Monday Mirthiness

Josh visually chronicles how the proxy data was made to fit in Kauf-mann et al 2011, which we published on here.


14 thoughts on “Monday Mirthiness

  1. That is just about right. Wasn’t it McIntyre who showed that Mann’s statistical methods would always produce a hockey stick?

  2. The hockey stick (like love) means never having to say you are sorry.
    The hockey stick (like love) can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes… just be an illusion.

  3. A classic cartoon, unfortunately this shows exactly how the crooks hammered the data to force the grand hoax.

  4. AGW Pseudo-Science Rule #1 – If you have trouble bending data to fit your AGW goal with your current hockey stick, get a bigger hockey stick.
    Corollary – once the data is bent delete all emails and destroy the pre-bent data. Wipe your prints & DNA off all hockey sticks.

  5. That is an absolutely brilliant cartoon – well done, Josh! Will the boy grow up to, in the words of Richard Adams, “prove black is white and get killed on the next zebra crossing? We deserve to know.

  6. Ed – I think you meant Douglas Adams. You might want to consider the accountant for the band “Disaster Area.” He would make a good hockey team member…

  7. The can of data and the box it was sitting on should have been made of modeling clay. Just sayin…

  8. It looks like the box the little boy broke was made out of bristlecone pine, most likely from the Yamal Peninsula.

  9. By a somewhat, but not very, circuitous route, the comic suggests an entry in future textbooks of case histories of “ego defense” and “insecurity complex”.
    “This subject, whom we will call MM, was facing uncertainty about whether his doctorate would be granted, for quality reasons. However, with the instincts of a natural parasite, he homed in on a nascent and politically lucrative field of study, and obtained lavish funding for some major university figures. His doctorate was hurriedly approved. As he continued to attract unheard-of largess to his department, the time-honored de facto academic principle of “he who controls the grants must call the tunes”, he was promoted to department head over far more senior and qualified candidates.
    Feeling a suspicion amounting to certainty that he was unworthy and incompetent to handle these responsibilities, he compensated in classic fashion, by ratcheting up his usual abrasiveness and arrogance to world-spanning levels, and aimed abuse and lawsuits at the heads of all who critiqued him or his increasingly shoddy work, wherever they were.
    It all ended very badly for him, as such instances of self-deception hiding self-contempt must.”

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