Al Gore's Climate Reality Project brings on Miss Rhode Island to talk about sea level rise

UPDATE: Allison Rogers, Miss Rhode Island 2006, responds below

UPDATE2: Paul Higgins, who also appears in the video, responds in comments here 2011/09/20 at 6:31 am

Because, well, Miss Florida wasn’t available.

Our friend Ecotretas writes: It is rising…

Climate Reality has had some good moments. Like the moment below, where Paul Higgins, Associate Director of the American Meteorological Society Policy Program tries to answer some pretty easy questions. The first one is how much has the sea level risen in the past 50 years? And how much is it expected to rise in the next 50 years? Easy to get the numbers, as it has risen about 17 cm in the 20th century, so a good reply would be half of that, or about 8.5 cm. And if it is rising at 3 mm/year now, and it is not accelerating, it would rise 15 cm in the next 50 years, less than half a foot…

Higgins didn’t have a clue, but suggested that in the next 50 years it would be in the neighborhood of less than half a meter. Gosh, when scientists don’t have a clue, then the priests just jump in. Meet Allison Rogers, former Executive Director from Green the Capitol. Who is this cute girl, I thought? Well, like she was presented before, she has a degree in Religion and was Miss Rhode Island 2006! These beautiful girls just say whatever they hear, and for her, the sea level can go up 39 feet, well you know because all that ice from Greenland and Antarctica could just melt…

There were more questions. Higgins still didn’t know… We just can’t emit more CO2. You just have to see the video to get an idea how good this Climate Reality was… If you cannot see it below, or want a better quality, just go here, and fast-forward till 52:53


Allison Rogers, Miss Rhode Island 2006, responds in comments:


The source for the 39 feet reference in my response is here:

“World on the Edge” – Author: Lester Brown, 2011. See page 75.

“How far might the sea level rise? Rob Young and Orrin Pilkey note in ‘The Rising Sea’ that planning panels in Rhode Island and Miami assume a minimum rise of 3.5 feet by 2100. A California planning study uses a 4.6-foot rise by century’s end. The Dutch, for their coastal planning purposes, are assuming a 2.5-foot rise for 2050.

If the Greenland ice sheet, which is well over a mile thick in places, were to melt completely, sea level would rise 23 feet. And if the West Antarctic ice sheet were to break up entirely, sea level would rise 16 feet. Together, the melting of these two ice sheets, which scientists believe to be the most vulnerable, would raise sea level 39 feet. And this does not include thermal expansion as ocean water warms, an important contributor to sea level rise.”

– Allison Rogers


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WHAT is rising, when Miss RH shows up? Inquiring minds would like to know 🙂


This is sad and hilarious at once. All that’s missing is a bong.

“I don’t want to bogged down in the metrics here…”
They never do.


As a native RIer I could find this embarrassing. But then again I’m pretty used to the astonishing ignorance of my fellow-citizens. Sometimes you just have to LOL.

We are all much dumber after watching that video. We award you no points MMGW pushers may god have mercy on your soul!!!!!


So you don’t have to be blonde to be dumb?….

I was going to make snarky comment. It would have been uncharitable.
These people would deserve pity if their agenda weren’t so destructive.
Steamboat Jack (Jon Jewett’s evil twin)

dear god.
can we please get better people talking for my side.
my team sucks

As long as she didn’t say something like “Soon rising sea levels may imperil the bridges connecting Rhode Island to the mainland, and not long after put the entire island under water”……….



They are truly competing with Spongebob Squarepants to render people dumb.
“The study suggests just watching nine minutes of Spongebob Squarepants can cause short-term attention and learning problems in four-year-olds.”


Dave said “This is sad and hilarious at once. All that’s missing is a bong.
LOL… 🙂


I hate to say it, but as a nerd/geek who didn’t get much female attention… Gore should have chosen his speakers from this pool to get me to watch.
// I can’t decide if I’m being offensive to Gore, Warmists, or Women…


Steven Mosher says:
September 15, 2011 at 12:47 pm
Obviously not! PMSL 🙂
and anyway – Lukewarmers aren’t a team – they are more of a hedge betting group! …..LOL.
and anyway part 2 – when are you gonna accept that the planet simply is not performing according to the dire CAGW based predictions and ergo, something in the data/methodolgy/models/predictions is clearly not right?
If, using the oft warmist quoted analogy of a ‘sick earth’ – the earth was that sick and the ‘doctors’ were giving prognoses and treatment regimes – we could be pretty sure the patient would be being given the wrong medicine/treatment as they still don’t have an adequate understanding of the (alleged) problem. (which of course begs the point, is there actually a problem?)


