ROTFL – dog lovers will appreciate this one

This came to me via Facebook, and it has absolutely nothing to do with any topic I normally cover on this blog, but it is so hilarious that I still get tears in my eyes laughing at it even after watching it three times. So I thought I’d share the humor. IMHO this is the best done animal humor, evah.

53 thoughts on “ROTFL – dog lovers will appreciate this one

  1. Absolutely the funniest thing since Al Gore told us about the center of the earth being millions of degrees.
    My dog, however, was not amused.

  2. Knew exactly what it was going to be before I clicked continue. 🙂 It’s brilliant and you never get tired of watching it.

  3. Real dogs eat meat. 🙂
    My 205 lb mastif daily diet:
    4 lbs of beef, chicken or pork (BBQ preferred)
    1/2 gallon of milk
    beer (ale, no pilsner or lager)
    whatever I had left over….
    ….for nine years.
    Estimated cost: $38880.00
    He was worth every penny!

  4. My Springer has the shape of a meat package figured out. I have seen those exact expressions on him. However. He’s working on how to figure out a way to open the
    fridge. I know it…
    thanks Anthony…

  5. There is a BBC series that is also superb. Try this one on a climatic (or is it weather?) theme:

  6. OK, that was funny. Now, just substitute Steve McIntyre and Phil Jones:
    “I went to your FTP site, you know what that is right? And do you know what I found there….”

  7. LoL….. There’s no doubt about it. Some people are blessed with imaginative funny bones…. Where do they dream this stuff up?

  8. I showed this to my dog….she destroyed my socks and pissed in my shoes. And she thinks that Shepherd is hot…..course she thinks that about all the boys.

  9. both the dog and the cat are great
    thanks for starting my day off with a laugh

  10. “Remember all those emails you sent..?”
    “Those emails with hide the decline..?”
    “Uh huh, emails”
    “The ones where you said that there was no warming for 10 years..?”
    “Yup, no warming”
    “The emails you thought no one would ever see..?”
    “Well, the whole world read them!”
    “Uh, OOooooooooo!”

  11. Gary Krause says:
    May 7, 2011 at 1:23 pm
    Real dogs eat meat. 🙂
    What’s his carbon pawprint?

  12. And just what does this have to do with climate change??!?!
    (yeah, someone was going to say it… 😉 )

  13. Hilarious!
    Our two mini dachshunds not only love any kind of meat, they love rice and pasta too, potatoes not so much. Our female like watermelon but in general, they won’t eat fruits and veggies.
    Of course, they must have a bite from each person’s plate, then lick the empty plates, for every meal.

  14. My favorite animal video of all time has to be the scientific look at Spiders on Drugs.

  15. That was cool. Dogs are so funny and some have so much personality. I had a male beagle that played games with skunks. He had figured out just how far he could push a response from a skunk and the spray range by trial and error. I honestly only recall him getting sprayed badly one time when he was young. His name was Bill Dance and that’s exactly what it looked like every time he found a skunk. Like a carefully coreographed dance, with skunks! In the beginning he often made me quite nervous doing it, but that dog had it down to a science and enjoyed every minute of it, which sometimes lasted ten minutes or so.
    I had a pair, they both were so smart and full of personality and emotions that I did my very best to give them the best life possible and it was very, very hard for all when it ended in old age.

  16. Omigawd – that was so funny, I cried laughing!
    Mind – this nice dog in the video isn’t one of the brightest sparks in the dog world.
    This would never have happened to one of my late dogs. Wherever he was in the house, sleeping, dozing, whatever – if I opened the fridge, there he was, next to me, nose in the fridge. No way would we have been able to prepare food, especially meat, without him being firmly underfoot …

  17. redc1c4 says:
    May 7, 2011 at 6:57 pm
    that was funny, but the first time i read this i almost died laughing, in part because it was late and i dare not wake HRH when she’s sleeping. text vice video, but epic none the less, IMHO: “I Has a Sweet Potato”
    ===I found this funnier. laughed till I lost my breath, it could be my home:-)

  18. Anthony, after a crap w/e, this has made my day. It’s the best one I have seen in a long while, a good old rib tickler…
    You deserve a VB!

  19. Had my dog for 17 years. He didn’t talk much, still managed to get what he wanted. Had us well trained. As Viv Evans noted, always heard the fridge open even after he couldn’t hear much else. May have developed the skill of teleportation, as we never saw him run to the fridge, he just appeared when it opened. No Star Trek twinkles, he just appeared. And wanted an ice cube. Which he usually got. Vet said it was OK, back teeth made for grinding, and if he swallowed part, it would melt. Neved dropped any part on the floor, crunch and gone. Must not have been too bad, he did live 17 years, in good health until the end.
    Man’s best friend? Indeed!

  20. ROTFLMAOOOOOO! Glad i put my drink down, made my son put his down before i let him watch. Anthony that made my day, remind me of my departed friends, Thank You.

  21. Laughed, I nearly had a accident 🙂 Brilliant Anthony. Notice the dog’s head when the narrator says “Beef”. How do dogs do that stuff with the eyes? Cracks me every time.

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