WUWT – Voted Best Science Blog in the 2011 Bloggies

UPDATE: It is official now, here’s a screencap from the Bloggies page:

I really like the fact that they used a thermometer in the design.


This was truly surprising. According to the Bloggies Facebook page, WUWT has been named the first ever winner of the Best Science Blog category (new this year for the Bloggies), beating Wired and Boing Boing, both of whom have way more reach and traffic than we do. I suppose it demonstrates the loyalty of our readers.

I have no idea as to the votes or margins, all that remains hidden, and probably for good measure. No voting wars broke out with this contest like we saw with Climate Audit and Bad Astronomy in 2007, and that’s a good thing.

I’ll make no speeches like Sally Field’s famous 1984 Oscar speech: “You like me, you really like me!” which is actually a misquote, and a popular parody.

I’ll simply say “thank you dear readers”, and leave it at that. I also owe thanks to the many moderators and guest bloggers that make WUWT what it is. You are winners too.

I have a temporary badge up, a permanent one follows when they have it all completed. The main page here http://2011.bloggi.es should have the announcement soon – Anthony

383 thoughts on “WUWT – Voted Best Science Blog in the 2011 Bloggies

  1. Anthony, Moderators, Guest Posters, and Commentators,
    Thanks for making this a great website and congratulations.

  2. Yeaa!! That’s what I’m talkng about! Great job Anthony, you truly deserve this!
    Congratulations again!!!!! :0)

  3. Congratulations and thank you Anthony, the mods and all the contributors for all the work you do and the education you give us.

  4. Congratulations Anthony! This was as expected, natural, no mystery.
    Will there be an awarding ceremony?

  5. Extremely well-deserved!
    This blog is not only an outlet for many of the finest scientific minds on this planet… but is also a means of education [to teach blokes like me!].
    Congrats, Anthony and team.
    And as the Real Climate people get their panties in a bunch “well…that’s just subjective…its just unfair”….keep whining, RC folks.
    The more you whine, the more you hurt your “cause.”
    [Which is kind of bizarre anyway because I always thought science did not need a “cause”.]
    Norfolk, VA, USA

  6. Congratulations to the WUWT team, especially Anthony. Thank you for providing the other side of the debate. Without you and a very few others we would all be subject to various carbon taxes. Australia is fighting hard against our latest imposition and much of the ammo comes from here.

  7. GregO says:
    February 27, 2011 at 7:00 pm
    Anthony, Moderators, Guest Posters, and Commentators,
    Thanks for making this a great website and congratulations.
    GregO said it all! I can only echo the sentiment and offer my sincere appreciation for all that you do. It is a well deserved accolade.

  8. The award is certainly deserved. We appreciate all the contributions you have made in so many ways in bringing common sense to this issue.

  9. ‘I suppose it demonstrates the loyalty of our readers.’
    The quality of both the science and layout is fabulous. Thanks.

  10. Nobody, nobody, nobody beats the Rev!
    REPLY: Thank you, Evan. I’m honored. For newcomers, this is an inside joke from way back when I was named a reverend by the local leftie newspaper called the Chico Beat. It died. WUWT remains. So there. 😉
    That said, maybe it’s time to make a “screeching mercury monkey” coffee mug and send it to that fellow. – Anthony

  11. I’m happily flabbergasted! WUWT and Huffingtonpost both winning an award from the same organization, who would have thought it possible! Of course I was surprised when articles from WUWT made the front page of slashdot, long a bastion of warmist group-think.

  12. Thank you, dear Anthony and moderators and guest posters. You deserve the recognition on so many levels. You give it your all and the result for your lucky readers is entertainment, information and the certainty that there are still people in the world who care about science and the truth!

  13. As we say in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma…..YEEEE-HAW! Or something like that!
    Congratulations, Anthony, and job well done!

  14. There are two groups of people on this earth.
    Us and them.
    Anthony, you are one of us. And the bloggie is not even close.

  15. Congratulations, Anthony. Very deserved. I especially like the civil tone you try to maintain here and your openess to thoughtful critical positions.

  16. I have only been here a few months but I could tell right away it is a good site, so I am happy you won – ‘grats, all of you deserve it 🙂

  17. This site has provided much instruction, entertainment, and opportunity to provide comment to such as me, just the common citizen seeking to know whether or not my vote is being served, and whether or not the information I was given leading to my vote was honest and true. Thank you. I am a bit wiser now. Your rewards are richly deserved.

  18. A big and much-deserved congratulations.
    The big reward will be Romm’s reaction. I can hear his teeth-gnashing already. Bring it on, Joe baby!!!!!

  19. The concepts really are simple:
    Make them do the science.
    Make them show their work.
    Make them listen to criticism.
    Then repeat.
    This is how science self corrects.
    A thousand plaudits for this blog.
    I’m glad I have the opportunity to read it.

  20. When you go to the Bloggies Home Page they have links to their Facebook and Twitter feeds for the results. So I went over and took a look at the Twitter feed and they put up every category and winner except the Science Category and it’s winner. They even threw up a category that is not on the list for votes called the best Web application for Web logs and given it to WordPress so that if you just count categories with out reading the numbers come up the same: 30
    You can check for your self here:
    REPLY: The Twitter feed is DOA this year, those are last years winners – Anthony

  21. Congratulations. I will be interested to see how this wonderful outcome is reported, if at all, in the MSM.

  22. This piece of news has made my late night study session worth it, congratulations @3:37am in Glasgow!
    This site has been invaluable to members of the public concerned with the rhetoric being pushed by the IPCC and so on and provides us with fantastic information. Well done to the WUWT team 🙂

  23. Congratulations Anthony.
    Nice to see that you are getting the recognition that you quite rightly deserve.

  24. I know it’s a lot of hard work, but let me say, “Congratulations!!!!”
    The information presented is very helpful.

  25. Take a bow, Anthony and the team. Well deserved. Like so many others here I’ve learned so much – that I pass on to pollies, tee hee.

  26. Congratulations mate you have earned it. I owe you a personal thanks as well. WUWT was most responsible in nudging me towards further research of the issues. Former warmist now definitely in the climate realist camp (ie Linzden etc)

  27. To Anthony and the rest of the “A” team thanks so much for your countless hours of work; its been enlightening and entertaining. The award is well deserved, keep up your good work (its important) and continue to elevate the debate above the petty noise. True science and class is always a winner in a free world!

