The 24 hour Gore-a-thon on WUWT

UPDATE: All of the Gore-a-thon posts and cartoons are now available in the Climate Fail Files page here

If you noticed a change in the header, this is why.

Our rebuttal of Al Gore’s 24 hours of Climate Reality aka the Gore-a-thon is On-The-Air. Josh is leading the charge chortles. We’ll have a new Josh cartoon, along with commentary, graphs and links every hour starting at 5PM PST to match the starting time of the CRP. They appear below this post.

You can watch the live video presentation here, I urge everyone to do so (because after hour 4 it is starting to look like a massive dud, Al needs the help) and to make notes about it during the appropriate hour. Alternate video link here at Ustream.

Here’s the trailer advertising it:

If you run a blog, we hope you’ll participate and use the content. If you don’t have a blog, get one for free here and join in the fun using the free content we’ll provide.

All good clean fun of course. While we have some great ideas for the program, WUWT readers often come up with some great ones too. Luboš Motl has some fun ideas already.

Ideas and discussion welcome below.

UPDATE: The Climate Reality project has released two videos hyping the event. It appears they’ll be smearing some of what is in the videos.

Of course, they are asking for money, a minimum of $10 after viewing them. They write with the mass email:

While some folks have told us these aren’t exactly family fare, we think they make a point that’s long overdue. And you can help make sure that everyone who you think can handle them, sees them.

We are planning an online ad buy — but we need your help to reach as many people as possible. Will you donate $10 to get this message out?

Your donation will help us spread the Climate Reality message in a unique and effective way. Tell the world: The climate crisis is not a debate. It’s reality. And the time to take action is not the future — it’s right now. The fat lady has sung.

Watch the videos and make a donation today. Anything you give makes a difference:

The time to act is now. The denial has hit the fan.


Alex Bogusky

Chief Marketing Officer

The Climate Reality Project.

WUWT readers may recall that Mr Bogusky is the “interviewer” for Al Gore’s recent racist slur against climate skeptics.


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Wake me when it is over.


What I want to know is, where’s my money? I’ve gone from being uninformed and not too focused on AGW, to being a full-on skeptic, all without a dime from “big oil” or “big coal”. Maybe I should send Al my address so he can “expose” me for what I am.
What I am is pissed off at the whole charade!

Dermot O'Logical

Come, be part of the consenseless. Don’t be afraid…


I noticed at 0:51 that they are going to ‘Reveal the Deniers’. Will they also reveal the ‘deniers’ of the science that is knocking their models down one by one?
I’m a ‘denier’, will I get a mention in the event?
Any publicity is good publicity..


I encourage everyone to kick off the 14th with a viewing of the famous South Park documentary “Manbearpig.” It’s free, it’s real, it’s true, it’s devastating. Excelsior!
“Former Vice-President, Al Gore, speaks to the students of South Park Elementary about a serious threat to the planet; Manbearpig. Gore enlists the boy’s help to search for the elusive creature and gets them all trapped in a cave-in.”


Every time Al Goracle has an event, there seems to be an extreme cold weather associated with his location. Since this is a ‘world wide’ event, should I expect a global cold snap?

No Whining

Interestingly enough, Al Gore also says that “climate change is not your fault”.
Robin Williams stars as the AlGoreacle in “Bad World Warming” (sort of like “Good Will Hunting”, but with the putative genius left out).


As AG seems to have an obsession against oil and coal, who is still selling him gasoline for cars and planes, coal-based energy for his properties to heat and cool? Cut him off.

pablo an ex pat

when what’s over ?


I think I’ll choose Chicken Little as my Avatar when I take the pledge.


OMG – Even “normal” is not normal anymore. Get me outta here …

I always thought that there was 24 hours of reality every day. Have I been deluded all my life? Is Sept 14 Reality a special sort? Is the Goracle’s special “Reality” something akin to Special Relativity?


Notice the credits. Most of them have to do with the name Getty. Getty Oil money related?


1984 newspeak in that trailer, perhaps the world should be more afraid of big brother Al then big oil.

Mike Bromley the Kurd

Gorepocalypse When?

No Whining

All this was foreseen in “Blazing Saddles”:
Bart: Well, can’t you see that’s the last act of a desperate man?

Bob Diaz

Oh joy, 24 hours of the same old hogwash repeated endlessly in a mind numbing form. Al Gore must be getting desperate, the conventional forms of brain washing aren’t working any more.


What we need is a Normality Anomaly. This will allow us to measure the change from the old normal to the new normal.
The Normality Anomaly will be funded by Big Bad, because that’s what is normally claimed to happen in the old normal. But the Normality Anomaly will gradually change to funding by Big Good as we move to the new normal.
Mankind will use this important measure to make important decisions about reality.

Debunking Gore is pretty easy. I’ve done it for Cape Verde and Rio de Janeiro.
But worst, is the IPCC scandal regarding the Horn of Africa. Please check out about Horngate:


Wow. A level of arrogance that is hard to fathom. Demonizing “big oil” and “big coal,” as if “big government” doesn’t have a vested interest, and warmists are pure and disinterested (and don’t depend on a continuing government-funded gravy-train).


Manbearpig says, “come on guys. This is really serial. You have to take it serially.”


My apathy knows no bounds.


Suzuki take part and says that there will be 24 alarmists in 24 time zones preaching to Al Gore’s grassroots movement.


