It's official, NOAA shows the "Gore Effect" hitting America tonight

You know, sometimes coincidences are just too strange and funny to ignore. Here’s the low temperature forecast map from NOAA produced today, for overnight low temperatures during the time that Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project gets into its full swing. It starts at 8PM EST/5PM PST. Chill baby, chill:


And it gets worse, see below. For anyone who doubts the Gore Effect, I’ll point out that it has its own Wikipedia entry, which says:

The Gore Effect is a term used with various meanings relating to Vice President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Al Gore. In one use, the term is a humorous concept suggesting a causal relationship between unseasonable cold weather phenomena and meetings associated with global warming, with particular emphasis on events attended by Gore. The phrase has also been used to describe Gore’s impact in raising global warming as a public issue, and in other ways related to Al Gore.

The Toronto based national newspaper Globe and Mail defined the term in 2007 quoting a user’s submission to the online Urban Dictionary website as “the phenomenon that leads to unseasonably cold temperatures, driving rain, hail, or snow whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global warming.


Look at the forecast for the upper midwest from Dr. Roy Spencer’s WeatherStreet website:

Lot’s of 20’s and 30’s in the upper Mississippi Valley.

Thats some chiller gore.


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Anything is possible

Can’t somebody stop this clown before he plunges us all into the next Ice Age?

Al Gore effect also in Cape Verde. It has been raining where he is talking about a drought:


This kind of begs the question…since there’s a better correlation between Gore talking about global warming and declining temperatures than there is between CO2 concentration and temperature (over the past century, CO2 has risen steadily, but temperatures go up for a few decades, then down for a few decades), shouldn’t we be abandon our unjustified focus on carbon dioxide and instead start looking at capping Gore’s emissions if we want to stop climate change?

John in L du B

I said it in another post. On Sunday, as soon as I heard about the the Gore-a-thon I climbed out of my pool and prepared it for winter. It was in the high 70s then but last night we had first frost in this area. The Gore effect never fails. I’m really starting to have faith in it…in a climate religion sort of way.


The coincidence is mind boggling….this has happened many times before if I recall correctly…I love this…HA!

Pull My Finger

When will Algore realize that God hates hypocrites? 🙂


Thanks Al – it hit -3C here in my hometown in Alberta, Canada last night.

” My Friends of the EARTH: NOAA ( National Ocanic & Atmospheric Administration ) with Weather broadcasting Announced that ” CHIL BABY CHIL ” . So AIRCONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH is progressing well.
No more Hurricane this season means my predictions of May 15 th 2011 is going to be correct & NASA’S prediction & projections about 2011 Atlantic Hurricane season is wrong ” ! ! ! !

-3C on Sept 14 is not inconsistent with global warming. Shame Gore isn’t visiting Texas. Maybe Perry should send him an invite?


But of course nobody would be so tactless as to make a comment about a tipper point…

rob m.

Wish Al would come to Dallas. We could use some cool temps and rain.


Ya know, maybe his $145K speaking fee is the cheapest way to fight global warming… The IPCC needs a section on this.


Pull My Finger says:
September 14, 2011 at 1:07 pm
When will Algore realize that God hates hypocrites? 🙂
Maybe the aleins are good ones and hate Gore!
Something supernatural seems to be trying to beat something into his head. Has anyone seen the flames shooting from his mouth lately?


We are in for a painful long winter.

AGW Cynic

Gore blimey, guv!


I laughed and laughed reading the title. This is funny as hell!


Snow to low levels in New Zealand – getting late for it now.


I went to Cancun on vacation last December and arrived the day after the big UN global warming shindig had finished. There were record lows for several days during that event. God indeed has a sense of humor.

