Friday Funny – nursing a hurt

Josh captures the essence of waiting by the phone for your date to call…

25 thoughts on “Friday Funny – nursing a hurt

  1. I can feel it. Pres Obama is inches away from getting his second peace prize. for telling Israel what he feels the borders should loook like.
    I do expect more pandering ahead to the Green Dragon movement.

  2. Excellent! and neither should he want to.
    This is making me chuckle at the moment,i put it in tips and notes,but had to share.
    Surely this pair deserve a good Joshing.
    Am i dreaming?
    George Monbiot takes a pop at Porritt.
    Turning Together
    May 27, 2011
    I challenge Jonathon Porritt to explain his contention that nuclear power and renewables are incompatible.
    By George Monbiot, published on the Guardian’s website, 27th May 2011
    When the penny finally hits the floor GM will realise that 21-31pence per kilowatt hour cost, generated by the severn barrage isn`t an outrage to his environmentalist friend, it`s a goal.

  3. The fact that the royal society is offended that a non-scientist popular politician would not visit them is…
    It says the scientists of the royal society are indeed more politician than scientist. It says they care more about authority than data. It says they wish to be celebrities more than purveyors of nuanced truth. They couldn’t have condemned themselves better than to act offended by Obama not visiting them. Christ almighty, world leaders get offended when other world leaders won’t visit them, scientists shouldn’t give-a-flying-monkeys-!*@# whether or not a politician will meet with them.
    I apologize, I often forget where those scientists likely get all their funding from…

  4. So just I feel, we all have to put up with non democratic NGO busybodies here in the UK. It is a way of life for no hopers who would not cut it in commercial life to hide in non jobs. There are thousands of serious scientists working away that you do not see and seldom hear about, and these jokers soundbite their way in and ruin the cause for the whole. NUTS.

  5. Better to nurse a hurt than to hurt a nurse, eh? Although in this cartoon it looks like the ‘nurse’ got his widdle fee’wings hurt.

  6. Why would Obama stick with global warming when his poll numbers are so low? Global warming is a loser issue. He will sacrifice whatever stands in the way of reelection. He’ll even drink a Guinness beer trying to get the Irish vote out. Maybe he’ll say he just started clinging to guns a religion so to pander to Midwest voters.

  7. I was inspired by the idea of creating a less factual and more campy expression of fascist alarmist cultism but I ended up with more of a scrapbook reference work. Enjoy my “Authority” info-graphic:
    It felt great making a single slab array of every bit of nastiness I could recall running into over the last few years.

  8. like Nick from nyc’s poster:-)
    shared it round, well done.
    as for the pres and the royal society, ha ha ha he should have gone, theyre all of a line.
    down and out soon enough:-)

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