  28. REPLY: “Thank you, Evan. I’m honored. For newcomers, this is an inside joke from way back when I was named a reverend by the local leftie newspaper called the Chico Beat. It died. WUWT remains. So there. ;-)”
    Reverend? He could have at least made you a Monsignor. Heck, some guy in the UK made Bishop. I mean, this CAGW stuff is all about religion, innit?
    In all seriosity, congratulations. It took me three attempts to get my vote to register, but it was worth it. Richly deserved honor.
    REPLY: I knew why your vote did not register, and I kept it to myself. The voting system rejects ballots with less than 3 voting categories checked to prevent ballot stuffing. I left out this one important piece of info in their rules in my announcement, because I did not want to be accused of encouraging ballot stuffing, so I only suggested voting for other blogs people might like. This way if I won, I could say it was done without any stuffing. – Anthony

  29. Congratulations!!! I knew my vote would count for something some time. I also thank the moderators and all those who post here keeping it civil and informative. that is one of the things that makes this the world’s greatest science blog.

  30. evanmjones says:
    February 27, 2011 at 7:12 pm
    Nobody, nobody, nobody beats the Rev!
    REPLY: Thank you, Evan. I’m honored. For newcomers, this is an inside joke from way back when I was named a reverend by the local leftie newspaper called the Chico Beat. It died. WUWT remains. So there. 😉
    That said, maybe it’s time to make a “screeching mercury monkey” coffee mug and send it to that fellow. – Anthony
    I would buy a bumper sticker for my SUV (it snows in Chicago).

  31. Beautiful! Saw this just after reading the NYT story about the depressed warmist who is changing all his locks and buying a gun in order to fight off the starving hordes coming from the heat-induced food riots that he KNOWS are coming.
    They have lost it – but you, sir, have GOT it!!!

  32. The simple truth has its own sweet rewards
    Many thanks Antony and a sincere well done, a richly deserved accolade and to all the contributors as well.

  33. The “screeching mercury monkey” thing made my day. I didn’t have broadband back then and missed this.
    See Evan’s post at 7:12 and Anthony’s reply.

  34. A very much deserved award. Congratulations Anthony and everyone else whose contributions have made WUWT such an invaluable resource.

  35. A science website, as a science website should be, as a science website.
    Hope that makes sense. And you’re welcome for the one vote. Sounds like those votes added up.

  36. Congratulations Anthony! This was a great science blog before any awards were granted. That said, It is nice to see you get the recognition you have earned.

  37. Congrats, hope the word spreads.
    Would be nice to see a ‘for the kiddos’ page on this site to help the youngins get their curious little minds on a path that recognizes the Scientific Principle.
    You know, short discussions, small words.

  38. Congratulations from Canuckistan Alberta where I just finished shoveling a foot of global warming off my deck just from today, and more coming.
    Read this site everyday. Thank you Anthony and moderators.

  39. Congratulations Anthony and the team. I have been a follower and occasional commenter for years now and this site has cut through the fog of deception and has been entertaining as well. Being best science blog will bring a lot of credibility to this site.
    As Australia debates the “Carbon Pollution” issue, our conservative opposition has announced that it will repeal the proposed Carbon tax if it wins the next election. At least voters now have a choice, this site and others, will help to inform them as to why they have that choice. There are big guns on the other side but the scales are tipping.

  40. Well done, sir. Congratulations to you, all your co-workers and your spouse.
    Hope all is well with her as well.

  41. Quote:” I suppose it demonstrates the loyalty of our readers.”
    Your readers return daily because they like what they read.
    Congrats from down under! Your undying work in bringing us the truth is priceless.
    Thank you very much A & mods.

  42. Anthony, congratulations to you! This is a well-deserved honor! Special thanks also to your moderators, contributors and loyal readers — all who recognize this as the best science blog on the planet. Keep up the good work!

  43. Great job Anthony – it was never in doubt to me. You offer all sides, walk the walk (ie: use alternative energy where it’s viable) and don’t hide behind so called ‘consensus’. How refreshing.

  44. Congratulations! Very well deserved to a very enlightening and thought provoking site…even though I’m often considered a pain in the a#@ and fly in the ointment here, I rarely miss a day to check in and see Watts Up With That!?
    Nice job Anthony et. al. !
    REPLY: Thank you for the kind words. – Anthony

  45. It’s hardly a surprising outcome when you court one area of a “political” science, orchestrate one of the true Group Think sites on the Net and then ask on your blog for the tribe to vote for you, even giving a detailed, step- by-step description of how to do it. Embarrassing.
    If this is science, then I’m Al Gore.
    REPLY: Given the traffic that Wired and Boing Boing have compared to WUWT, it was in fact a complete surprise.
    Alexa stats
    Stats from Alexa.com
    If you want group think, you should visit Real Climate or Climate progress, where they have elevated groupthink beyond science, all the way to religion. 😉
    Just curious, did you complain to ClimateProgress for offering a similar guide to readers for their “best of green” award? – Anthony

  46. More good stuff, more of the time. Better comments than most. It is a shame that Judith Curry doesn’t come here more often.
    [judithcurry.com is her baby]

  47. Congrat’s Anthony and helpers – richly deserved. With much of the MSM’s credibility at rock-bottom on contentious scientific issues, it’s great to know we can rely on WUWT to provide an unfettered forum for exposition and discussion.

  48. anthony –
    congratulations. u cannot imagine how important your blog is for those like myself, without a scientific education.
    you, your guest writers and those who comment have taught me more than any teacher probably could or would.
    thanx also to the mods whose time is given so selflessly.
    wishing you and yours health and prosperity, so that you may continue the good fight.

  49. This has always been one of the best sites for intelligent debate, discussion, and are brilliant getaways for rationale and clear thinking. ( Both which seem to be lacking from a lot of people these days.)
    A hearty congrats to Anthony, all the seemingly invincible mods, and the excellent array of guests posters this site displays. You deserve no less.

  50. Congrats Anthony, moderators, guest contributors AND commenters.
    It came just in time so that I was able to include the news into an email I was writing to my member of parliament.

  51. Congratulations Anthony. The work that you and your tireless moderators do here is an inspiration to those of us who would very much like to get Science back to where it belongs. I don’t know how you keep up with all of it and live your life to boot, but I’m very glad that you do.

  52. This was truly surprising. According to the Bloggies Facebook page, WUWT has been named the first ever winner of the Best Science Blog category (new this year for the Bloggies)…
    As it says right across from the image announcing how WUWT won for “Best Science Blog” in 2008. Surprising indeed.
    So many replies so soon after this was posted? Didn’t you people have the Academy Awards to watch?
    Oh well, it was well deserved, for putting up with us throughout the past year if nothing else.

