WUWT Year End Report

Thanks to everyone that continues to help make WUWT:

“…the world’s most viewed climate website”

– Fred Pearce The Climate Files: The Battle for the Truth about Global Warming

Here’s some year end numbers from my wordpress.com hosted stats page. All numbers represent full page views.

Here’s the data table of completed page views, peak month in green:

WordPress.com sent me this interesting (but a bit silly) year-end summary via email:

There are about 1 million books published worldwide per year. This blog was viewed about 34,000,000 times in 2010. That’s about 34 times as much as the total number of books published in 2010

In 2010, you wrote 1884 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 4175 posts.

Obviously Climategate and Copenhagen in December 2009 was a watershed traffic event, and as interest waned and summer set in, so did traffic. But, the overall trend remains upward:

I offer a special thanks to my moderation team, who work tirelessly in the background to keep this forum running smoothly. Thanks also go to guest posters who help bring a diversity of ideas and discussion.

And for those if you that have sent private messages of encouragement, I sincerely thank you.


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Brian H

Ah, that’s no fun. Where’s the comparison graphs with RC and the other AGW-monger sites?
I know, too triumphalist.
‘Grats anyhow!

Wow, truly impressive.

patrick healy

many congratulations – your valiant efforts at debunking the AGW hype are amply rewarded in the readership of your blog.
it is interesting that your readership exceeds all the MSM pro AGW put together.
not being a stats expert – could you decipher that graph which is obviously some type of hockey stick?
happy new year from Carnoustie

James Chamberlain

Congratulations are certainly in order.
I did just go to alexa and was deathly surprised at the amount of traffic that rohm gets. (well below yours, but appears slightly above gavin and mcintyre). Went to visit his site for the first time in a year or so. The posts are 100% political and also certifiably insane.


Hi Anthony
I am a stay at home mother of three who has been following your blog since my 12 year old son was given an assignment on ‘Global warming’ six years ago. I have a background in science so I researched the topic at the time to help my son with the assignment, and discovered an article by William Kinninmonth. Another by Bob Carter from James Cook University lead me to your site, and as a family, we have been avid followers ever since! I rarely post a comment – I just read and bore my family to tears reiterating facts gleaned from your latest posts! My family have all since become confirmed sceptics – thankyou Anthony and your team for such an informative and interesting blog!
Regards Kirstin

That is why you always see “year to year” sales numbers for stores. Almost every retail store is going to do much better in the late fall than summer, and so it is with blog sites as well. Your “Y2Y” numbers are the real trend, and look good! Other than as you noted the spike last year after Climategate and Copenhagan. (They look good, but it would be hard to maintain them).


Keep up with the good work Anthony and all your backroom boys and girls.
We are also spreading the word amongst some of our family and friends and often refer to your posts in comments on other sites we read, with links of course.
Congratulations and we’ll raise a glass to you tonight to toast your success.
R & JJ (UK)

Richard S Courtney

Congratulations for success earned, achieved and well deserved.


Marvellous news Anthony, marvellous.
Best regards,

Stephen Brown

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
W. S. Churchill, 1942
Anthony and Moderators, your efforts bring readers and also bear fruits. WUWT is now a globally recognised force.

Benjamin P.

Fox News is the most watched too, but seldom accurate.
Congrats on wining the popularity contest Mr. Watts.

Doctor Gee

You da’ man, Anthony (along with your moderators)! Thanks for bringing together a variety of fascinating content worth reading in one site.


Hopefully with those hits your ads pay for the site so you aren’t out of pocket too much.
Keep up the good work.


Thank You Anthony. 3 years ago when we met for the first time, I never would have anticipated this future. You and charles and steve Mc did more than for me anyone in the blogosphere will ever know or appreciate. Thanks bro.

Congratulations! I’m grateful that you continue the work.
BTW, was that a “hottest ever” event in month 27, or do you put it down to el Nino? And are you able to explain why there’s been no increase for the last 10 months? 🙂

Alex the skeptic

Great show Anthony
Ad multos annos. To Anthony, family and his collegues and WUWT
As for me, its become part of my daily education and fun, visiting WUWT.

Joe Horner

Brian H says:
January 6, 2011 at 12:46 pm
Ah, that’s no fun. Where’s the comparison graphs with RC and the other AGW-monger sites?

Don’t think they’re likely to post their wordpress stats but a quick look at alexa.com
Percent of global Internet users who visit wattsupwiththat.com:
Reach Change
1 month 0.01340 +28%
3 month 0.01190 +11%
Percent of global Internet users who visit realclimate.org:
Reach Change
1 month 0.00165 +8%
3 month 0.00156 -7%
Given that 1 month is clearly weather, not climate, that 3 month figure is another decline they’ll have to hide 🙂


Thanks Anthony. A fantastic result.
I became interested in this topic when my son gave me “An Inconvenient Truth” as a Christmas present. I was open-minded about the topic before viewing the film but after watching it became very skeptical regarding the claims the film made about the anthropogenic affect of CO2. I eventually ended up on your site approximately 2 years ago and have gained tremendous respect and admiration for WUWT and all of the contributors that make it a success. Thanks for the valuable service that WUWT is making to the world!


