Gore-a-thon: Finis

Thanks to everyone who participated. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming. But, you can still review all the great cartoons from Josh.

I’m happy to tell you that all of the Gore-a-thon posts and cartoons are now available in the Climate Fail Files page here. Enjoy! They are also available via the category selector for “Gore-a-thon” on the right sidebar

My sincere thanks to Josh. His efforts have given WUWT the best traffic day since Climategate.

I welcome your impressions of the event in comments.

I’ve had enough Gore for 24 hours, I’m going to take a breather. Be sure to see Willis’ most recent post for some interesting findings.



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Jenn Oates

I’ve been too busy the last 24 to pay as much attention as I’d like, but I’ll catch up in the car on the way down to Simi Valley tomorrow!

Sean Peake

I convinced that if all the presenters built roller coasters instead of global warming presentations to scare the crap out of people, they’d get more return and new customers. Think of them as Climate Carnies.


The whole thing felt cultist. They didn’t really present much science. Mostly “open-mindedness” and feelings.

Many thanks. Josh.


Why is Al Gore “Denying” the “Reality” of a Lord Christopher Monckton debate?


Gore doesn’t deserves all this attention.


The upside – a great summary of the Sceptical position in 24 posts.
Can we get a book?


I salute anyone who managed to watch for the whole 24 hours.
True bravery indeed.


Absolutely Gore-geous! Al’s pecuniary and involuted policies laid bear before the world. You did great work in humourising this Gore-a-thon. Thanks.


What if Al Gore paired up with a Republican/conservative, like Jon Huntsman? Or maybe John McCain, if he still supports something similar to the Climate Stewardship Act.

Bob Diaz

I could only stand to watch a few minutes of Gore’s stuff, BUT Josh’s drawings were great!


Thanks for the WUWT coverage, the funny posts and most of all Josh’s cartoons (though I was secretly hoping Theo might bite Al before the end or indeed in his end).
All I can say about CRP is if that is how they intend to convince the World on AGW – they got nuttin’


I watched a few segments, for short stints at least. I saw a lot of claims about all of the extreme weather in the past year being due to climate change, these were repeated over and over. At least two presenters gave the same presentation of “Somewhere out there is a world where all sorts of bad stuff isn’t happening, but not here”. Then there was a video from Bill Nye Climate Guy (formerly known as The Science Guy) Guy) in one of the last hours where he just plain, summarized all of the extremist claims. This can be seen in Hour 23, 6:30 minutes in in this link: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17293770

Many thanks to both Anthony and Josh for their humorous and informative effort.
One big difference I see between the “skeptics” and the AGW supporters is what has been shown here – the skeptical position just wants to get it right wherever that may lead. Is the temperature warming or cooling? The Ice melting somewhere or becoming more extensive and thicker? Oceans rising or falling? Oceans getting warmer or cooler? Atmospheric CO2 levels rising or falling? Anthropogenic CO2 emissions making a difference to the levels in the atmosphere?
Whatever. Let the truth and the data and the facts take us where they will.
On the other hand, the AGW supporters only want what they say is happening – anthropogenic CO2 emissions are causing warming which will cause catastrophic events – to be what is believed, regardless of what the truth and the data and the facts may show.
While WUWT shines, Al Gore’s “CRP” remains dull.


Congratulatons Anthony! The Gore-a-thon was a tremendous success. This is a classic!
An earlier comment about a book. That should seriously be a consideration. Anthony has presented a lot of interesting information in the 24 hous of gore.
A quick look at the graph (viewer ratings) in the previous post may suggest that a number of skeptical viewers were absent from WUWT while watching gore’s show. Now that the show is over I project that the ratings on WUWT will spike while gore’s site plummets as the real discussions begin here. You’re not supposed to talk during the show, don’t ya know.
And we all need to remember that Gore made it all possible.

AlexS says:
September 15, 2011 at 5:10 pm
> Gore doesn’t deserves all this attention.
He didn’t get it here. Instead, we have 24 posts that make a great introduction to many facets of our climate.