  53. Got to get my 2¢ in — congrats Anthony et al. You have left open the way for exchange however hard it can sometimes seem, even here. I go on some other sites (we all know who they are) and can see just how valuable your site is in today’s science environment.

  54. Congrats to you Anthony, the moderators and all the contributor – Ira, Willis, David Archibald and many others. And thanx to WordPress for not melting down under the weight of bytes and flames.

  55. Congratulations and thank you Anthony, the mods and all the contributors for all the work you do.
    Time for a party!

  56. R. Gates says:
    February 27, 2011 at 8:54 pm
    Congratulations! Very well deserved to a very enlightening and thought provoking site…even though I’m often considered a pain in the a#@ and fly in the ointment here, I rarely miss a day to check in and see Watts Up With That!?
    No. You are not a pain in the a#@ and especially not a fly in the ointment.
    To be a fly in the ointment you have to have a credible argument in the first place.
    But I am very VERY glad that you are giving credit where credit is due [this site]. You are not a fly in anybody’s ointment.
    Everyone on this site is used to red herrings, straw men, and arguments from authority and emotion.
    So NO HARM DONE….definitely no fly in anybody’s ointment here. Just a distraction. Glad to hear that you are conceding the gravity of this site.
    Could not agree more.
    [Wow…I am agreeing with R Gates…call the press]
    Norfolk, VA, USA

  57. Congrats, but two notes:
    1) We already knew this is the best science blog. So there.
    2) Are you sure that’s a thermometer in the design graphic at the top?
    It might be a graduated cylinder.
    REPLY: It looks like a centigrade thermometer, and lab quality thermometers are well known for having a yellow backing to make the numbers more readable. But I suppose it could be a graduated cylinder too. – Anthony

  58. ‘This was truly surprising. According to the Bloggies Facebook page, WUWT has been named the first ever winner of the Best Science Blog category (new this year for the Bloggies), beating Wired and Boing Boing, both of whom have way more traffic than we do. I suppose it demonstrates the loyalty of our readers.’
    You are too modest Anthony. I had no doubt that you would win, cos your site IS the best. Congratulations to you, your moderators and your guest writers – you simply desrved it.

  59. Congratulations Antony and moderators.
    You say : beating Wired and Boing Boing, both of whom have way more traffic than we do.
    It maybe proves that the followers of many other blogs are reading for their weather science info here, and can judge.

  60. Congratulations! I’ve been following the blog for a couple years now, and it seriously deserves this award. Thanks to all who contribute including the people who comment here. I learn a lot from them too. I like the focus on good solid science where data and methods are open to inspection and critique.
    Well done!

  61. Hearty good wishes to you and your fine team Anthony!
    Worldwide recognition of your unwavering policies and determined hard work is richly deserved.
    Thank you for the wealth of information that you have provided, a lot of which is over my head!
    Chris A

  62. Congratulations, and thanks, Anthony.
    And to the moderators, contributors and those who comment here (particularly those of many disciplines who share and argue their professional knowledge and experience).

    If you’ve ever wondered about something puzzling, anything, or how things work, or why certain things are the way they are instead of some other way that might appear to make more sense, this is the place to pose the question. Hopefully I and others can supply an answer. Nothing is off-limits except crude language or personal attacks.
    Welcome to: Watts Up With That?
    Posted on November 17, 2006 by Anthony Watts

  63. Gratulerar å det varmaste för en suveränt välförtjänt utmärkelse! Och stort tack för all möda Du & team lägger ner.
    Bästa hälsningar från svenska Bästkusten!

  64. Congratulations Anthony. You deserve it! And so do all your valuable contributors.
    Of course, you realize, elections have consequences… all good in this case.

  65. A Google of dittos to all the previous comments and my congratulations and very special thanks to you Anthony and all who have helped make this site what it is, a beacon of sanity in an increasingly insane world. Though we’ve never met and probably never will, in my mind I think of you as a dear friend and I really don’t have words to properly express how greatly I appreciate the time and personal sacrifices you have invested to keep this site going and build it into the exceptional thing that it has become. It is entirely gratifying to see you receive some small part of the recognition that you so richly deserve. It’s a shame it couldn’t be accompanied by a nice fat check, like Algore’s dubious Nobel, but WTH we can all fall back on our stipends from ExxonMobil.
    And before anyone jumps on my case for that last line, I’ll quote a childhood hero, Foghorn Leghorn….” It’s a joke, son!”

  66. David Fincher and The Social Network were robbed today but it’s good to see one award was given to the right person.
    Congratulations, Anthony!

  67. What kind of warped world is this? Straight shooters are not supposed to receive awards. The final stage of any successful project is supposed to be “punishment of the innocent and awards and accolades for the guilty”. This recognition of Anthony and Team is very disturbing!

  68. Anthony,
    You are too modest.
    True that you had great moderators, meaningful posters & a great set of commenters who came from a very broad spectrum backgrounds.
    True that timing is everything; you were the right man at the right time with right frame of mind.
    But, we all know the reason WUWT is so exceptional is because you are a wonderful leader. Given that then everything else naturally happened.
    There is an old saying in the business world, “you can tell if someone is a great leader by seeing who is following that person”

  69. Congratulations! A well deserved win for an outstanding webpage. As Thomas J said, in swedish, thank you for all the hard work you put into WUWT.

  70. Your hard work and diligence has paid off. You post an amazing amount of material and this is just a part time endeavor. Thanks and congratulations!

  71. I want to say something that starts with con…. ummmm..
    Congrats, Anthony! You and your guest posters/moderators deserve this award.

  72. Congratulations and thanks to all moderators and contributors as well as to you.
    “The voting system rejects ballots with less than 3 voting categories checked to prevent ballot stuffing. I left out this one important piece of info in their rules in my announcement, …”
    Not that it matters a great deal but my guess is that you must have won by a very large margin as, according to the above quote, my vote [and I suspect many others] would not have counted since I only voted for the one category.

  73. Congrats. You guys have helped prevent the imposition of the insane policies that the Elite are intent on imposing.

  74. Fantastic! Thanks for what you do. It makes it much easier for me to go out to battle.
    Also: 1) I love the curved lines (perspective) on the thermometer. Let’s have fun reading temperatures, kids! 2) There IS something way better than Velveeta in Chico. (That’s a reference to another old joke, but unless you used to read Herb Caen, you wouldn’t get it.)