Bruce Hall

Gore’s timing may be a joke, but his impact on science, politics, and the economy certain is not. His global warming scam is steering this country toward a state of energy deprivation.
“When Gore quit politics in 2001, his wealth was slated at $2 million. Since then, after he became the high priest of the global warming religion, his wealth has ballooned to more than $100 million. To assuage his guilt for having such an enormous carbon footprint, Gore buys carbon offsets from, get this – his own carbon offset company! Talk about a convenient reality.
That’s how he could afford to fly in endangered Chilean Sea Bass to his daughter Sarah Gore’s wedding rehearsal dinner in Beverly Hills back in July, 2007. Along with French champagne and the endangered fish, Gore apparently had no trouble swallowing his own hypocrisy.”
Read more:


Cold / Warm… Doesnt matter. Changed the title to climate change so that either outcome fits the agenda. Clever strategy…

Retired Engineer

Freezing our parts off in southern CO. And it is (supposedly) still summer for another week.
Maybe we could send Al to the North Pole. That would fix the ice.
Fozen Polar Bears might not appreciate it.

David, UK

The Gore effect, indeed. Makes one think: maybe there is a God.


Of course, Gore Effect is pure selection bias – but isn’t he one of masters of using that principle himself?

Honest ABE

I’d like to point out that the Gore Effect article was created by WUWT’s very own Mark Nutley – before he got banned. 🙁
[Reply: There is no Mark Nutley listed on the relatively short WUWT list of banned commentators. ~dbs, mod.]

Steve C

Retired Engineer says: (September 14, 2011 at 2:27 pm)
– Freezing our parts off in southern CO.
Maybe you should move to southern CO2 … 🙂


David, UK says:
September 14, 2011 at 2:32 pm

The Gore effect, indeed. Makes one think: maybe there is a God.

Not only is there a God, but He apparently has a sense of humor, too! Remember how cold it got down in CanCun last December during the big Climate shindig? People had brough all sorts of beach wear to enjoy the weather and it was miserably cold and rainy, too! Very few ventured onto the beach as a consequence. As I recall, it set record low temperatures for that period.
If Gore were to ever pass away, what would be the immediate impact on global temperatures? Or can be we be fairely sure he’s just a local weather phenomenon?

Power Grab

Well, maybe Mark Nutley invented it – but I was already thinking it!

Here is the ultimate Al Gore effect. “Major Drop in Solar Activity Predicted”


In addition, all we have is tropical storm Maria in the Atlantic. It’s staying well away from the U.S. But he can blame the Texas drought or the east coast flooding on global warming. There’s always bad weather somewhere in the world, and it’s always global warming’s fault.

Theo Goodwin

I am glad someone is focusing on this, a month late. See that 40 degree mark in St. Louis. That is an October low in mid-September. I have not seen such a low since moving to St. Louis in ’71. That 40 degree mark extends to Mt. Ida, Arkansas. Anyone remember the famous person from Mt. Ida. That is a late October temperature.
Spencer has the temperatures lower.
In the words of the MSM, we are looking at “Thousand Year Lows.” I wonder if the running dogs of Goreism will even mention the temperatures?


Wikipedia is a joke run by AGW – see this quote from their “Greenhouse Effect” page:
“If an ideal thermally conductive blackbody was the same distance from the Sun as the Earth is, it would have a temperature of about 5.3 °C” – it doesn’t even claim “average”.
So why do NASA claim the moon reaches ~123 C during the lunar day ? Must be “greenhouse gases” !
This is clear evidence, yet again, of the lengths believers will go to in order to obfuscate rational debate. What a joke – but we in Australia are about to have a “control” tax, sorry, carbon “price” not a tax – stuffed down our throat by a government which stated categorically we wouldn’t have one about one year ago during an election.
An example of the “Gore effect” or simply totalitarianism by stealth ?


The Gore effect is a lot stronger than people give credit……
…temperatures started dropping the day he lost to Bush

Jim Petrie

Lean Grey Wolf
There’s nothing new in that.
Michael Mann has proved it time and again; so has Phil Jones.
All based on models.
The great thing about models is they say what you tell the to accept.
The great thing about peer reviewers is they accept what you tell the to accept.
We all know that global warming causes cold weather.
If it is warm, the cause is CO2 and the problem is one of climate
If it is cold, the problem is one of weather, not climate


This is probably Gaia’s revenge on ManBearPig.
ManBearPig is making money on depriving the plants of CO2. Gaia knows that CO2 is good for plants, and is therefore angry. This is Gaias way of telling ManBearPig to repend..
It has been mentioned before by others here, but I cant hold it back; Can you imagine if Gaia decides to use the ultimate anti-ManBearPig weapon today; Katla…..100 year eruption…..

dallas says:
September 14, 2011 at 1:21 pm
-3C on Sept 14 is not inconsistent with global warming.