Chris D.

Many thanks! I’ll hit the jar in the next day or so.

About the Gore-a-thon — Worse than we thought!

Leon Brozyna

A real gem is when Miss Rhode Island turns to Higgins and says that he’s the scientist … after he’d been floundering for an answer … and was still expecting an answer. A real bimbo to himbo moment.

Anthony and Josh, you deserve a huge round of applause. This effort must be some sort of blog-making history. When you think of the “machine” that went into organising the Borathon, and yet it still couldn’t get up to WUWT traffic figures, you should be justifiably proud of yourselves. If the 105 days of viewing figures are right, it would infer that at any given time only 105 were watching. That’s not much considering that probably half of those were skeptics. How about adopting Theo as the WUWT mascot?

Mike of the North

I’m the only CAGW CACC CACD skeptic I know in real life… and I think I’m the only one who even heard anything about the Goreathon.

Richard M

I wonder what happened to revealing all the “deniers”? Did I miss something?
Great job Josh and Anthony!

Bryan A

Perhaps they should have called it the
It would have provided a more appropriate acronym

Pamela Gray

This 24 hour flu is over. Thank Gawwwwdddd!!!!

Stuart Huggett

Looking at the acronym for the Climate Reality Project I can’t help feeling it would be better named the Climate Reality Action Project. I wonder if Algore considered this option? It sounds great!
Many many thanks to you all for great summary of the situation. As Graeme says above, it would work up into a very good book..Josh is very talented.


Anthony–can you tell us what the Blog Stat count was at when this Gore-a-thon began vs the 88,557,199 tally now? The difference would indicate how many stopped by to get a clearer perspective of Clmate Reality.
paulhan says:
September 15, 2011 at 6:10 pm

How about adopting Theo as the WUWT mascot?

We should actually consider Gore himself as our new mascot–he’s driven more people toward the climate realist position than just about anybody I know. For that, he should forever be enshrined–Just not certain what a proper name might be (“manbearpig” is way too presumptous).

The fun isn’t over yet, fellas. The Moving Planet project is just 9 days away so you can make fun of more of your favorites then too.

t stone

Wow, what a chronicle! Fantastic job Anthony, Josh and mods!
I wonder who had more traffic: The Gore-a-thon or WUWT’s coverage of the Gore-a-thon?

t stone

BTW, anybody feel “revealed”?

John Blake

This excretory function was a Bore-athon indeed, but a purposeful, willful one in all its asininity. As Samuel Johnson said, “Such stupidity, Sir, is not in nature.”


well the reality in australia is we’re getting capntax no matter which party is in power. here’s the Opposition on ABC last nite:
15 Sept: ABC Lateline: Turnbull on media, tax and Kevin Rudd
TONY JONES: OK. I mean, you’ve already committed yourself once to a BIPARTISAN plan for a CPRS and you argue it has a lot in common with the Government’s plan …
MALCOLM TURNBULL: I don’t argue it; it obviously does. I mean, I’m not going to – if someone asks me a question, I’m not – look, I’m not – I’ve been through the pain barrier, Tony. I don’t – I’m not going to stand up there and give slippery, disingenuous answers.
If somebody asks me a question, straight question and says, “Does this scheme have lot in common with Rudd’s CPRS and the ETS that John Howard was proposing to introduce?” The truthful answer is yes. They’ve all got a lot in common. They’ve all got differences and some of those differences are more significant than others, but, you know, ultimately at the core there is a ****cap-and-trade scheme and there’s a commonality.
They’ve been DESIGNED BY THE SAME PEOPLE. The same team that worked for us worked for Rudd and have worked for Gillard, so – but that’s beside the point. I’m not going to sit here and mislead you and try to suggest that there’s some – you know, it’s a completely different creature.
Yes, it’s got a lot of differences and, you know, we could talk about them for hours. But, fundamentally, they’re very similar….
the anti carbon tax movement in australia has been misdirected in a sense, which is a pity.


yes!!! take the poster bear for the sceptics – the team lost it on their own back rank to a pawn, so you can claim it!!!
make the polar bear the sceptical mascot, yes!!!
leave the awg poodle for them – they’ll be lonely.

rank to a pawn, so you can claim it!!!
make the polar bear the sceptical mascot, yes!!!
leave the awg poodle for them – they’ll be lonely.