That graph shows a high correlation with atmospheric CO2, Anthony.
Anyway – congratulations and keep up the good work.

sean boyce

I would imagine my experience is similar to many. The 09/10 winter, combined with the ‘climategate emails’, combined with common sense forced me to look at this issue afresh.
I’m a lifelong UK Guardian reading/left leaning liberal. In many respects my politics are unchanged but I’m indebted to Anthony and the many expert contributors to this site for challenging my understanding of the ‘facts’.
The debate is a fascinating one and this blog deserves great credit for continuing that conversation in a spirit of honesty and transparency.
It is the contrast between the tone struck here and that which chimes elsewhere which has for many of us sounded the alarm.
On the one had we have reasonable and measured questions weighed in the balance against received wisdom which claims to represent a ‘consensus’. On the other hand we hear an increasingly shrill and increasingly unyielding chorus defending an increasingly dubious position.
I wish you and yours all the best for 2011 Anthony and congratulations on what you have achieved so far.


Stop the WUWT page views by month at month 27 and you’ve got a handsome hockey stick. Thanks for the tireless efforts of the WUWT team. This site has been a great read!

James Barker

Excellent site, congratulations, Anthony. And as a German supervisor of mine once said, “Keep up the good work!”

Rob Boyd

Now that’s a warming trend I can approve of!
Congratulations, well deserved.

Congratulations Antony.
Best regards

Lew Skannen

Great work Anthony. I said it to you when you were in Hobart and I say it again – thanks for keeping up the good work.

George E. Smith

Well when you let the chips fly; and then let them fall where they may; people tend to notice.
It’s the “Managed News” cadre that get found out early, and lose their credibility.
Have you noticed that quite a few who seem to have already taken the coolade, still come to WUWT to peddle their wares.
The most Conservative “Talk Radio” station that I know of, presents a never ending stream of green leftist warmist, sky is falling, propaganda ads; because even those who absolutely abhor the message of that station, understand the power of readership. Well we should take their money as fast as we can.
Same here Anthony; even the most hardened of the Climatists; know that their message circulation is better at WUWT than at their own kin sites.
So take their money Anthony; and here’s hoping for another banner year; I almost can’t wait until the ice extent starts heading south again; much more funner than any car chase scene.
And I still have high hopes for a road to Damascus episode for Joel Shore !


Anthony, Moderators, Guest Posters, and Commenters,
Thanks for a year of infotainment, truth, and fun. I appreciate this site very much – it has been a real eye-opener for me as I only got interested after Climategate. And to you all that saw through the fakery that is CAGW my hat is off to all of you. Have a great skeptical year, stay warm, and keep having fun.

George Turner

Congratulations on a job well done, but I think WordPress is a bit mistaken about the million books a year statistic. They probably mean a million titles a year or some such thing, given that J.K. Rowlings “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” sold 3 million copies in the US in just two days, and “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” sold 9 million copies in 24 hours.
I’m not sure WordPress should be informed of this discrepancy, as they might really think they’re winning hands-down against dead-tree print formats and the inevitable ego deflation might affect their quality of service.
I say we keep them blissfully ignorant. 🙂

Dr T G Watkins

Congratulations to you and the team from Wales.
Guest posters and a host of informed, literate commentators are also to be congratulated.
At some stage even the politicians and MSM will take notice.


Kiitokset Anton.
Ihan Suomeksi.


I am a twice a day wuwt viewer and have been for the last 18 months. It is now an integral part of my daily routine.
I am constantly amazed at the amount and quality of information 0n the site and cannot get enough of it.
Thanks for the continuing education, long may you and your team keep up the good work.
I have a feeling in my bones that 2011 is going to be a tipping point in this complex non linear coupled and chaotic debate and you and your team will be needed explain the intricacies to the non-scientists like me.
Thank you

R Campbell

Are these real numbers? Or do they have various multipliers to correct possible mistakes? You truly are one of my favorite websites.

Well done Anthony and my fellow moderators. And big thanks to the quality contributors here, both authors and commenters.
We have changed the debate together, and forced the powers that be to offer us seats at the table.
Onwards 2011!


I (like many others) am highly appreciative of this site, even with the obligatory trolls the openness of discussion is its prime attraction.
I absolutely detest the RC site – the comments and general ethos is completely manufactured. I haven’t been there for ages and refuse to go, even for an update because I’d hate to be giving them ‘hits’!
well done one and all, especially Anthony and the mods!