  75. Congratulations Anthony for having the best science blog. I’m not sure how you do it as I have trouble just keeping up with reading the new topics and comments every day. The commentary for each posting is of high quality and I’ve learned a huge amount about climatology since stumbling onto WUWT through climateaudit. WUWT is a blog I’ve recommended to many people and hopefully those people have also passed on the URL.
    The voting procedure was certainly non-trivial with my vote only finally getting counted when I gave it my office email address. No response to any of the throw-away email addresses that I tried. What would be interesting to see is how many votes the other nominees received.

  76. Fantastic and congratulations to Anthony and the team. Hope the champers is popping!
    Thank you for your long hours of dedication, sourcing of excellent information and guests, the science and the great humour. And bringing it to the WUWT web-site.

  77. Congrats Anthony and crew!
    … and you did it without my vote being counted since I only voted for two blogs on the award site (I honestly don’t regularly read any of the other blogs they had nominated so I didn’t feel qualified to vote on those categories).

  78. Like there was ever any doubt? This is the best and most informative science blog ever and the award must be making a certain mere shadow of a “science” blog livid. Long may you continue to do so.
    Congratulations Anthony! 😀

  79. Also thanks to James Delingpole at the UK Telegraph for his support and exposure.
    I first encountered WUWT as a logical companion to ClimateAudit where I supplied some posts about tropical cyclones. While the Huffington Post is going to get it’s ass handed to it with Google’s Search Optimization overhaul, WUWT won’t be affected. The content is mostly original and insightful, something that even big HuffPo sucks at.
    BTW, I’ve been reading more of Joe Romm’s most indispensable blog ClimateProgress and wonder if anyone else thinks that the vile nonsense on there should be exposed more often (Thumbs up ?)

  80. I never though much about the popularity of WUWT until in casual conversation one day I mentioned this site and several folks said they read it every day. I also think some others present have since added this site to their surfing routine.
    Congratulations on another milestone. I had no doubt you (plus the contributing authors, moderators, and multitudes of posters and readers) are the best, but it’s nice to know that other feel the same.

  81. Congratulations,
    This site is one of the rarest and greatest treats on the net. A location where civil intellectual discourse can freely happen. I love, and respect that the “Dissenting” side can freely post at WUWT. In fact, this is the only site that I am aware of that protects the other side’s right to publish. Kudos Sir.
    While the warmest believers of the equation is less than open to anything other than a screaming one sided rant at their site, with zero attempt at being a professional, or a gentleman, it always nice to find all sides welcome here. It was not that long ago, they were drawing up lists of names to bring forward to a climate trial against carbon consumers.

  82. No surprise that the best science blog won.
    Congrats WUWT!
    Facts over fiction in science can’t be compromised and this shows that sentiment is alive and well.
    As they say, ‘them’s the facts Jack’.

  83. Congratulations and very much deserved. The effort put into the blog is very easy to see. Some people might have sour grapes, but don’t let em get you down.
    Here is to WUWT going mainstream…only a matter of time before joe public starts reading this and then the AGW stuff will be finished, and at that point you still have a very good blog that does a lot of interesting science articles and especially weather articles.

  84. Sorry, but that is not a thermometer. Its some sort of measuring device for measuring volume, probably a chemicists tool.

  85. This is great news and heartiest congratulations to all concerned.
    Very best wishes and let’s look forward to next year.

  86. I can’t tell you how pleased I am for you and all your stalwarts Andrew – you are an inspiration to so many throughout the world.
    Bloody well done!!!!

  87. Congratulations! It maybe too early in the morning for me but what were the actual total votes for the other nominees as well as WUWT?

  88. But, but, but,
    smoke from Big Tobacco got in the judge’s eyes…or…
    Big Oil stacked the votes… or…
    the Koch brothers sent ninjas…or….
    OK, I give up,
    Congratulations to Anthony and his hard working moderators. 😉

  89. Congrats, well deserved! 😉
    It’s sure been an interesting few years on this site(a big shout out to Climate Audit also) and scientifically here on earth. Without sites like and the knowledge of it’s participates we would never hear about contrary scientific evidence or theories that the flat earth scientists don’t want to talk about or anyone to know.
    You are doing a great service for true science investigation, science is always questioning and the only way for real scientific advancement. This site makes it easy for the professional and amateur scientific minded to understand and like Einstein once said ” making it possible to explain to a barmaid”.

  90. Unprecedented and incontrovertible evidence that claims of catastrophic man-made warming are no longer swallowed by a gullible public.

  91. Absolutely deserved. Congratulations, the web may be the last and only democracy left, it voted, WUWT won. Hoist the flag! It’s one up for reason over the hoard and their green superstition.

  92. Every now and again, a right thing happens. This is one of those times. A triumph for civilized debate.

  93. Congratulations, Anthony , Mods and Posters, but it’s not just the terrific content here, it’s the civilised and gentlemanly tone, rare in this day and age, which is set by Anthony that makes this site the winner it is.

  94. Someone has to say:
    Today the Best Science Blog – tomorrow the World!!!
    Congrats to you and your most excellent team – and of course the real and genuine contributors to WUWT who understand what is really going on in the world.

  95. Congratulations !!!
    My daily fix of sanity in the increasingly mad world of AGW.
    The Greenshirts are on the march down here in Auz, a very scary prospect. A deceitful Prime Minister promised before the election not to bring in a carbon tax. Months after the election (with her government hanging on a thread, dependant on the support of the Greens) … guess what … yep … politics trumps honesty everytime.
    It is a dark time for Australia … and it’s going to get darker with rolling blackouts as the Greens dismantle the fossil fuel industry …
    We need the light, so keep up the good work WUWT!

  96. Congrats from Northwest of Oz to all those that make this such a good site, one that has improved my education a lot. That is despite the possibility of my vote not registering as I only voted in one category.
    The few blogs I knew from other categories I couldn’t stand, and certainly would not have voted for them. It takes enough of my time reading all the posts and comments here as well as CA and Jonova and one or two others from the media like Andrew Bolt, who sent me here a few years ago.

  97. Congratulations on a job well done. How can we move on from here and bring WUWT into the homes of many more people across the world to educate them on the truth about AGW. How can we work to double and treble the number of viewers who need to be educated on the real science of global climate and more quickly teach the world the true facts. Perhaps each of us could start by introducing a friend by emailing an interesting WUWT post to them.