Wow. Al’s really pulling out the heavy hitters.
But’s what is disturbing in the short clip is the prevailing tactic of the entire movement to spout out conclusions and predictions without even the slightest bit of factual or logical justification, e.g.”… don’t want to get bogged down in the metrics here…”.
Miss RI, and the moderator, who is no slouch in the eye candy department either, do distract the critical thought process and help fuel the faulty conclusions by diverting attention from the BS they just shoveled.

Nuke Nemesis

I’m worried global warming will cause Rhode Island to float away, and eventually, inevitably capsize. With those darn Tea Partiers having such a stranglehold on the budget, who would pay for the cleanup?


After watching that video with Miss Rhode Island and “the scientist” I have a massive headache.
Probably has to do with smashing my head against the wall wishing the pain of their presentation would end.


You are so right. All those good questions and they can’t answer one of the frigging questions. Unfreaking believable. Where did they find that scientist? Is it Scott Mandia’s brother-in-law or something? Plus it’s scripted when they are stumped. For example, MS RI says we should defer to the expert scientist – who is clueless about sea level rise, natural rates of sequestration of CO2.
I bet she couldn’t find West Antarctica on a globe.

That was like watching “The View” on drugs.


I’ve see a video of her that says she is a “Climate Project Presenter (Trained by Al Gore)”.


Nothing like teeing it up so skeptics can hit it out of the park. Wow.


Sorry, but I have to link to this… ;->


The stupid! It burns!


Eye candy , more eye candy and quickly. We need help because our ratings are in the dumpster. Can we get one of these ladies to show more cleavage?
Sigh. One brain between the lot of them but I’d still take one home 🙂

Dan in California

So a skeptical meteorologist is not qualified to speak out on AGW because he’s not a climatologist. But Miss Rhode Island is qualified as an AGW enthusiast. No double standard there.


Don’t despair, Steve Mosher… You can always fall back on Al Gore.
(Sorry for the cheap shot, Steve, but I considered as an alternative Dr. “Civil Disobedience” Hansen, Michael “I’m not a crook; stay outta my emails” Mann, and Phil “Lost Data” Jones, among others. You should probably be happy with Ms. Road Island (did I miss-spell that correctly?) and this generic climsci scientist–at least they’re not swearing at the audience.)

Now, guys, watch it. From one who’s well beyond the point where such activities have an overwhelming priority, tje fact she’s dumb doesn’t necessarily imply that she’s not dangerous. Quite the contrary.
But I have to admit that the indefatigable, unquenchable. persistent dogged ignorance of the CAGW crowd is amazing, even to one with such long experience in stupidity (my own and humanity’s) as I have.

Roger Knights

Now we know where Sunny gets her material.
(Someone please post her video links here.)

Sorry, I am confused. I thought that the latest Miss Rhode Island was this blonde at 11:44:

She said that evolution should be taught at schools much like all other perspectives how we all came to being. 😉 Is that a different Miss contest? Miss USA vs Universe vs Multiverse vs Globe?

David Falkner

…Gosh, when scientists don’t have a clue, than the priests just jump in…Who is this cute girl, I thought? Well, like she was presented before, she has a degree in Religion and was Miss Rhode Island 2006!
Nice double standard here.

P Walker

Well that was 2:17 I won’t get back . I admit that I haven’t watched any of this claptrap – is it all this bad ? After reading about half of the posts on this , I will assume the answer is mostly yes .

Eric Anderson

Ray: “They are truly competing with Spongebob Squarepants to render people dumb.”
Careful, Ray. Spongebob is very well written — juvenile and a bit crude, to be sure — but well written. Lots of fun subtexts and nuances in the shows. If Gore’s show were like Spongebob, it might well be worth a watch. Unfortunately, I’m sure it doesn’t rise to that level.

Rick K

What, “97% of all super-smart scientists think global warming is happening and we are to blame for it” and THIS is the best Al Gore can get??!?! Hilarious!
If I believed in global warming I wouldn’t after seeing this!!
I hope this whole thing backfires like 0bama’s ‘attackwatch’ fiasco!
p.s. Anthony and Josh — excellent job! Great cartoons, great information and a great resource for later.