How’s this for moral relativism?;

Doug S

The worm has turned Mr. Gore. Even the progressives in my town don’t believe you any more. Unless you can deliver Gay Marriage to them you’re finished here in the SF Bay Area. Good Night.

No claims by Al of the North Polar Ice cap gone by 2013? Anyone?

Al Gore is currently claiming 8.6 million ‘views’ – whatever that is – I reckon that includes a hell of a lot of scripts and web crawlers..
Anyway check out this http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17294584#utm_campaign=synclickback&source=http://climaterealityproject.org/video/hour-24-new-york/?template=basic&medium=17294584
Notice the view count – 1,707 Live Views – also look at the panel on the RHS and do some mental maths – you have 9 hours totally say 3000 views to be generous.
I make that a whooping 8000 views TOPS for the 24 hours from the archive.
Then if one looks at http://www.ustream.tv/user/climatereality/info-stats
we have 484,371 unique views – so I make a grand total of 492,371 unique views of the videos, assuming no double counting going on.
Al where is the other 8.1 Million ‘views’ ???


Loved Josh’s cartoons! Farewell Theo!
Thankfully my only knowledge of the Gore-a-thon was through WUWT, reality is still intact!
Nice to see that while it was on though, the Gore effect saved the Arctic ice extent…


Theo the WUWT Wonder Bear


Stunning work Anthony and Josh! Now go to bed for a little while!
As touched upon before, an excellent refutation of CAGW contained within this series of posts. There’s so much more within WUWT that goes beyond that though – not just a refutation of the tenets of Al’s Sermons, but details of the basis for a TRUE understanding of what drives our climates. Don’t ever expect that from those who obsess over plant food.

otter17 says:
September 15, 2011 at 5:23 pm
What if Al Gore paired up with a Republican/conservative, like Jon Huntsman? Or maybe John McCain, if he still supports something similar to the Climate Stewardship Act.
You obviously have no idea what a Conservative is.

Dave Wendt

You really deserve the Golden Order of the Cactus Coated Enema Bag for enduring the unimaginably excruciating on behalf of us all. The ultimate example of taking one for the team. Get some rest you deserve that also, and thanks for illuminating so clearly once again the very fundamental difference between the protagonists in this climate drama.
Many thanks to you as well for your very creative and humorous work. Hang on to that Theo, I suspect we could have witnessed the birth pangs of the next Opus or Hobbes today.


They should have called in Jerry Lewis – he’s looking for work. What an epic fail that was. I wonder what it impact was on the global power grid.

Yeah, verily, upon September 15, 2011 at 5:23 pm otter17 saith:

What if Al Gore paired up with a Republican/conservative, like Jon Huntsman? Or maybe John McCain, if he still supports something similar to the Climate Stewardship Act.

Or some (Hyper Partisan) Right Wing Christian Nut Job like Pol Pot?


Looking forward to Josh’s graphic novel: The Adventures of Theo.
Hint, hint…


I second Dave Wendt’s comments–Anthony, you and Josh were outstanding. I’m betting Al Gore is not sleeping well tonight from an expose`of this magnitude.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on this 24 hour blog, I have nothing further to add except to say I’m so pleased to know I am not the only person that thinks the way I do.

Anthony and Josh’s “Gore-a-Thon” was a newsworthy response to an international event.
But it appears that Google has completely filtered out any relationship between Gore’s CRP and WUWT in toto from Google News.
Google, are you censoring the news?

Your search – gore crp wattsupwiththat – did not match any documents.
•Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
•Try different keywords.
•Try more general keywords.
•Try fewer keywords.

Willis page is gone missing. Or I have a really strange problem. Any clues?