Nothing is inconsistent with anthropogenic global warming theory. That’s the beauty of it. If it can’t be falsified in principle, it obviously can’t be false. Therefore it is true.
If a formal system is consistent with both A and ~A (negation of proposition A), then it is said to be independent of A. That is, if AGW (a.k.a. “climate disruption”) theory as a formal system is consistent with both floods and droughts, it is independent of precipitation. If it is consistent with both heat waves and cold spells, it is independent of temperature. Similarly, it can be shown to be independent of each and every weather phenomena, that is, it’s independent of facts. It clearly belongs to the category of a priori synthetic propositions.
“That [explanation of a couple of points] leaves only the question of how knowledge of synthetic a priori propositions is possible. This question is exceedingly important, Kant maintains, as all important metaphysical knowledge is of synthetic a priori propositions.”.
Here we go. The sphere of our metaphysical knowledge keeps expanding happily.

Richard A

“the phenomenon that leads to unseasonably cold temperatures, driving rain, hail, or snow whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global warming.
Surely the phenomenon is simply an AL GORE RHYTHM …….

Dave A <–A work in progress
certainly subdued today 😉

Andrew Harding

“Uncle Al the Warmists Pal” has had an effect on our side of the pond too, 8 celsius tonight and we still have our summer duvet on our bed. Let the shivering begin!

David Archibald

Is the corn crop in yet? The wheat crop?


When was the last time in snowed in September in the continental US? (Seriously, when was the last time it snowed?) Well, snow is in the forecast for Aspen, Colorado. That is the Al Gore effect in action.
The Gore effect is as sure as the Madden curse. Already Peyton Hillis, who was on the cover of the latest (boring) Madden NFL game is off to a bad start.

Frank K.

I’ll be freezing my buns running the 200 mile Reach the Beach relay in New Hampshire (which goes through the night this Friday and Saturday). Thanks Al!
By the way, the CAGW crowd has developed a yearly ritual where in Spring – Summer, they say “[insert hot weather event, tornado, or hurricane] is yet more evidence of global warming!” while in the Fall – Winter, it becomes “[insert extreme cold weather event, major snow/ice storm] is NOT inconsistent with global warming!” Watch out for those “not inconsistents” while we freeze this weekend!

JRR Canada

Our govt will ban Al Gore from Canada as sooon as 51% of those polled say AWG is BS. Of course this will take a few more months as conservatives and most other working people do not answer polls.

Posted it. Thank you!

J. Felton

The fact that it has it’s own Wiki entry is priceless.


Let’s tax Gore’s chilling footprint . . .


Poor Al Gore.
If he doesn’t persuade the nation that AGW (“Al’s Glo-bulI Warminating”) is real and serious, Cap-N-Tax won’t pass, the climate exchanges will fold, his wealth might dip below $50 million (oh, the horror — he might have to sell a mansion or his houseboat to make ends meet!) and -worst of all- people might start to laugh out loud when he takes the stage for another round of bloviating.
Boo. Hoo.

Marlow Metcalf

SuperGore should use his great powers for good and schedule his activities for July and August.


It’s started.. I predicted this a week ago:
It’s the “Day After Tomorrow” starting.. Dennis Quaid waiting in the wings…..
I guess I’ll need to crank up the coal stove earlier than normal…
Eat your heart out, and my carbon credits, Al Baby……

Roger Knights

SteveSadlov says:
September 14, 2011 at 1:33 pm
We are in for a painful long winter.

Why–does Gore have an unusually woolly coat this year?

Roger Knights

Oops–I should have phrased it more cleverly, thus:
Why–is Gore unusually woolly this year?