My thanks to Mike Roddy for helping with BEST review

Eh, even when I try to get away from it on weekends it follows me via email.

But, I decided I’d take a moment to post this comment from Joe Romm’s Climate Progress somebody sent me that popped up on my phone. I got a huge belly laugh out of it. I startled Kenji when I laughed so hard:

Meet Mike Roddy, whose picture has previously appeared here.

[Update: Image from Mike’s movie PR: ]

Mike has always been a class act at Climate Progress, as you can see below:

It stems from this piece Roddy wrote about me, see the “corrections” at the end, which he apparently agrees with:

Heh. Quite something that Mike Roddy, but I’m not sure what.

But, see here’s the thing, kicking and bestiality aside, in science, replication is King, and if other scientists can’t replicate a paper’s work, well then it often doesn’t get to pass peer review when peer review works correctly and isn’t “pal” review.

That might be a minor detail with BEST, since they to put PR before peer review in a media blitzkrieg. Even so, there are many things I do agree with in their other papers. The one on quality of station siting, not so much.

But, as Steve McIntyre demonstrates, the BEST work with my station siting quality isn’t replicable. The devil is in the details. He says boldly:

I have looked at some details of the [BEST] Station Quality paper using a spreadsheet of station classification sent to me by Anthony in August 2011 and cannot replicate their results at all.

Gosh, I feel pretty good after all that kicking. Kinda reminds me of this:

BEST is at the starting line in the cartoon above. Will they survive?


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Well I guess that scientists do peer reviews, while primadonnas do press reviews….


I see Roddy is a Berkeley graduate, like Muller.

Jimmy Haigh

Funny? He looks just like one of us…


That is Mike Roddy??? I couldn’t even picture a grown man from his posts. Certainly not a man in a suit.
This is the most brain busting thing I’ve seen all week.

Jeff D

Based on his hair line I categorize him as a Luke warmer.

Alex the skeptic

The drowning warmists saw a BEST straw floating in the sea and they all swam for it.

even the most illertiate of listeners knows its not about gradual warming

Even the most illiterate of listeners knows this is not about gradual warming, it’s about unprecedented, catastrophic fossil fuel induced annihilation. The believers love to play bait and switch, which I find extremely annoying, and must be the point, but remember they have nothing now. They’re losing the scientific argument as each day the flawed techniques and gross incompetence is exposed in greater detail and they’ve lost the political message, which if you’ve been following over the years is their only real objective. They have nothing left but their sneers, wretched language, name calling and petulance. They placed their entire existence in the hands of a relative few demagogic leaders and now they all stand naked for the world to see them for who they really are…and of course this terrifies them.

I think “science by press release” has got to die together with “science by consensus”, “science by acclamation” and “science by censorship of opposing views” before science is ruined.
This perverse belief in the super-powers of peer review is worse than any government propaganda, and is promoted by perverters of the scientific method like Phil Jones. The supposedly anonymous peer review process are becoming part of the side-show barking of promoters of scientific nonsense.

Theo Goodwin

McIntyre writes at his website:
“Combining both stratifications, “MMTS rural good” had a post-1979 trend of 0.11 deg C/decade while “CRS urban bad” had a corresponding trend of 0.42 deg C/decade.”
It looks to me that McIntyre takes a very dim view of BEST’s work on siting issues. I think you should have a post on it.

Günther Kirschbaum

Why not post his address and phone number while you’re at it? I’m sure your followers know what to do.
[REPLY: GK – WUWT does not post that kind of personal information and does not encourage the harassment of people holding different views. We condemn it. -REP]
REPLY: see comment below, that picture was a publicty photo for his movie. But seeing how that was the only thing you complained about, your true color was revealed. Thanks – Anthony

Jimmy Haigh

‘[REPLY: GK – WUWT does not post that kind of personal information and does not encourage the harassment of people holding different views. We condemn it. -REP]’
And noticably unlike Mike Roddy himself….