  98. Let me be the one hundred and somethingth poster to offer congratulations to Anthony and moderators for their well deserved award. HISTORY IS BEING MADE TONITE.

  99. Congratulations Anthony and “the team” – you have a big and increasingly educated audience here in the UK.

  100. Congratulations Anthony, and well deserved. I doubt if it will ever be possible to combine the unique blend of host, moderators, guest posters, reference pages and commenters that this site has on any other blog. I’m in awe of the work you have done and the way you have advanced our understanding of things. Best Regards to you and your family, Rev :-)).
    P.S. I like the up/down vote for comments. Wonder who the troll was that downvoted all the earlier posters?

  101. “…I suppose it demonstrates the loyalty of our readers….
    More likely the honesty and integrity of the WUWT team.
    You-all won it! Not us readers!
    I also take it as an indicator of the impartiality and integrity of the contest managers.

  102. Don’t let it go to collective heads.
    Awards are a sideshow and not a raison d’etre
    There’s a lot of work to be done if sanity is to be restored to Science.
    Keep your eyes on the prize guys.

  103. I would just like to express my shock that any organization would give an award to both the Huffington Post and WUWT.

  104. Thank you everybody at WUWT for providing us with the truth!
    The truth shall set us free!

  105. Outstanding!
    Congratulations and a hearty round of applause to all concerned: Anthony first and foremost, all you moderators beavering away, the guest writers and the commentators, who all make this such an indispensable blog.
    Thanks – don’t know what I’d do without WUWT!

  106. I’d never heard of Boing Boing till this survey, and honestly, I found it entertaining, much like our dearly departed Weekly World News. I’ll be looking in there now from time to time. I’m a afraid though that how it qualifies as a ‘science blog’ escapes me. No matter.
    My sincere congratulations to Anthony on this noble achievement! I think it speaks well to the quality of content.

  107. Me I’m out.
    Never had a weather girl worth spit.
    I kept hoping the girls on this blog would do photo.
    Gratz mate. Good blog. I used to be a blogger. I know good blog.
    Yaar, yer give me wind I will sail me wind, barometer, sexant, compass and a friendly star. I can find the home port.
    Me I hunt merminks. I hunt mythology.
    Good blog.

  108. But Realclimate.com was “Climate Science from Climate Scientists”.
    I must have missed something.
    congrats Anthony 🙂

  109. To Anthony, the mods, and the contributors, well done!
    I’ve addded to the prize with another USD 20.11 in the tip jar.

  110. Mods I was here before you were, before Anthony even. But the evolution is about the spirit of science.
    The balance and Law of science preserved as it must be.
    Me I’m just a soldier in Law. No cheat it’s legal. I pulled a lot of votes over a lot of days.

  111. Sweet. Congratulations. Is the prize a holiday in the Maldives? Is so, will you be allowed to take your voters along?

  112. Well done Anthony and the rest of the WUWT crew!
    Hmm, it took poll daddy a while to populate the comments with thumbs. Hope this isn’t a sign of slow page loads to come.

  113. It’s come to something, for me, when I decided not to bother voting in the national elections last week but thought it worthwhile to vote for WUWT..

  114. My hunt takes me elsewhere.
    But please believe me, I am one of the first bloggers in truth actually the first blogger, if I say well done, I mean it.
    This is what scientific blogging is about. It’s about open not closed.
    I mark hard, that’s 10. That is where we must be.

  115. Congrats Anthony…never a doubt in my mind… a solid testimony and great reward fro a lot of hard work…long may it continue.

  116. The best has won.
    I feel proud to be one of the people who voted for you.
    Keep on the excellent work you do.

  117. Anthony
    Obviously, not everyone shares our view of WUWT’s success, there are a couple of anal retentives, probably of the AGW persuasion, who voted thumbs down on just about every comment here – that must be a tedious process, even for small-minded individuals.
    Very many congratulations and I hope the news gives every member of the Team and the other purveyors of bad science a very bad day.

  118. Fantastic..!!
    The Oscar winner of science blogs.. Even better than a ‘King’s Speech’ in my book.
    Keep up the excellent work

  119. I am not surprised. WUWT does have some highly accomplished scientists as contributors.
    Even if WUWT doesn’t orientate itself toward the consensus position, that is hard to ignore

  120. A day without WUWT is a day without Sunshine .. and clouds, and ice, and albedo, and LWIR, and Lapse Rate, and Sea Level, and ENSO … and all the comments and perspective on this complex concept called Climate.
    Thanks and congratulations to Anthony and Mods and the many contributors that make WUWT a great place for Science.

  121. George Lawson says:
    February 28, 2011 at 1:20 am
    How can we work to double and treble the number of viewers who need to be educated on the real science of global climate and more quickly teach the world the true facts. Perhaps each of us could start by introducing a friend by emailing an interesting WUWT post to them.

    How about an “Email this to a friend” button?
    Adam Gallon says:
    February 28, 2011 at 1:55 am

    Now who’s spent a lot of time voting thumbs down for every comment since 10.46pm?

    Romm? Schmidt? Sad and gullible Warmist?

  122. whether the graphic is a thermometer or a graduated cylinder, just remember –
    “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate.”
    sorry, old chemistry joke.

  123. Well done Anthony (from the least read climate blog in the world). But seriously, you get a whole new appreciation of the shear enormity of writing WUWT when you try out a blog and are presented for the first time with a blank page.
    And then the realisation occurs, that that same blank page will be waiting for you each and every time you log in and you have no idea whether even if you have the time, whether you have the inspiration to find anything sensible to say – or worse, if anyone wants to read it.
    Well done!

  124. I agree with Tallguy. Polldaddy slows things down too much. Use Chrome with AdBlock extension to return to previous status. Oh, and congratulations and all that. What will you do with the $20.11?

  125. Congrats Anthony and all moderators…and contributors as well!
    This website is the proverbial ray of light in one of science’s darkest hours.

  126. Congratulations to Anthony, undoubtedly best science blogger anywhere. Congratulations to the usual guests, especially Willis Eschenbach, to the moderators, to the commentators, to the regulars, and to everyone except the trolls.
    God Bless Anthony Watts.

  127. Congrats on the win! Though maybe we should not use the phrase “won the award” but instead say that “the consensus belief supports your primacy.” After all, isn’t consensus the touchstone of truth? 🙂

  128. CONGRATULATIONS Anthony!!!
    Very well deserved. Your level headed and open attitude permeates this great site and makes it what it is.

