A small milestone

108  – A big number in some contexts, small in others. Magnitude is in the eye of the beholder.

It looks like we hit that number sometime around 7:45-7:46 AM PST today. Unfortunately the WordPress Blog stats widget seems to update only every 15 minutes or so (probably to minimize server CPU cycles) so it looks like we’ve missed the actual clickover. It went from 99,999,962 at 7:45AM PST to 100,004,397 views just after 8AM PST.

First I want to say, thanks. Second this really is no big deal. The only reason is is notable is that no other blog dedicated to climate science has announced reaching such a milestone, and contenders like Real Climate haven’t even come close.

In honesty, let me say that WUWT probably passed the 108 mark sometime in the last two days, because in the first year of my blog, it was on the servers of the Chico Enterprise Record (where it started in 2006) and that first year of traffic data (~100,000 views) was lost when I switched to wordpress.com in October 2007 because that server couldn’t handle the load nor provide the features I needed, so the newspaper graciously let me move to a better platform. WUWT is still listed under the ChicoER umbrella at www.norcalblogs.com.

Christopher Monckton muses in his recent guest post Hurrah for 8 orders of magnitude!:

“And it is hard work, 24/7, 366 days a year.”

Well yes, but being a broadcaster trained me to be like this. Before there was blogging, there was me on television, working nights, weekends, some holidays, and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning covering severe weather outbreaks. Blogging has one benefit not found on TV; I don’t have to wear a suit and makeup. But, it does seem like second nature to me.

Ric Werme has chosen a selection of WUWT classics, and offers them in his WUWT Index Page. I’ve repeated them below.

WUWT Classics

Here are some posts that deserve to used as reference works, not just as comment-du-jour. The real reference is usually elsewhere, but a lot of us heard it first here.

  • 2008 Jan 28: Warming Trend: PDO And Solar Correlate Better Than CO2

    This is Anthony’s summary of work by Joe D’Aleo. It predates my “obsessive” involvement on WUWT by a few weeks, that happened in large part to hearing about this from Joe directly. This convinced me that CO2 wasn’t dominant and with the negative PDO in place things were about to turn interesting.

    Latest update 2010 Sep 30: AMO+PDO= temperature variation – one graph says it all The comments raise a number of concerns about looking at correlations between time-smoothed series, and the new paper leaves out the CO2 test, so it’s not as striking as before.

  • 2008 Jun 2: Livingston and Penn paper: “Sunspots may vanish by 2015”.

    By my reckoning, this is the most fascinating material I’ve read on WUWT. Now in mid-2010 the data is pretty much tracking predictions some four years after the paper was written.

    Latest update 2010 Sep 18: Sun’s magnetics remain in a funk: sunspots may be on their way out. This reports on a new paper Long-term Evolution of Sunspot Magnetic Fields. An updated estimate of the majority of sunspots becoming invisible is 2021-2022, but I and others think some of the delay is due to some events already being invisible and hence aren’t included in the average, and that leads to an apparently slower decline.

  • 2009 Jun 14: The Thermostat Hypothesis

    This revisits the well observed and understood phenomenon of daily tropical thunderstorms from the novel viewpoint that they keep the Earth from overheating.

  • 2009 Nov 15: Reference: 450 skeptical peer reviewed papers
  • 2009 Nov 19: Breaking News Story: CRU has apparently been hacked – hundreds of files released

    I remember where I was when the story broke. I was on my computer surfing the web. Duh. I think I stayed up until 0300 that night. 1,616 comments to this post!

  • 2010 Mar 27: Earth Hour in North Korea a stunning success

    The nighttime satellite photo says it all. Definitely a solution we don’t want to emulate.

  • 2010 Jun 4: Under the Volcano, Over the Volcano

    Willis Eschenbach’s description of how CO2 measurements at Mauna Loa are made and the steps they take to exclude measurements with recent CO2 releases from local volcanic and anthropogenic sources.

  • 2010 Jul 9: Aliens Cause Global Warming: A Caltech Lecture by Michael Crichton

    This is a superb lecture about what distinguishes science from wishful thinking; the hazards of consensus science; and how science hasn’t learned from the past.

  • 2011 Apr 29: Friday Funny – science safety run amok

    This started out as a rant about “a chemistry kit with no chemicals.” Disppointing, despicable, disheartening to be sure, but certainly not worthy of being listed here.However, WUWT Nation is full of people who’ve learned chemistry the fun way, from 1960’s chemical sets to making their own rocket fuel. They (we!) hijacked the thread to reminisce about all the chemistry that society (and Homeland Security) frown upon today. Enjoy! BTW, the link goes to the first comment, if you want to read about depressing chemistry sets, you’ll have to scroll up or edit the URL.

  • 2011 Sep 15: WUWT’s answer to Al Gore’s 24 hour Climate Reality Project

    The CRP was a 24 hour event repeating Al Gore’s new presentation, once per time zone in a particular language of that time zone. Meanwhile, WUWT readers were being treated to a new post each hour with a cartoon by Josh preceeding the details. The result is a very good introduction to Climate science and where Al Gore gets it wrong.