Seems that absurdist reference comes from an anecdote featuring Lyndon B. Johnson:

LBJ once wanted and aide to accuse an opponent of having sex with farm animals. And the aide said we don’t have any evidence that he had sex with farm animals. And LBJ said,”I just want to see the SOB deny it.”

I presume the only reasonable answer to such an accusation is to state: “Whilst watching videos of people having sex with farm animals, Mike Roddy should stop fantasizing about fellow netizens”.
ps By the look of it, Mike Roddy better beware also of the people that laugh at his jokes


For publishing something like that you could sue him for defamation. In Australia, you’d win.

Steve McIntyre

Roddy’s seemingly out-of-context references to sexual activity perhaps make more sense now that we know that his blog is the diary of a North Ward Ho.

Robyn from Aus

Hi Anthony,
I don’t know if you have seen this.
Not exactly on topic but almost..

Honest ABE

Well, this guy expects around $220 million to produce and market his movie.
I’d say he has both a firm grasp on reality and a fine ability to “model” the future.

Richard G

Illegitimi Non Carborundum.
Translation: Don’t let the bastards grind you down.


BEST is at the starting line in the cartoon above. Will they survive?

IF their claim to appear in the future in the next IPCC report is not simply unwarranted pride on their part (always possible I suppose), then yes, they will survive. All those exes and swords and the like will not hit since none of the wielders will even attempt to use them.
The WebCite article was…amusing. It may also be actionable in court, and I really think it is time for skeptics to actually do that, otherwise, the warmist sill be emboldened and escalate. The purpose of the law is deterrence, and these people need deterring. Lets look at some of it:

Misdeeds: Overnight, went from local TV weatherman to a climate “expert,” constantly attacking scientific reports for groupthink, grant-seeking greed, and phony data. Sent his minions to photograph those US temperature stations which he claimed were too close to heat sinks, skewing temperature readings.

Overnight, which night was that, exactly, what date?
How can you be a climate “expert” if you have never had day to day interaction on a scientific and predictive way with actual real world weather? If all you do is sit in your comfortable bureaucratic office and issue memos or hang around your computer ordering around your undergraduate slaves and never get out and actually observe the weather (climate) in the real world, how can you claim to know anything about it? You need to get out more.
“Groupthink”, what is groupthink, do the climategate emails look like groupthink? If they do, we no longer need accusations, we can see it for ourselves.
Grant-seeking greed, did they receive grants, do they receive more grants if they support AGW, do they receive less or no grants if they do not? In fact, have they not been caught trying, and often succeeding, in actually getting people fired for apposing AGW? Is that not my tax dollars going into those grants, and if I see evidence of grant-seeking greed, do I not have a right to look into it? If they are thus taking my money by what looks like deception, should I be able to charge them with felony “grand theft by means of deception”?
“Phony data”, was it phony, can it be shown to be phony? If it can, and that was done with my money, see the felony charges above.
“Minions”, hes got minions?? Nice to have minions, do they bring hin coffee, shine his shoes?
“Claims”, I’ve seen the photographs, that’s more than “claims”, that actually is “too close to heat sinks”, according to the NOAA’s own guidelines. Claims are one thing, seeing is believing. Since I can see it, and this guy only says “claims”, I must assume that this guy is lying.

NOAA decided to take him up on his claim and analyzed the station data from all 1218 sites, and found no evidence of bias or distortion. Anthony instantly dropped the project with no mention of his error and simply began shouting, “Climategate!” — the oil company e-burglary and nontroversy, which ultimately offered no evidence of scientific wrongdoing.