  129. Congratulations on the win and many thanks for what is found in these pages!
    Political manipulation of scientific method just lost; in the public’s view, at least.
    My vote for WUWT was ultimately a vote for liberty.

  130. Its all been said – but isn’t it doubly satisfying to be the best SCIENCE blog..??
    Doesn’t it go to prove that we are winning the argument, folks..??

  131. DeanL says:
    February 27, 2011 at 9:20 pm
    ‘If this is science, then I’m Al Gore.’
    Sounds very likely, you certainly show as much scientific acumen.

  132. Congratulations! and many happy returns of the same!
    How wonderful that your work is first, and will (deservedly) always be so as the awards continue.
    All the very best to you and your team.

  133. Hi moderator: Just noticed that when I drag my cursor on to the thumbs up (or down), this icon turns bold. Does this mean that I can actually rate my own comment? I havn’t tried it because I find it self-demeaning. Can the self-rating option be removed?

  134. Have you guys noted the “ratings” (thumbs up/thumbs down under each comment) for each of the first 3 hours and 47 minutes… exactly 2 “thumbs down” (and many up) for each. Trolls are so silly…

  135. Anthony, congratulations!
    It would be interesting to see who the two schmucks might be who consistently vote ‘thumbs down’ to anything posted here, probably including this, eventually, when they wake up.

  136. This may be an **ALERT** – can other users back up my searches with their own and call me out as misguided to dismiss a sick feeling in my stomach.
    Has Google’s new change been about emlinating WUWT results????
    Last night most (+Bloggie “best science”) searches on Google only turned up the WUWT, Wired, Joe Romm, Boing Boing results.
    Today – Nothing of the sort although first two results is davidpj.wordpress, followed by 2011.bloggies.es and then reddit and wonkette.
    Check it out, I sometime wake up misread but I don’t think so this time.
    Could it be related to this report rolled out by the Globe and Mail this weekend?
    Google tweaks search to punish ‘low-quality’ sites

    “Google says it has tweaked the formulas steering its Internet search engine to take the rubbish out of its results. The overhaul is designed to lower the rankings of what Google deems “low-quality” sites. That could be a veiled reference to so-called online “content farms” such as Demand Media’s eHow.com.”
    “The change … affects about 12 percent, or nearly one in every eight, search requests in the U.S.”
    Going to co-post this on the Tips and Notes but also here because it isn’t O/T and was found in relation to searches relevant to this WUWT article.
    I tell you, I’m sure that last night “Best Science” was turning up WUWT links and pull down for more/all stories from WUWT in top few search results (despite only 3 or so entries on WUWT).

  137. Congratulations!
    I can only imagine how the self-declared elites in climate science are gnashing their teeth on this.

  138. Splendid! Congrats, Anthony and crew. Of course, WUWT would win. It is about science, not fluff or (self snip); looks like readers of all persuasions are getting hungry for the real thing. I noticed that there not too many others I could vote for!
    Thanks for educating us, reporting accurately to us, headlining those whose efforts and expertise deserve it, and entertaining us. In the new world of the blogosphere, you have pretty much intuited how to make this opportunity a huge success. What remarkable inventiveness. Free enterprise at its very best.

  139. Very good news indeed, i visit your site at least once a day and probably more most of the time. Thanks to all who educate me thru this site………in fact i might just make a donation to help the cause, keep up the good work.

  140. Congratulations Anthony, and to all your volunteers. The sheer quality of your blog says it all. It reaches more people than your internet stats indicate. I know I forward many posts to my friends as I do my small bit to get the word out there.
    You might be interested, if you will permit, in a small, nasty little dialogue that took place yesterday on Christopher Booker’s on-line column in the Daily Telegraph. He has so far had more than 1200 comments on his article about “Unscientific hype about the flooding risks from climate change will cost us all dear”, in which you were referenced (link here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/8349545/Unscientific-hype-about-the-flooding-risks-from-climate-change-will-cost-us-all-dear.html#dsq-content )
    The usual trolls (petek and slioch) were there from Monbiot’s CC HQ and they had this to say:

    You said: “I’m saying WUWT is irrelevant as a site of scientific information – although it maybe a sort of internet ‘holiday’ site for denialists.”
    You may be suprprised to learn that wuwt is a finalist for best scientific blog. Just look at their front page. Results will be published tonight. There were no Pro AGW sites in the finalists indicating that AGW is not very scientific.
    I think a 12 year old can spot the deficiency in this argument .
    Internet votes and telephone popularity don’t mean anything since anyone can vote for whatever reason . The only thing you can say is they got votes through some mechanism.
    Think of John Sergeant and Come Dancing – popularity didn’t mean dancing ability.
    Stand back everyone! Pathetek is losing it and is in danger of coming apart all over the blog!
    “The only thing you can say is they got votes through some mechanism.” Sort of like, a consensus then. Hmmmmmm. Now I see how it works. Oh, just so freakin’ brilliant!!!!! you’ve won the prize for ‘trolly folly’ of the day.
    Hi rocket
    Pathetek has been in denial for some time. He likes to whinge more than post though…..poor pathetek.
    Consensus in what context?
    Consensus via an internet vote doesn’t mean consensus based on evidence based science.
    @ManBear Pigg
    “There were no Pro AGW sites in the finalists indicating that AGW is not very scientific. ”
    Oh, don’t talk such nonsense.
    Such competitions tell you which sites want to mobilise their minions into voting for them. It should just be a bit of fun. It tells you nothing about whether the site is “scientific” or not, whatever that means.

    Seems they are not best pleased that you were even up for the prize. Now that you’ve won they will be besides themselves. Oh joy!!! :-))

  141. Terrific news – and I’m glad I took your subliminal hint to vote for some of the others! Congratulations all round.

  142. All the facts are in, the debate is over, there is a consensus –
    WUWT is one of the Web’s best sites!
    Congrats to Anthony and all involved in making this site one of the best.

  143. DeanL says:
    February 27, 2011 at 9:20 pm
    If this is science, then I’m Al Gore.

    OK Al, I’ve got to ask – why are you posting as DeanL?
    For that matter, is your screen name middle initial “I”, as in Dean – I – L?
    (Sorry Mods, I just couldn’t resist with that one, even though we all dislike the “den i al” label.)