Guest poster Willis Eschenbach always comes up with fascinating posts. Even his autobiographical posts are remarkable. He’s collected An Index to Willis’s Writings up to May 2011 and deserves this special entry here.


I’d like to add one of my own favorites to the classics list, since I worked harder on this post than any other. It took weeks of hunting down equipment, long hours of patience in replication, and hundreds of dollars to produce:

Replicating Al Gore’s Climate 101 video experiment shows that his “high school physics” could never work as advertised

Bill Nye was annoyed enough to respond, if you can call this a response. It seems rather science-free compared to what I offered. Heh.

Speaking of responses, it appears that from the Climategate 2 emails, WUWT has been putting a burr in the saddle of the team. E.M. Smith (Chiefio) points out all the emails where I or the blog have been discussed. I’m surprised there were so many.

I suppose that  if this blog were not effective, I wouldn’t be attacked so much by defenders of the team, such as the juvenile activist/scientist Peter Gleick (with his B.S. award) and the tree and pig whisperer, James Lenfestney. They seem like burned out 60’s hippies, because they certainly don’t act like professionals. You just have to laugh. I liked this kid’s take on it, who is experiencing similar things. Remember on August 19th 2011, when I reported on the science project for putting solar cells in a tree like arrangement? Novel idea – arrange solar panels like Nature designed it. It seems the kid has made some people angry. From the New York Times story on him this week:

A new way of collecting solar energy has polarized scientists around the world and ignited fierce debate on the Internet, where the innovator in question has been called everything from an alien to the agent of a global conspiracy.

Sound familiar? We skeptics get that a lot. Here’s his response:

He got some constructive advice, said Aidan’s mother, Maureen. “Then there were people who were just—”

“Haters,” Aidan chimed in with a grin.

That’s a great attitude! Yep, haters. WUWT and I have collected a lot of those too. Somehow these haters (and you know who you are)  think that by spreading hate, I’ll change my way of thinking and doing things. Nope, it only strengthens my resolve.

As much as I’m denigrated for running this blog, the fact that I’m writing this today, and that I gain new friends worldwide every day, reminds me of a famous line:

Remember,  no man is a failure who has friends! –Clarence

Thanks to everyone who makes this community special, from the volunteer moderators, to the regulars and passers by, down to the trolls, and on the bottom, the haters. Thanks to Josh too, who provided the title graphic (from a suggestion by Barry Woods) as a surprise. I’m turning that into a commemorative coffee cup which I’ll offer soon.

Thanks are due Steve McIntyre and the late John L. Daly, who both set the standard, and slogged on for years in obscurity before climate skepticism became a mainstream issue. I’d like to thank Dr. Roger Pielke Senior, for his encouragements too.

I leave you with a video that shows just how much trouble climate change is, in fact, after watching this video it could be argued that it is “worse than we thought”.



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Phillip Bratby

Congratulations Anthony!!! Is the press release out? I can’t wait for the BBC to report it.


Crap, one minute it was… 962, I mouse away over to Judiths and come back.. and bam
Good morning Anthony


Congratulations, Anthony. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the last four years and I’ve learned a TON. Onward to 2×10^8!!!



Congrats again!
I have screen PDF’s at 99,999,962 and 100,004,397.


May I be the first to congratulate you, Anthony!

Fantastic! I feel very proud to be a small part of it – as should eveyone who reads and comments here.

Fred from Canuckistan

Big Kudos . . . earned & justified.


Viv Evans

… and apologies from Great Britain that the BBC and UK papers have been and still are pushing AGW, see the video ….
Therefore, thanks for providing this counter-balance, and for keeping us sane!

Geir in Norway

I never realized weather could be that interesting. At times as with the release of the Climategate emails in 2009 and 2011, for instance, reading the blog was more exciting than any detective fiction ever has been. At work, my colleagues and me have had thousands of brilliant and fun conversations because of you, Anthony, and your brilliant co-workers.


Rats! There were no comments when I typed the above.
I’ve been garnering an education about the climate on this site since about the time there were “only” about 30,000,000 hits, and I have been the richer for the experience.
Thanks, Anthony, and all the contributors, and the mods, for a wonderful site.


A congratulatory haiku:
Pedal the carbon cycle
Tha’s Watts Up With That

Jenn Oates



What an accomplishment! I bet you had not one delusion of this type of grandeur when you started this journey.
REPLY: I didn’t have any delusions, period. 😉 – Anthony


Here’s to another 100,000,000 views! Cheers!

Congratulations Anthony, a truly remarkable achievement, one which we must all hope will eventually restore some sense to the “science.”

Mike Bryant

I’m happy and proud to be able to congratulate Anthony on the high side of a hundred million views… You, and the team you’ve built are truly awe inspiring… Thank You,
Mike Bryant



Ric Werme has chosen a selection of WUWT classics, and offers them in his WUWT Index Page. I’ve repeated them below.