I think Al is making a huge blunder.
The committed non professional alarmists have no idea whet they must believe to accept that there is a possible catastrophe in the next 100 to 200 years.
They are not aware that CO2 is a poor greenhouse gas and that DOUBLING CO2 from all sources would only produce .4 ° C of warming which is far from being a problem, and might even be beneficial.
The huge positive feedbacks which are necessary for a catastrophe have never been observed up to this time so why should they occur in the future ?
Up to now the warming has been about 1/2 ° C per century and recently it has stopped. The ocean level has refused to rise as predicted and has had the audacity to GO DOWN in the last year or two.

Dave Worley

He’s really creepy.


Seems obvious that Gore is having a relevancy crisis, the pews may be empty but he’s have a ball preaching to the Choir.

Dave Worley

No backtalk allowed on the youtube video.
Reality is a one way conversation I guess..

P Wilson

are you asleep? Oh I must have slept the 24 hours of reality that saw my street turned into a pile of rubble due to cataclysmic climate change, but i looked out the window and ooh they’ve rebuilt it back to normal already. My goodness, the speed of mitigation.
OOps. its not till the 19th September! I’ll re-post these events of what happened on the 19th on the 20th


This guy will just not let go. I suppose he still thinks there is a fortune to make……

Bloke down the pub

I heard Al Gore was last seen heading for the Niger border.


Um… isn’t there way too many stickies already?
REPLY: I’m making a dedicated page for Spencer-Braswell-Dessler to clear the traffic – Anthony

Poodles are getting nervous…

May I remind folks again that when Gore accuses skeptic scientists of corruption, he places all his eggs in a single basket.
He says they are in a conspiracy to “reposition global warming as theory rather than fact” which supposedly mimics an old U.S. tobacco industry conspiracy to downplay the health hazards of smoking. In the exclusive article I wrote for ClimateDepot, I detailed how that “reposition global warming” accusation phrase (spelled out full screen in Al Gore’s movie) is 1) based on a 1991 memo no one was allowed to see, 2) it is an out-of-context sentence, promoted by a person who was not a Pulitzer winner despite accolades to the contrary, 3) Al Gore credited that person with finding the memo, and, 4) Gore had the memo collection in his own possession in 1991 or ’92 at his Senate office years before that person. Please see: Smearing Skeptic Scientists: What did Gore know and when did he know it?”
I’d strongly suggest that Gore is highly vulnerable on his underlying science, he is even more vulnerable on this accusation.

The promo video is a collection of lies, baseless scaremongering and misinformation.
Weather events are no more severe now than they were 100 years ago.
This man is trying to defraud the public using fear as a weapon.
He must be stopped.


Now I am confused… How do you know it’s Al Gore, when there is not a single utterance of “B¥££$#%t anywhere?!

Viv Evans

To prepare yourselves for this tidal wave of gore, best read James Delingpole’s book ‘Watermelons’.
Some of the background and history he reports, which lead up to the gore fest, is indispensable reading.

Mike Fowle

Wow – Nicholas Drake from (sadly missed) Michael Crichton’s State of Fear has just come to life.


Nothing normal about cataclysmic weather events?
It would be funny if it weren’t being said to deceive people.


I wonder if Al Bore will show us the mass killing of birds around the wind turbines of death.

Ian E

He gets fatter and more dissipated each time I see him. He is the devil sliming out from under my shoes and he will destroy us all if not returned to the hole he crawled from.

Classic “Pump and Dump” move BS before it goes stale sale.


And to think he could have been president!
What a self serving, self publicising, egomanical, hypocritical idiot he’s turned out to be….


Dermot O’Logical [September 7, 2011 at 9:39 am] says:
“Come, be part of the consenseless. Don’t be afraid…”

Nice one. Stealing it!

NetDr [September 7, 2011 at 10:25 am] says:
“Up to now the warming has been about 1/2 ° C per century and recently it has stopped.”

That’s true of course but discussing the rate actually makes it sound like a lot more is happening than there is. Boil it down to grand totals at the data endpoints. What is the bottom line? How much warming total since the Industrial Revolution began or Little Ice Age ended? Less than a degree C. Period.
To which I say: Less than a degree in 130+ years? That’s it? That’s what this is about? Take your trillion dollar fantasy and shove it. We got more important things to worry about!.
Obviously that approximately 1° C is even questionable due to UHI and cherry picking, not to mention the fact that perhaps all of it would have happened anyway from the natural post-LIA trajectory. Perhaps it should have warmed 2° C naturally and humans somehow stalled it. Who’s to say?
The fact that the professional catastrophicists and AGW cultists have based their religion on less than a degree warming in 130+ years is the real story to me. This is Science Fiction, and it parallels L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology in so many ways, except one – I do not think Scientologists would ever consider it sane to try to use the world’s governments as the facilitator of their operation.


Al is making a mistake.
Debating the science is foolish from the alarmist position because they will loose.

R. Shearer

Hey, 24 hours of reality out of 8760 hrs/yr is really quite an achievement.


Debating the science is foolish from the alarmist position because they will loose.
They have no intention of debating anything – simply repeating the same thing over and over again as far as possible from informed skeptics.


Tipper was definitely on to something when she dumped him.

Ex-Wx Forecaster

When debate is closed, when a subject is ‘settled’, when skeptics are labeled heretics and deniers, then science is no longer involved. It has become a matter of faith.


Let Al Gore ROAR! Has he ever made a sensible statement? Every word he utters or moves(pun?) he makes shows him to be a fool. How can anyone make so many ….. ? He gets an award here.
I have judged many in my circle of acquaintances as to their judgements by testing them with Gore. Some seemed OK without actually knowing them very well, but Gore was a good bellwether.
Bring on the ‘Grand Finally’! I can’t wait! But please Gore, hang around as there are some that I still need to evaluate.