pedantic, but I count 9 orders of magnitude.
magnitudes are often expressed in powers of 10, and 100million is 10^8, but by this convention the unitary magnitude numbers 1..9 are in the region of 10^0. So don’t forget to count the ‘zeroth’ power of 10.

I think you’re excessively pedantic. In engineering terms, orders of magnitude are generally from a ratio. E.g. a change of one order of magnitude is opens new possibilities, a change of three opens up whole new industries. Consider computer memory prices – from a dollar a byte for core memory when I got my start, to $75 for 16 kB for a TRS-80 (my first RAM purchase) to a couple GB on my current, system that needs to be upgraded, to the hundreds of GB on commercial systems.
At any rate, the order of magnitude is typically just the log¹⁰(some number) and log¹⁰(100,000,000) is 8.

Oh dang, can’t even read my own crib sheet. Let me see if this works.
At any rate, the order of magnitude is typically just the log₁₀(some number) and log₁₀(100,000,000) is 8.


That “small and gallant band” has, by my count, fewer than a dozen members among which Anthony Watts is a leader.
The TV weather people have reported record highs in the U.S. this past week, and forecast continuing record warmth. They also told of extreme cold in Alaska and Canada. Not once this past week have I heard a TV weather person mention global warming or climate change. They have reported the facts without the political hype so common in recent years. Anthony Watts must get much of the credit for that kind of widespread improvement.