Frostbite Falls

Guest post by E.M.Smith Temperature Inversion  Original Image The Event We’ve recently had some very cold days in International Falls. This posting: has a nice write up of the -46 F new record cold. ( That’s -43.33 C – still damn cold.) This is not just another “oh a record” posting. I’m asking “what…


Open Thread Sunday

In honor of Jeff Id closing The Air Vent, I’m going to take the day off and spend more time with my kids. Be civil and keep the topics germane. Don’t make me come back here. – Anthony

Will global warming survive a strong La Nina?

Guest post by Frank Lansner A global temperature stagnation despite warm El Nino year 2010? After the warm El Nino period 2009-2010, global temperature trends starting 1998 has generally turned positive: The period starts out with a strong El Nino in 1998, however a strong La Nina lasting 3 times longer also has a strong…