Did Al Gore get the Miss Rhode Island Idea from Woody Allen's "Bananas"?

Joe Bastardi writes in regarding this WUWT story about Miss Rhode Island talking about sea level rise on Gore’s Climate Reality Project Check this out, (its hilarious)  though it has some PG parts,  pay attention to the last minute and Miss America’s testimony: Advertisements


Cloud Radiation Forcing in the TAO Dataset

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach This is the third in a series ( Part 1, Part 2 ) of occasional posts regarding my somewhat peripatetic analysis of the data from the TAO moored buoys in the Western Pacific. I’m doing construction work these days, and so in between pounding nails into the frame of a building I continue to…

Al Gore's Climate Reality Project brings on Miss Rhode Island to talk about sea level rise

UPDATE: Allison Rogers, Miss Rhode Island 2006, responds below UPDATE2: Paul Higgins, who also appears in the video, responds in comments here 2011/09/20 at 6:31 am Because, well, Miss Florida wasn’t available. Our friend Ecotretas writes: It is rising… Climate Reality has had some good moments. Like the moment below, where Paul Higgins, Associate Director…