“Found no evidence of bias or distortion”, well, of course they did not, they are bureaucrats, bureaucrats never find such things, all mistakes of any kind are always as well hidden and buried as well as bureaucrats can make them. That is because their political superiors are always looking for a reason to cut their budgets to support their own pet projects, as are their bureaucratic rivals, and mistakes are the best way to embarass them and accomplish this. This results in bureaucrats hiding such mistakes, which mean that there is no accountability, which means that the mistakes accumulate, and the unaccountable “minions” commit more and more of them since they will not pay for them (often through sheer laziness, such as never actually visiting the sites in question). And then we see the NOAA quietly (for reasons noted above) dropping the reported bad stations or modifying them (rarer, that takes work, see laziness above), which shows that while they will not admit it to the outside world, they know that there is a problem there.
“Anthony instantly dropped the project”, date please (actually, forget the “please” part). “With no mention of his error”, seems I’ve seen plenty of mention, nothing about error though, mention made after the mythical date the project was ‘dropped”. And how can there be ‘error” when I have seen the bad siting in photographs myself? I mean, seeing is believing, right? These people really need to get out more!
“Climategate!” — the oil company e-burglary and nontroversy”, which oil company, exactly (suggestion, call your lawyer before answering that), show evidence of e-burglary, nontroversy that garnered that much attention? Do these people even know the meaning of the word? Was their education that poor? Perhaps they are just stupid (to be charitable).
“Offered no evidence of scientific wrongdoing”, odd, it did offer evidence of conspiracy to break, and actually breaking, the law, specifically, the Freedom of Information Act, for which the perps should now still be in prison. The only reason they are not is because of another factor of bureaucracies, called “one hand washes the other” and “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”. They may hate and fear each other, but they hate outsiders more, and will band together to protect themselves.

This article also fails to mention that Anthony Watts routinely rapes farm animals. We sincerely regret the errors.
The corrections issued above states that Anthony Watts “routinely rapes farm animals.” It has been brought to our attention by Mr. Watts that he actually makes sweet, consensual love to farm animals.

This is called ‘libel”, and is actionable in court. Since many of the above can also be called libel, I wonder, why has legal action not been taken? Simply sending them an email will not stop them, or even slow them down. Unless someone is punished and punished hard, this will continue and escalate. In addition, taking legal action will bring lies to the public attention, a positive benefit.
Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, traducement, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual , business , product , group , government , or nation a negative image. It is usually a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant ).
Hmm, meets all of the criteria stated above, which can be proven with actual photographs (such as from the surfacestation project) and of course the WebCite page above.
Perhaps it’s time to create a “skeptics defense fund”, find a skeptic lawyer (you know you want to, it would be fun), and prepare to go at it. Just in case that is not deterrence enough, well, take the action to court, and enjoy the cash when you win. I mean, if big oil won’t cough up the cash, let the AGW types do it.

Mike D in AB

Robyn – thanks for that, that’s hilarious.
Anthony – Illigitimi non corrundum. Don’t let the bast@rd.s grind you down. Thanks for an exemplary site on scientific and (mostly) polite discussion. (heh, have fun with that @ sign, phishers)


Mike Roddy takes to the streets and writes about his encounter in which he syas, “Roddy gets hassled by liberal pussies, for his accurate signage”. When Mike is not in a suit and tie he can be found celebrating Haloween as Svengoolie(TM) as can be seen in the pictures in the link. lol
Anthony I suggest you use the Svengoolie(TM) picture of Mike Roddy for future posts.


Take Mike Roddy for a helicopter ride and drop him off in the middle of Yellowstone Park, let him hear the howls of the wolf packs, and maybe step in a grizzly’s scat.
Then ask him, which species needs protection.

Mike D in AB

richard – doh, the first thing I saw posted after hitting “post” was your comment. Kudos on being first with a great quip.


I’ll make a point to avoid attending any and all movies produced by this Roddy character. To call him dispicable would be charitable.

[snip – yeah thats a bit over the top -Anthony]

Gil Dewart

Heard Richard Muller, himself, on the BBC shamelessly plugging his shoddy product. So they found a new way to slice baloney and now they call it prime rib. Just as expected – he was imperious and arrogant. The current mantra seems to be that if you don’t abjectly “Believe, Conform, Obey” you must be a “conspiracy theorist”. No, it doesn’t take a warmist conspiracy, just a herd mentality. This at a time when institutions and authorities throughout the world are crumbling before a liberating spirit of questioning and critical thinking among the populace.