  144. Boing Boing sounded familiar but I hadn’t been there for years if ever. The problem that they have is many of their commenters are smarmy know-it-alls who believe they are open-minded when in fact they just drink the kool-aid, worship the latest fads, and hop on the media bandwagon. It is not say that group think doesn’t show up here, but mistakes here are quickly corrected whether group thunk or not.
    In short, while I would give Boing Boing a 7 or so based on editorial content, variety and human interest, the comment section gets about a 3 at best. The content here is not as diverse (so hard to compare) and it might rate a notch less. But the commenters more than make up for any lacks in content.

  145. I can’t think of a blog anywhere that has done so much with so little. One has to be impressed by the things you have accomplished, Anthony, and the time you have invested in the furtherance of the scientific process. And the truth.
    The award is well-deserved, and thank you for your efforts, Anthony, and the good folks who do the support work on your blog. Kudos to them as well.

  146. Anthony.
    Well done mate. Thouroughly well deserved.
    Time for my monthly visit to the tip jar. Enjoy a beer on me.
    I know that you will keep up The Good Work.

  147. Congrats Anthony and team.
    WUWT is where I go every day to get the facts and well thought through opinions.

  148. All congratulatory posts from Yesterday have 20+ thumbs up, and exactly 2 thumbs down. Humorous. Two people were actually bitter enough to go through and “thumbsdown” every post. Wow. Just…..wow….

  149. more than anything else, it is the evenhanded treatment of differing ideas. a true sign of good science and scientist. sceptical but fair & respectful

  150. Congratulation to all who make this site what it is. Primarily Anthony, guest contributors and moderators, but also to the people who take the time to comment and engage in discussion.
    I can only speak for myself, but reading here, and following the pointers to other sites for even more information has been illuminating.
    From a simple idea (CO2 is an insulator, more CO2, more insulation, higher temperatures) the more I looked and learned, the more complex the problem appeared, drilling down into each component of that complexity revealed even more complexity. Contributors here (both article writers and discussion contributors) have helped me to understand more and more.
    You get out of this site as much as you are willing to put into following and understanding the pearls of wisdom that it carries.
    Congratulations again.

  151. I have to, as a long time daily follower of this blog affirm that the award is well deserved. The time and effort that has gone into this is quite frankly more than most would believe, try it yourself and see (good luck with that).

  152. At least you don’t need all those “big oil” bribes now, with all of that prize money. (do I need to say sarc?).

  153. So does this mean we all get free WUWT subscriptions for the rest of the year? 😉
    [Yes, and the moderators get a 50% pay raise! ~dbs]

  154. Ditto, congratulations to everyone here: Anthony, the mods, the guests and the commenters. Keep up the fantastic work.
    I’m here most days and learn something every time and am often entertained by a lot of insightful and witty comments as well. I especially appreciated the comments by R Gates on this thread who may not agree with some (much?) of the thrust of this site but was very gracious and was received in the same manner, and I don’t consider someone who has a genuinely held different opinion to be a pain in the … or a fly in the ointment. I think that it stimulates real debate. Something that could be learned by the operators of some other sites.
    But then that’s what separates this site from those. Congrats, again.

  155. Anthony, CTM & everyone else involved with WUWT,
    A heartfelt congratulations on being recognized for what those of us who come here every day knew all along.
    I hope this honor is especially gratifying in light of all the vitriol thrown your way.
    Keep fighting the good fight!

  156. Congratulations Anthony!! Very well deserved!! You and your associates are clearly making a difference in exposing the politics and deception driving the climate fear agenda and more importantly bringing responsible climate science to the forefront. Keep up the outstanding work!!

  157. Congratulations to WUWT. Anthony, contributors, and mods have done an excellent job here.
    I read this blog most every day.

  158. Good work everybody (the comments are half the fun here) … hope my vote helped tip the scales. Keep up the excellent work Anthony.

  159. Congratulations Anthony, you, your crew and the guest posters all do a great job. As others have said, it was never in doubt.

  160. Sincere congratulations to you, Anthony, moderators, guest posters and the commentators and their links.
    My only complaint is no time to read everything!
    A light to lighten the darkness.

  161. Not just congratulations, but sincere thanks to Anthony and the crew that do the heavy lifting around here.
    I am an avid reader, but not in a position to contribute anything meanful beyond what is already presented.

  162. If there were a Nobel for science communication, it would not be “Science”, “Nature”, “Scientific American”, nor even Algore who would win.
    Anthony would be in Oslo for sure!

  163. Congratulations Anthony, excellent. Continue to use your influence to save us here in the UK from our government, the opposition, its coalition partners, the scientific establishment, the CRU, the UEA and………

  164. Fantastic news and worthy of much congratulation. But should we be surprised? I think not: this is a quality blog and the wider world has begun to notice. Keep it up!

  165. Congratulations Mr. Watts and all the people in the WUWT team!
    The result is much much more impressive than it seems: WUWT covers a very small part of science -Climate Science- and because of that it naturally gets much less readers than blogs, like wired or boingboing, that cover a BIG part of science. But, in spite of this BIG WUWT NATURAL disadvantage it won! So impressive!
    Many in the mainstream media an academia with no doubt voted against WUWT because they know WUWT is DESTROYING the old obsolete media and academia that brought us pseudoscience at a cost of $trillions. And, again, in spite of that, WUWT won!
    I think this award consecrates WUWT as the one who wrote the book on how to build the new internet-based people-driven media and academia that will demolish the obsolete old academia and media.
    Paul Krugman and Jeffrey Sachs must be shaking now seeing how their ivory towers wobble

  166. Wow, that’s amazing. Particularly since you did not get the China vote.
    I have just returned from Beijing where I was unable to access WUWT and my other favorite climate skeptic sites (I was, however, able to access the alarmist sites such as RC).

  167. I’m clearly late to the party, but heartiest of congratulations to Anthony et al. I’m mentally picturing you and your team up on stage (humbly) accepting the well-deserved accolade.

  168. I wanted to read all the congrats for Anthony, the Mods, and all the guest posters, but LOOK at all of them!
    the best I can do is skim through several hundred people who are at least as happy for you as I am.

  169. This site has always been “the reference” that I suggest people go to see the other side of the story on “climate change”. It has been and continues to be a great educational experience not only from you and the guests, but the commenter’s.
    Congratulations on the win!!