Ack! I’ve been meaning to update that list for a few weeks.
Let me hijack the post (but keep it on topic) – What are people’s favorite posts _you_ think _I_ should list on that page?
I’ll add some of the ones _I_ agree with. The decision of the judge (_me_) will be final. Well, not really final.
Hey Willis, how about an update to http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/05/15/an-index-to-williss-writings/ ?


“Guest poster Willis Eschenbach always comes up with fascinating posts. Even his autobiographical posts are remarkable.”
Yes, but I think he is a bit too grumpy. He needs to get some sense of humour implanted.
And I am missing Steven Goddard here.
All in all, I think we all need to try to avoid insulting people we disagree with when discussing scientific matters. Like calling the other camp “cranks” just because they focus on thermodynamic processes like convection etc, instead of plus and minus calculations regarding radiation.
Or being arrogant and downright insulting when someone dares to bring forward some new ideas and theories. Not to mention that some says Anthony shouldnt have presented this or that at WUWT.
If noone is discussing new ideas, how can there be progress?

Congrats again!! The video is hilarious!

Rob Potter

Not sure if I “became” a CAGW skeptic from reading WUWT (I think John Daly may take credit for that), but reading WUWT for many years now I feel that I can argue the case with anyone.
Thanks and here’s to the next 100,000,000!

Jimmy Haigh.

Bugger. I missed the big moment. No bother. Well earned Sir Anthony. And don’t go denegrating your good self – you have earned everything. 100 million. Doesn’t happen every day.



Steve Keohane

Congratulations Anthony! That video of headlines of the results of GW is hilarious. Thanks for all your hard work to keep this great site going.

Dan Murphy

Congratulations! You should truely be proud!

Jack Thompson

A remarkable achievement Anthony, you must be doing something right. Please keep it up.

Lonnie E. Schubert

Congrats and thanks.




Wot’s up with Watts Up?
Alarmists cover eyes in fear.

Sean Peake

You may consider this a small milestone, but rest assured that it is a giant millstone to the “cause.” Congratulations.

Dr T G Watkins

Congratulations to you and your team, not forgetting your long-suffering family.
Long may you prosper.

Roger Longstaff

Congratulations Anthony, mods and all involved! And for allowing dissenting views on your site.
I am going to nominate you for an honourary knighthood (but don’t hold your breath!)

Septic Matthew

Up next: 10^9 !


Congratulations, Anthony. Now on to the next hundred million!

“Haters”…that is THE perfect way to describe them.
let’s hope the brouhaha closes off before the 10^9 mark 🙂


Splendiferous congratulations. What you have done for science, the scientific method, accurate recording of history and raw data is magnificent. Included in these kudos for you are those for all your associates, contributors, and (most) commenters. WUWT is a great place to inhabit daily. Many thanks, Anthony.


Thanks to every reader, commenter, moderator and contributor, as well as Anthony Watts for building us a home. WUWT represents 100,013,197 pieces of evidence that there is no consensus, a huge number of us are aware of it, we are dedicated, we are driven, and reason will prevail.


Thank you for your stalwart effort but I fervently hope the science situation will not be as desperate well before the next hundred million.


According to Sitemeter, most visitors aren’t staying around very long.
Is there an explanation for that?
REPLY: Sure, like yourself, many people who are convinced that CO2 is the only possible cause of warming in the last century refuse to read anything that challenges that view. There’s safety in close-mindedness. – Anthony


Congratulations, Anthony and Team.
A dram shortly to be hoisted in recognition.
Slàinte mhòr.

James P

Congratulations, and many thanks for the regular sanity check (I wish I could say ‘sanity clause’, so I could repeat Groucho Marx’s remark about there being no Sanity Claus, but never mind).
I had a quick look at RC, to see how they were doing. After all, they were founded by a PR company, so they should know a thing or two about self-promotion, but content seems to matter too, so they’ve only got to 15m. Using their sort of statistics, that makes them less than a sixth as good as you.. 🙂

Reed Coray

The Precautionary Principle is a powerful motivator. Not all but many in the AGW camp remind me of Bert Lahr’s Cowardly Lion speech in the Wizard Of Oz: “I do believe in ghosts! I do, I do, I do!” Anthony, thank you for the best science blog on the internet. And thank you mods for your support. Best wishes to all of you and your families.
Reed Coray

Nigel S

7:45-7:46 AM PST… did you work that out with Excel? Thank you for this entertaining and educational site. The quantity and quality is astounding.

Nick Shaw

I already gave you a big kiss (in a manly way!!) on Christopher’s thread, Anthony, so no need to do it again. 😉
I will thank you for the laugh of the day by providing the link to Bill Nye’s response to your experiment! It’s just unbelievable that that quack manages to get air time on TV! I guess when you’re a member of the team the way is paved with gold, eh?
I’m thinkin’ he will have more traffic to his site simply because of your link. And the comments will make for a depressing week, if not longer!
Keep it up! Even if they have to be taken out one at a time!


Certainly, the majority who visit are gainfully employed and have little time to camp out as witnessed on RC and other social sites.


And very deserving I might add,
This is not just a blog but a whole new venue for engaging with science information, news dissection, and an early warning system for what biased science looks like in the media, international organizations, government policy, and even science professional groups.
Thank you