Friday Funny Double Feature – Herring the Red & La Niña

Josh was motivated by a comment on Bishop Hill.  Josh writes:

This was inspired by a comment by Theo Goodwin at Bishop Hill.

The climate blogs this week have been full of trolls bearing gifts of red herrings. I am sure they mean well but there is always the tell tale fishiness about their arguments, comments and misdirections. Tsk tsk.

Plus, attack of La Nina.

25 thoughts on “Friday Funny Double Feature – Herring the Red & La Niña

  1. I went back and scanned the Bishop Hill thread. Theo was in his usual good form. I find it hilarious that warmistas still lend Abraham credibility after forced retractions and obviously misleading statements. As far as the climate blogosphere seemingly having more and more trolls bearing red herrings, that’s what the warmistas are reduced to.

  2. What a week, saved by China’s wildly successful Earth cooling coal burning experiment.
    However in the years to come we face to much cooling, so now China must stop burning coal.
    Sun Energy Deniers,,, Once again on the scene to save the planet.
    Heads I win. Tails You lose, consensus.
    Where does one line up for gov grants?

  3. “A man from the wilderness, asked of me,
    How many strawberries, grew in the sea.
    I answered him, as I thought good,
    As many red herrings, as grew in the wood.”
    A nursery rhyme I used to tell my kids. Didn’t realise it would be so pertinent all these years later.

  4. Just noticed that the advertising for the movie is sponsored by Helly Hansen – makers of extreme weather clothing (think immersion suits for North Sea oil rig workers). I think they must be behind all this global cooling so that they can sell more bad-weather gear….
    /sarc off

  5. LOL Urederra so true, perhaps it’s been ‘adultasized’.
    Or that the skeptics don’t view things through child like scopes.
    Josh is a typical adult male.

  6. That troll looks too nice – kind of cuddly and almost apologetic, which is not the feeling I get about our resident and visiting trolls. The red herring, though, looks suitably alarming and kind of menacing. Josh, enjoyable as always!

  7. Ahem. Ahem.
    Mr. Watts, I thought that you had told us that you were going to take some time out to attend to both your business and., more importantly, to your family.
    Naughty, naughty! You’re still here!

  8. as per other comments – the troll appearance is too nice – I tend to imagine them as something akin to a Herpes virus attack – a real pain, but you know they will disappear eventually…………… 🙂

  9. Looks like the Chinese have found the perfect antidote for CAGW… burn more fossil fuel!!

  10. James Sexton says:
    July 15, 2011 at 10:53 am
    Thanks, James. Yes the Warmista seemed to be reduced to nonsense.

  11. Hockeyschlaeger!
    Umweltschutzer JA
    Klimaschuetzer NEIN
    Klimawandel wurde nicht von Menschen gemacht
    Damit halten sie nur die Menschen in Angst
    What a little cooling and little transparency can do! People are waking up.

  12. Can’t possibly be a Latina with those skinny shanks and boy’s butt. I actually suspect she was drawn by a misogynistic androphile.

  13. Edim;
    I see from the YouTube site it has about 41K views right now, so not bad. C-Rap is not my preferred “music”, but it suits the polemic in this case.
    At the end, a bow to many other greenie obsessions that have killed bigtime, like stifling GMOs, etc., but in Daffy Deutschland I guess you can only go so far before they REALLY come and take you away, ha-ha!

  14. Speaking of horror movies, I was just thinking that maybe the riot of growth that would result if my personal “2,100 by 2100” suggested planetary target was achieved would have a downside: The Kudzu Monster would blanket the land from poles to tropics! The only cookbook needed would be “2,000 Ways to Cook and Chop Kudzu!”
    Or maybe not; after all, there was never a Kudzu Tipping Point when levels were a couple of times higher than that. But then again, the Kudzu Monster didn’t have Hoomons to transport it everywhere back then, either.

  15. Friends:
    The Josh ‘red herring’ cartoon is accurate and timely.
    For example, in the past few days I was fooled into catching such a ‘red herring’ in the WUWT thread at
    The result has been to kill the thread and my responses to the troll contributed to that. I regret my having ‘grabbed the herring’ but it is too late to correct it.
    So, we can laugh at Josh’s cartoon but need to recognise that it reminds us of a profound point which it is easy to forget. And I think we need to point out when we see a ‘red herring’ because that would help others who make the mistake of swallowing it (as I recently did).

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