Frank Kotler

They have to use someone who knows nothing to discuss sea level rise. Someone who knows would observe that sea level has fallen about 6mm over the last year.
Theo: Seal level falling! That’s Bad!!!

Bob Diaz

The current average sea level rise is 3.2mm (1/8″) per year, that comes to 160mm (6.3″) in 50 years, not much. 39 feet = 11.887mm and at 3.2mm per year, it would take 11,887 / 3.2 = 3,715 years. Then again, given that we are overdue for another ice age, we may be entering the next ice age by then.

Frank Kotler

Dave says:
September 15, 2011 at 12:23 pm
This is sad and hilarious at once. All that’s missing is a bong.
I have a bong. I’ve been smoking pot for about 47 years, and it hasn’t turned me into a warmist yet!
I’m an old hippie, and as you might expect, have some warmist friends. I also have many skeptic friends – more than you might imagine! Some tree-huggers know what trees eat.
Please don’t get confused about who your enemies are!


You people are being really unfair after Miss Rhode Island is as well qualified academical to talk about AGW as St Gore is .

Dear Anthony, I think Ecotretas is probably wrong on this one:
According to Nils-Axel Mörner, the sea level is not rising at 3 mm/year now, more like 1.0 mm/year (± 1.0) mm/year.
I write about this at (Sea level trends). As I live in a South-Florida Key, I have a vested interest in this.
Renowned oceanographic expert Nils-Axel Mörner has studied sea level and its effects on coastal areas for some 45 years. Recently retired as director of the Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics Department at Stockholm University, Mörner is past president (1999-2003) of the INQUA Commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution, and leader of the Maldives Sea Level Project.

Jack Simmons

I’ve always noticed the tendency in myself to pay more attention when a beautiful woman is speaking…

Miss Rhode Island – now there’s a model I could get behind – or climb on top of…
get it? get it? climb-it model

Nuke Nemesis

Ask any cult leader or nightclub owner. Get the hot chicks and dudes will fall all over themselves to get in.

Higgins didn’t have a clue, but suggested that in the next 50 years it would be in the neighborhood of less than half a meter. … and was Miss Rhode Island 2006!

Oh man, that was worse than I thought! I don’t know what else to say. Clearly Higgins didn’t.
Would it be crude of me to note Heidi Cullen’s (the first few hours) skirt was rather short? Or is that okay, but noting she displayed her legs well is not?


Steven Mosher says:
September 15, 2011 at 12:47 pm
dear god.
can we please get better people talking for my side.
my team sucks
You need more modeling, much more.


Steven Mosher says: “dear god. can we please get better people talking for my side. my team sucks.”
Truly funny, Steven, though we know these people aren’t really “your team.”

Dave Worley

Higgins didn’t have a clue, but suggested that in the next 50 years it would be in the neighborhood of less than half a meter.
I don’t think he was talking about sea level and Ms. Rhode Island was not buying it at all. She was probably thinking “never in a million years you perv.”


Question: At what rate of pollution can the Earth, ahhh, not recover from the damage we are causing? Brilliant! Really
Easy answer: We are fast approaching that day!
Pannelist answer: Ahhh, so, bla, bla, climate change, greenhouse gasses.
Impossible question to answer. Who slipped that in?
Or just give’em enough rope.

When was the last time you caught a glimpse of Miss Multiverse? 🙂

Jimmy Haigh

Steven Mosher says:
“dear god. can we please get better people talking for my side” Pobably not.
” my team sucks.” Yes – it does.

Joe Bastardi

I see Al Gore invoked Miss Rhode Island, who has a degree in religion to talk about rising sea levels ( heh I just won the tall class of Mr North America Saturday, actually its the N American Bodybuilding championships) shouldnt I be called upon since I am a spiritual person too. Nah just a dumb bodybuilder.. negates my degree , you know.
You know whats funny? Remember the Woody Allen movie Bananas, where Woody Allen ( he was a revolutionary in a banana republic in the movie) was on trial for subversion and they called on Miss America to testify against him, because she is Miss America. He had to get that idea from that. Anthony should call him and find out if he ever saw the movie Bananas, though he may have missed it cause it was out around the time of Love Story, which I am proud to say I HAVE NEVER SEEN. BTW the best scene in the movie is when Woody Allen was his own lawyer questioning himself, and the judge had him bound and gagged, and he still got a guy to run in and confess… from another trial.