Bob Johnston

Occasionally I see a comment that’s snipped that says [snip – you can’t use the “D-word” here]. Because it’s always snipped I don’t actually know for certain what the “D word” is but if it is what I believe it to be, Mike Roddy is definitely the “D-word”.


“About the movie script that he is working on day and night, Roddy had plenty to
say: “The working title is ‘2112’, the year the movie takes place.”
Did I miss it? Or is it scheduled for the Christmas season?
Roddy on the same page:
“”Now I am self-employed as a housing developer, […]”
My condolences.


In my country, what serves as congress, who is mostly made up of even green socialists, at the time, voted against making bestiality illegal.
To this date, there’s still a rational argument lacking for why even the green eco-loon socialists think bestiality is ok.


>> “Even so, there are many things I do agree with in their other papers. The one on quality of station siting, not so much.”
From this article:
>> “And, I’m prepared to accept whatever result they produce, even if it proves my premise wrong.”
I guess the issues with the BEST methodology (30 versus 60 years) and the paper pre-release have soured the results?
[Note: otter, you are right at the threadjacking line. ~dbs, mod.]


Why not put an action cam on poor little Kenji connected to internet, via google ad, or some such, supported (by stoopid people) live feed? et voila, very rich dog supporting an ever richer owner. Just think about it, with todays’ technology you could even hook up Kenji to a temperature/CO2 recorder getting the real deal at ground level even. :p

Chuck Nolan

Robyn from Aus says:
October 22, 2011 at 3:43 pm
Hi Anthony,
I don’t know if you have seen this
From truth comes comedy.
Hadn’t seen it ……………Loved it.


Joe Romm does not miss a beat covering ” the well known smearers of climate scientists, Judith Curry and Richard Muller.”
Besides it is old news: “Climate Progress actually broke this story back in March — ……….based on an email Climatologist Ken Caldeira sent me after seeing their preliminary results …”
Anthony, Roddy says he will miss you:
“Mike Roddy says:
October 20, 2011 at 9:33 pm
Muller and I have mutual friends at Berkeley-he is an opportunist, and was once Nobelist Louis Alvarez’ lap dog. He has become a little weird, but is still a smart scientist.
I think Muller was gaming Koch and Watts the whole time. He knew about the NOAA study, of course, and all of the suspense about postponing the BEST results until “all the data are in” was just a way to milk the Kochs out of more money, which amounted to a lot compared to a professor’s salary.
In this case, the charge that climate scientists were “after grant money” was correct, but the results verified what has become obvious. Only a complete idiot would claim otherwise.
As for Watts, the whole notion that scientists were conspiring to use faulty temperature stations to exaggerate climate change was never anything more than a joke. Even Curry and Muller figured that one out.
Watts is not going to be headlining any Heartland conferences for a while. I’ll miss the humor opportunities, but good riddance.”
Roddy is in the business of selling steel (produced using coke, maybe even Koch coke?) framed structures, claiming they have a smaller carbon footprint because they reduce logging.


This article from Mike Roddy shows that he’s a full-on catastrophist – what do you expect from a guy hawking a script for a disaster movie. We need people like him to discredit the CAGW movement.

David Falkner

[snip – over the top, while I don’t have much respect for Mr. Roddy, I’m not going to allow people to make such innuendo, even if funny – Anthony]

Mike Mangan

Roddy is the poster child for all that is wrong with the True Believers of CAGW. He used to whine incessantly about how the media was to blame for his religion never obtaining a foothold in polite society. Heh. He never thinks to look in the mirror. Blind bigotry and hatred is never a way to sell something, Mikey.