  170. Hooray! Congratulations!
    Last week I learned from WUWT about the Idso and Idso book, The Many Benefits of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment (How Humanity and the rest of the biosphere will prosper from this amazing trace gas that so many have wrongfully characterized as a dangerous air pollutant). I ordered it and received it on Friday. Because I have been reading it, I’m a bit behind in my daily WUWT fix. I’m quite buzzed by the news. Thank you Anthony and co. for giving me and so many others access to both answers and questions. You are winners to be sure.

  171. I hope the award pleases you, Anthony; but as far as I’m concerned, there’s little, short of a Nobel, that could repay the service you have done to science. I hope that one day the true worth of your tireless efforts and dedication will receive its just reward.

  172. From one met to another, congrats! And with all the challanges that you faced, it is a testament to your diligence and work ethic.

  173. Just posted the great news to my FB wall. I want all my friends to know where I get so freaking smart. Oh and it doesnt hurt to show them that…I read the best science blog. :p
    Congrats Anthony and crew, you all earned it.

  174. Congratulations! WUWT is really the best science site, and now it’s official.
    Anthony and his mods are terrific. I appreciate having my comments approved fast, without waiting hours, or even a day or more. (Or never, like with climateprogress and realclimate.)

  175. Congrats to Anthony and all at WUWT that make this a must visit site daily. Also thanks to those who’s posts add to the quality of the content.

  176. Congratulations Anthony.
    You have earned the loyalty of your readers through your honesty and integrity. Look after both: they’re valuable assets today.

  177. A much-deserved award for Mr. Anthony Watts, and the moderators who, with no (or next-to-no) renumeration for thier efforts, strive for scientific truth in a veritable sea of half-thruths, incompetence, deception, and downright lies (damn lies?)!!!
    I recall when I became fed up with the “global warming” tidal wave as it swept through my favorite periodicals such as National Geographic and Scientific American. As was so with many of you, I subsequently discontinued my subscriptions shortly after the sea change. Heck, after reading that every possible bad outcome to any and all situations real or imagined that were or possibly could happen were attributable to humans and thier evil fossil-fuel use, I seriously began to doubt what I had been intially induced to take as truth – how in the world could “catastrophic anthropogenic global warming” cause my rear to chafe and become red? Something was wrong here… and then I discovered WUWT in late 2007/early 2008. This site has given me insight to cement what were my initial doubts – the science was not, and is still not “settled”. I work in an environment where many around me blindly follow the IPCC and all things CAGW, and must use caution when calling them on their faith…I merely direct them to this supremely wonderful site. I would like to think I have utilized your site to make a few converts…or at least cause a few of the faithful to question..it all starts from a small seed…
    Any way, science is alive and kicki’ here on WUWT, congratulations on an award that was earned, not given.
    I salute you and yours. Thanks for all you have done, and will do. Reading your site is like wearing a comfortable pair of shoes!!!
    Michael C. Roberts

  178. Congratulations to Anthony, the contributors, the moderators and of course those who post on WUWT. This truly is the best climate web site and the award is very much deserved.

  179. Congratulations, a victory for evidence based scientific scrutiny rather than the ridiculous notion that science ever moved forward by “consensus”.

  180. Congratulations and thank you. Thank you for being an interesting an informative website. You are my first port of call (followed by CA, The Bish and others), particularly when I feel the warmist wagons circling around and I need to come to you for more ammo. Here in the UK we are so much further down the rocky road to ruin and the total acceptance of the CAGW mantra by central and local government and, as a local councillor, it often feels like one is bashing one’s head against a very hard brick wall. Reading the contributions from you, Anthony, and other contributors AND the replies from all over the world makes it a little easier knowing that there are thousands of others thinking pretty much the same way.
    Well done!!!

  181. Congratulations Anthony. Well merited and deserved with untarnished credibility and integrity intact, unlike Gore’s farcical award of a Nobel Prize.
    Thank you too, to all other posters who, with their comments and links have enriched and revitalised my relatively long life.

  182. RealClimate.com hasn’t posted a new article since 2/22/11. It appears to be in its death throes. That’s gotta hurt.

  183. This is great news. Now where, I wonder, did skepticalscience come? Oh, of course, this category was for a science blog.

  184. Thank you Anthony for shaping this blog the way you have and for providing many hours of enlightened reading. You deserve this award and I can see bigger and better awards in your future.

  185. Congratulations. You deserve this award and more. Well done.
    Thank you for all your hard word. These mere words on this page cannot begin to express the appreciation I have for your work.

  186. I voted and got a confirmation, and tried again after the “15 hrs.”, but later found that subsequent votes merely over-wrote the previous one(s). A good control system; only one vote per person.
    Btw, what’s with the references to “thumbs up/down” on comments? I don’t see that function, even when I tell “NoScript” to allow everything.
    IAC, it’s very satisfying to have helped make WUWT a winner. And finding out about the Rev. Dubya moniker is a bonus!

  187. Maybe there is some justice after all:
    Congrats; you definitely earned it.
    And thank you to both Anthony & the moderator crew, for putting in all the hours necessary to keep the wheels on.

  188. Paul Sorene says:
    February 28, 2011 at 12:38 pm
    Anthony, well done. It’s a brilliant blog. If you ever want to write for Anorak, or let us feature your work – I’d be delighted…

    I checked out the site; it’s very well done, and full of interesting material.

  189. Correction: Anorak is fairly well done, and has some interesting material, on further inspection. A bit Tabloid for my taste, I’m afraid.

  190. ‘scottishsceptic says:
    February 28, 2011 at 3:56 am
    Well done Anthony (from the least read climate blog in the world). But seriously, you get a whole new appreciation of the shear enormity of writing WUWT when you try out a blog and are presented for the first time with a blank page.’
    I think you should check out the dictionary definition of the word ‘enormity’

  191. Congrats to AW and the Team and the tireless moderators. Moderation makes this a great blog. Thank you!

  192. George Lawson says:
    March 1, 2011 at 4:58 am
    ‘scottishsceptic says:
    February 28, 2011 at 3:56 am
    Well done Anthony (from the least read climate blog in the world). But seriously, you get a whole new appreciation of the shear enormity of writing WUWT when you try out a blog and are presented for the first time with a blank page.’
    I think you should check out the dictionary definition of the word ‘enormity’

    Not to mention the spelling of “sheer”.

  193. Another one late here. Congratulations! I’ve been reading for some time and recently have gotten 6 friends to start reading on a regular basis. Thank you for teaching us about science. It was boring in school but it’s way cool here.

  194. WUWT is a truly awful blog.
    Incomprehensible at times.
    [Well then, work on your comprehension. ~dbs]

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