New Tool – all Climategate emails in order in Excel

Jeff Id writes:

Buffy Minton who provided the email Mime data has produced a spreadsheet of Climategate 1 and 2 emails in chronological order.  This should be an excellent tool to follow conversations through.

Here are the links:

ordered emails – xls (Office 2000, 2003)

ordered emails – xlsx (Office 2007 and later)

Note you can also load these into Open Office and LibreOffice which are both free.

30 thoughts on “New Tool – all Climategate emails in order in Excel

  1. Everyone should be writing to their MP’s , members of Congress, State Governors whoever laying a stink that will not go away.
    One thing politicians fear are the voters, I have already writtten to Chris Huhne telling him I shal never again vote Liberal Democrat.

  2. Excellent. Now I would suggest providing a download with the mail files renamed in YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM format. That way they will appear in order when viewed in your file manager of choice. You might also append the From and 1st recipient to the file name.

  3. Hopefully this list will assist George Osborne, “On green energy, Mr Osborne touted his environmental credentials but said: ‘We’re not going to save the planet by shutting down our steel mills, aluminium smelters and paper factories.’ “ to find some reasons to drive this resolve through the parliament past Chris Huhne.

  4. @DCA: Matt Drudge knows that this email story no longer has legs. However when the Durban high-carbon-footprint schmooze fest ends with no noteworthy successor to Kyoto he might post that boondoggle on his site.

  5. I am most appreciative of the person/entity who has made these emails available to the people at large.History will ,I am sure recognise his contributions to lessen the crooks’ effect on our lives by merely revealing how corrupt these scientists are and how the Governments get together to corrupt everyone and all to achieve their corrupt purposes

  6. RE: “One thing politicians fear are the voters,”
    Yes. They will need to be made aware (if they are stupid), then reminded – and re-reminded – that the public has little time and no money for this non-issue.
    Pew (Jan, 2011): “Global warming” ranks just above “obesity” as major concern.
    Neilsen: “Sustainability Survey: Global Warming Cools Off as Top Concern”
    Rasmussen Report (October, 2011):
    Top concerns do include government overspending and corruption. The global warming ponzi scheme should, for these reasons, be a top concern for everyone.

  7. Is there any speculation on how the Climategate 2 Email file names were chosen? The obvious possibility is it’s the order they were tagged to be released. The original files are time stamped with Unix time since 1970 in seconds, obvious to some of us.

  8. Nice file to put in gephi or pajek and get a Team Big Picture Social Network. Just parsing the field “to” and replicating the field “from”. Set output to csv and use txt2pajek to import a make a .net file. Will be very beatiful!

  9. DCA said on November 29, 2011 at 9:05 am:

    I gave WUWT link to Drudge since he’s not said anything thus far.

    Drudge Report has a search function. One mention back on November 22, “climate emails”: Fresh round of hacked climate science emails leaked online…
    There’s a lot happening in the world right now. This batch is still being digested, and “the opposition” is busy trying to explain how the initial results should be blamed on some strange intestinal virus the readers must have instead of the contents themselves. Wait until Congress gets involved, then they’ll get mentioned more.

  10. Being a bit slow here. How do I see the email body text? I have the excel file but it looks like just a list of the emails rather than the emails themselves.

  11. The out of context yappers out there best remember there are over 200,000 emails to help add even more context to the matter. Be careful what you wish for.

  12. Excel? Come on now! You know that Climate Scientists do not like modern tools.
    Give them some Fortran stuff instead.

  13. About as useful as most of the climate change skeptics material. A list of file names, who knows what’s in each file?

  14. Buffy Minton deserves a medal, or a raise in salary, for this great effort.
    The previous numerical listing coupled with the reference from these spreadsheets gives access to these emails that apparently some do not like being placed in the public arena
    Comment : Tough!

  15. David, as a start you can sort by sender for the 1st level, then by recipient for the 2nd level. Then look up the files in each group and see what kind of thread develops. Requires a little work, but you can do it. That is if, unlike Phil Jones, you know how to use Excel.

  16. For those looking for the source files, Climategate II full direct download here: – 173MB
    If anyone missed out on Climategate 1, (about 64Mb) here’s a TinyURL link to it on Rapidshare:
    (Both active as of 2 minutes ago)
    My recommendation for exploring this stuff locally (on Windows) is to extract to subdirectories under one directory, and use Agent Ransack (free) rather than Find (eg Grep for Win). AR will list all files where the search item occurs, with some context. Opening this stuff with Notepad (usually the default) or Wordpad is messy. Right-mouse-click allows “open with” to any editor. Editpad Lite (and many similar editors) will clean up the line wrap, highlight email addresses, and turn URLs into click-able items.

  17. The ‘Office 2000’earlier version works OK in ’97 too (okay, I’m a cheapskate). Very useful it is too, thanks Buffy. As for not having the text as well … how long d’you want to have to wait for it to download? 🙂

  18. Thanks for the mostly positive comments. Of course you need to download the emails as well, or use the online search engine that Anthony links to. The idea of the spread sheet is to be able to reference the mails by author, subject or time and thus find related emails in a thread and see the chronology of a particular thread.

  19. This might be a thing between continents, but when I try to use the combined Climatgate 1&2 search engine from the WUWT source, I find it does not look hard for results, but comes up with smart mesages taunting me. Is it possible that it has been got at?

  20. graphicconception says:
    November 29, 2011 at 10:20 am
    I say chaps, this is hardly cricket!
    It’s Excel – how is Phil going to be able to read that?

    He’ll be able to read it. But he won’t be able to decipher what the trend line is.

  21. Steve C;
    get LibreOffice. Really. It will handle everything up to the most recent formats, including ones that MS’ Orifice won’t.

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