Saturday Silly – The cosmic uncertainty monster

Josh of writes:

I thought with all the news about CERN and CLOUD and Cosmic Rays a new uncerntainty monster might be a good idea.

And yes, it is a well known fact that monsters can’t spell 😉

BTW the discussion is still lively at the post announcing the latest from CERN here

21 thoughts on “Saturday Silly – The cosmic uncertainty monster

  1. ‘Grammar Fascist says:
    August 27, 2011 at 2:42 am
    Apostrophe in cant.
    /Grammar Fascist.
    [Fixed – thanks ~jove, mod]’
    And there I was thinking Josh had finally owned up to being a monster cartoonist!

  2. As the alarmist “science” collapses….. L. Frank Baum captured today’s essence so masterfully, and MGM gave us the visual….
    ~“If you were really great and powerful, you’d keep your promises.”
    Smarter than the rest, Toto draws back the curtain of “the Great and Powerful Oz” to reveal a little charlatan frantically grinding gears and banging gongs in a desperate attempt to maintain his false persona. “~
    The promises aren’t coming true, and us tin men are beginning to see what’s behind the curtain of “consensus”. It’s humbug.

  3. The Climate Scientists tamed the Uncertainty Monster inside the circus tent of peer review. They are afraid to confront the beast in the wild.

  4. Yep, it’s where the wild things are.
    In the night kitchen new meaning is lent to polar.

  5. Nice one Josh! Certainly portrays uncertainty.
    Personally I have always thought that “a club” always beats “the team”
    Have fun!

  6. He should be standing in front of a trail of debris:
    Smashed computer models, mangled hockey stick, etc.

  7. LOL… Made my day.
    Seems like their are a whole gang of these monsters stalking the hero’s of scientific academia!
    And it’s not just Climatologists that are being threatened by the club, even our un-physical physicists are coming under pressure too. Scepticism is a terrible disease which is spreading rapidly and preventing more and more of the public from trusting the scientific method and the integrity of scientists.

  8. the monster might have good reasons to be brumpy, looks like the slow sun is affecting coffee prices
    “Hackett also added another element to the picture. Sunspot activity was sweeping to the bottom of a three-year cycle. His research showed, over the past century, the bulk of Brazil’s frosts in June and July — the coffee harvest months — took place during low points in sunspot activity.”

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