Anthony & the Moderators,
Great job. Interesting and challenging content. Critical and knowledgeable comments, tastefully presented (even when some commenters might prefer otherwise). 🙂
I have long since turned off those shouting “denier” and “anti-science”. I no longer even read their posts, no less respond to them. Ad hominem attacks are the last refuge of the intellectually challenged, even those with a PhD.
Keep on keepin’ on!


Unfortunately if a number of readers apply the same reading to that graph as they do global temperature graphs they will conclude there has been a decline in readership since December 2009.

David L

I don’t remember how I stumbled onto your site but I’m glad I did. I think I was searching the internet for the latest of Mann’s antics a few years ago and Google brought up a link to one of your posts.
I view this site constantly throughout the day. I find the posts and the comments absolutely fascinating. I never can wait for the latest round!
Congratulations on the well deserved traffic. Keep up the great work!


Using my Internet Change Model I’m projecting that in 50 years you will have 200 trillion page views – I’m afraid you must restrict your blogposts to prevent the destruction of the internets

UK Sceptic

It’s always good to see hard work rewarded. Well done Anthony!

David L

Onion says:
January 6, 2011 at 3:08 pm
Unfortunately if a number of readers apply the same reading to that graph as they do global temperature graphs they will conclude there has been a decline in readership since December 2009.”
And if Mann et al. read the graph, they’d stop at Jan 2010, model the rise as a hockey stick, and conclude within 10 years the internet will melt down from projected billions and billions of hits per day…then spend the rest of the year justifying their projections even as the new data refuted those projections.


The only site I get up in the morning and check out.
Best regards – but beware of burnout – its happened to me twice and I tell you its
pretty horendous to live thru.

Congrats Anthony. Keep up the good work. Nature is working on the side of climate realism, so sanity and reason will soon prevail over this huge global climate racket.


Onion says:
January 6, 2011 at 3:08 pm
‘Unfortunately if a number of readers…etc’ – why say ‘Unfortunately’? – because they conclude a decline in global temperatures? – So, let me get this straight, you are saying the decline in temperatures is as apparent from the graphs as the decline in readership? or did you get yourself all confused by your reverse logic? If said readers conclude that the temp graphs have declined and the facts show that readership has declined – both are correct, yes?
Your warmist illogic doesn’t wash here – best go back to Real Climate!

Congrats Anthony for what you do. It’s the best !!!


I’m probably been late to the party (compared to most) but appreciate the wealth information provided by your blog. Through it, I learn something new everyday.
A big thank you to Anthony and others who make this blog possible. Best wishes for really ‘cool’ (in the vernacular, tho’ I’m not sure it can be avoided:-) 2011 and congratulations on a wonderful achievement.

Steve Keohane

Congratulations Anthony, and thank you. You are welcome to start your time off any time now. All the best to you and yours.

I’m very Impressed by the high quality of posts from this site and the amount of intelligent comments from it’s readers, I’m surprised that more people are not standing up to the snake oil salesmen trying to sell “cagw” to the public and the bucket full of blatant lies coming from government bodies, public officials and all those on the “climate change gravy train”.
When you are all finished patting your selves on the back and basking in all the well deserved Congratulations and popularity GET BACK TO WORK (ha ha ha).

I thought meteorology and climatology pretty boring until a few years ago when the Alarmists started turning up the heat (as it were), and I realized they could not account for geo-climatic history (a mile of ice over Boston just 20K years ago, for instance), not to mention recent human history (the settlement of Greenland by Vikings), so were clearly pushing a political agenda with little or no scientific basis. But it was hard to argue with the then ‘conventional wisdom’ without more facts. So it was with gratitude that I finally discovered WUWT, which not only offered a treasure-trove of evidence and discussion, but turned these dry, abstruse topics into matters of intense interest. Controversy, of course, is the life of the mind, and WUWT delves right to the heart of the debate, pulling no punches. Even when it’s over my head, it’s fascinating.
So thanks Anthony and company, and let’s hope that by this time next year the Climatists will be hiding in South American caves with the Lysenkoists and the perpetrators of Piltdown Man—and the politicians will have given up trying to find ways to tax the infamous ‘carbon’.
/Mr Lynn

Paul Vaughan

Nonoy Oplas wrote, “Nature is working on the side of climate realism […]”
Well said.


You should be proud of your accomplishments. While the main stream media blows left and right according to their marketing polls, you uphold what were once the ideals of journalism: neutrality, objectivity, clear and concise reporting and unbiased analysis. Although many consider yours to be a “skeptic” website, I consider it to be a fair-minded forum for climate news and, more importantly, analysis. You have made significant strides in helping people understand climate science and helped inform and shape the debate regarding the issues arising from that scientific research.
Again, thank you. And keep up the good work.