Mike Roddy

Thanks for not posting my info, and for showing a sense of humor here, Anthony. Global warming is so serious an issue that we all need to have fun once in a while.
My offer to have a beer next time I’m in your neighborhood remains open. You remain a fascinating character to me, and I want more.
BTW, Muller and I were at Berkeley around the same time, and had friends in common (my roommate was a Physics PhD student). And I accused Muller of grant seeking on CP, since the answer he came up with was pretty obvious to most of us, and I think he was milking the Kochs.
And yeah, that means I’m an old white man, even worse than the photo, which is about 6 years old.
I’ll sell my screenplay cheap, too. Maybe the Kochs are interested.
No hard feelings-

Gary Pate

Roddy clearly drinks the kool-aid of AGW. His list you link to is sophomoric at best….

Brian H

Mike D in AB says:
October 22, 2011 at 4:18 pm
richard – doh, the first thing I saw posted after hitting “post” was your comment. Kudos on being first with a great quip.

Note that richard got it right: carborundum, not corrundum.
Mike R.;
A fine demonstration of disingenuous cluelessness. Classic.

Mike Roddy says:
October 22, 2011 at 6:28 pm

Thanks for not posting my info, and for showing a sense of humor here, Anthony. Global warming is so serious an issue that we all need to have fun once in a while.
No hard feelings-

I don’t have any. I don’t have time to not ignore you.


For non-Australian readers further to post by Robyn from Aus @3.43pm
and the link to that (most) excellent cartoon by Pickering
Jo Nova also follows up on this

Gary Pate

And scanning the beast website they seem to have a unusual attraction to deviant sexual behavior. Who are these weirdo’s?
And they expect to be taken seriously? Really???

Tom in Texas

Mike, I saw your movie. It was called “Mad Max, Parts 1, 2, and 3”.

Steve McIntyre

Mike Roddy once posted a comment at Climate Audit linking to a porn video – a granny porn video. Such misconduct is extremely rare among commenters. Other than Josh Halpern/Eli Rabett’s inappropriate comments about a teenage girl a few years ago, I can’t think of any similar non-spam incidents.

Cecil Coupe

So Roddy is a troll or flake and he’s just having fun so no hard feelings, buy you beer ?
I suspect he just realized he is in a legally precarious position. He should have consulted an attorney before commenting further because that confirms his not quite connected to social norms.

Theo Goodwin

otter17 says:
October 22, 2011 at 5:40 pm
“I guess the issues with the BEST methodology (30 versus 60 years) and the paper pre-release have soured the results?”
You are almost right. It means there are no results. Anthony expected them to use his 30 years of data since 1979 because there is siting information for that 30 years. Anthony was excited that they were going to use their new techniques on his station siting data. In switching to a 60 year period, they pulled a Bait and Switch on Anthony. Their results are worthless because they used a period that contains 30 years without siting information.
The paper pre-release, the media grandstanding by Muller, the Bait and Switch on Anthony have so soured the moral standing of the entire BEST team that each and every one of them has earned the label Loose Cannon on Deck. Muller has trashed his own dream of corporate interest in his geo-engineering firm. Corporate types have written off Muller entirely.


Mike Roddy says:
October 22, 2011 at 6:28 pm
Thanks for not posting my info, and for showing a sense of humor here, Anthony. Global warming is so serious an issue that we all need to have fun once in a while.
No hard feelings-
Ric Werme says:
October 22, 2011 at 7:22 pm
I don’t have any. I don’t have time to not ignore you.
Touché Ric, this Roddy bloke is somewhat of a pussy … needs therapy for his obsession with abnormal sexuality.

David Ball

Two things are happening in the pants of the proponents of global warming. Number one and number two.

Pete H

Mike Roddy says:
October 22, 2011 at 6:28 pm
“Thanks for not posting my info, and for showing a sense of humor here,”
I for one do not find you funny at all Roddy. Infantile is a better description for your disgusting accusations. Ask yourself what Anthony’s wife and family must go through when people like you come out with filth like that!
I suspect Cecil Coupe is right with his comment…..
October 22, 2011 at 9:03 pm
“So Roddy is a troll or flake and he’s just having fun so no hard feelings, buy you beer ?
I suspect he just realized he is in a legally precarious position.”