Breaking: Japan refuses to extend Kyoto treaty at Cancun

Japan in 1997:

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Japan today:

Cancún climate change summit: Japan refuses to extend Kyoto protocol

Talks threatened with breakdown after forthright Japanese refusal to extend Kyoto emissions commitments

* John Vidal, Wednesday 1 December 2010 18.16 GMT

Japan refuses to extend Kyoto protocol. ‘The forthrightness of the statement took people by surprise,’ said one British official

The delicately balanced global climate talks in Cancún suffered a serious setback last night when Japan categorically stated its opposition to extending the Kyoto protocol – the binding international treaty that commits most of the world’s richest countries to making emission cuts.

The Kyoto protocol was adopted in Japan in 1997 by major emitting countries, who committed themselves to cut emissions by an average 5% on 1990 figures by 2012.

However the US congress refused to ratify it and remains outside the protocol.

The brief statement, made by Jun Arima, an official in the government’s economics trade and industry department, in an open session, was the strongest yet made against the protocol by one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

He said: “Japan will not inscribe its target under the Kyoto protocol on any conditions or under any circumstances.”

The move came out of the blue for other delegations at the conference.

more at the Guardian


Reality bites, when Japan says something so blunt, you know they mean it – Anthony

h/t to WUWT reader Steve (Paris)

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So the country that hosted that farce now rejects it. Can you get a better example of rejection of this political agenda?

To what delicate balance does the Grauniad refer? Whether or not the delegates can maintain a shred of dignity as the farce unfolds?

Vince Causey

Kyoto has achieved precisely nothing. Even if you were a rabid believer in AGW catastrophism, it is obvious that there is absolutely no point in continuing. The EU will continue to offset their emissions to enable business as usual. Japan has merely stated the obvious.

Dave D

Very well said, Japan! They are waking up and smelling the cherry blossoms.


Good for Japan!
Not that it’s likely, but wouldn’t it be awesome if the rest of the attending countries would do the same? I mean, in my ideal fantasy world they ALL stand up, admit the whole thing is a load of crap, and go home.


Good on them – I believe that they are following through on what Dr Kiminori Itoh started in June last year.
Such a forthright statement from a country like Japan really is one in the eye for the alarmists.
Looks like Canada may have to hand back it’s Fossil prize !!!

Daniel M

What sound does the first domino make?

Sean Peake

Cue music: Fugue in G minor


Breaking: Japan refuses to extend Kyoto treaty at Cancun

And the signs were there just a week ago:

Reuters – November 25, 2010
Japan says extending Kyoto pact is “meaningless”
“European countries from this year have proposed that it could be okay to extend the commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol if it is joined by major emitters, but we have made clear that this is not acceptable,” Minamikawa told a news conference.
“Even if the issue of extending the Kyoto Protocol becomes a major item on the agenda in Cancun and Japan finds itself isolated, Japan will not agree to this.”.

Steve Keohane

From the Guardian:
“If it proves to be a new, formal position rather than a negotiating tactic, it could provoke a walk-out by some developing countries and threaten a breakdown in the talks.”
One can only hope.


Kyoto was/is worthless if the goal is too actually make a difference in AGW. Just run the climate models with Kyoto and without Kyoto. The difference is negligible.
So what’s it really about then? Redistribution of wealth, perhaps? A signatory gets to send their factories and jobs to Asia and China, India, et al, get to pollute instead?

Daniel M says: “What sound does the first domino make?”

Sean Peake

@ Daniel M: riffing a bit
If a domino falls in Cancun, does it make a sound? Ummm… Yes, one that can be heard around the world

James Sexton

Sean Peake says:
December 2, 2010 at 8:43 am
Cue music: Fugue in G minor
Strange, but the music running through my head was Judy Garland and a bunch of Munchkins. Although our warmist friends may instead prefer a piece from Chopin.

Wow! Not a lot of wiggle room there! I guess the Japanese got ticked that they didn’t win any of the “Fossil Of The Year’ awards, and are trying to make a bold, early run for next years contest!


Japan got the short end of the stick in the Kyoto protocol. It is one of the most energy efficient industrial powers yet it’s paying for carbon credits from the Ukraine (eastern Europe and the USSR under the Soviets were extraordinarily inefficient). The participants keep raising the spector of the USA and China but the baseline year of 1990 is also a factor. Japan aggressive pursued energy efficiency in the decade after the oil shock of the 1970’s so the low hanging fruit was gone by 1990. Europe on the other hand and a re-unified Germany in particular had knew they had a lot of excess credits from the inefficiency of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nations. In 1997 when the treaty was hammered out Europe took advantage of this fact. Its no surprise that the country that did all the right things for all the wrong reasons (energy security vs. climate) but prior to an arbitrary date says enough is enough. Kyoto was deeply flawed and these flaws hit Japan harder than any other country. Add to this that China has surpassed Japan as the 2nd largest economy in the world but its still classified as a developing nation plus the clear signal from the US that it is also in not going to sign any kind of continuation of the Kyoto Treaty, the only thing surprising is that Japan did not get to this position much sooner.

Malaga View

And in related news: Turkeys vote to postpone Christmas….

I wonder why the Cancun-con doesn’t embrace nuclear power?

Malaga View

You know it makes sense: Just say NO to KYOTO… and you can exhale now…

Japan has a ring side seat with the worst poluter in the world – China. Any extension of Kyoto would hamstring the Japanese economy just as China is burgeoning. The Japanese did not build an economic empire on stupidity.

Many times on this site I read about things like 350, 10:10 and others that really depress me about the lack of intelligence (pure stupidty) thats out there. But when I read things like this story it’s very uplifting and gratifying and makes me feel all fuzzy and warm.
Thank you Anthony!


While Trondheim, Norway sees the coldest temperatures recorded in over 200 years.
Berlin is calling for -20C next week. It is freezing in the UK.
I think Japan figures we can use all the CO2 we can get right about now!

Jeff Norman

“Kyoto has achieved precisely nothing.”
I don’t think this is true at all. The Kyoto Treaty achieved all sorts of things but similar to many climate models the original drafters of the agreement got the sign wrong. “Ohhh, it was a negative forcing all along, I guess we missed that one.”
Here are the top ten things achieved by Kyoto.
1. It got a Japanese city into the news for something other than earthquakes.
2. It provided the environmental movement with a new cause celeb.
3. It gave Bjorn Lomborg something to write about.
4. It provided the confidence to write e-mails outlining attempts to hijack science.
5. It legitimized the IPCC process.
6. It started the Chicago carbon exchange.
7. It allowed Michael Mann to rewrite clime history.
8. It allowed an Indian train engineer to start his own businesses.
9. It brought Phil Jones’ work to the forefront of scientific thought on climate.
10. It bought Al Gore a front row seat on the global warming bandwagon.


I like it. “No means no” in diplo-speak.


Who writes this wordy ethereal crap anyway?
Cut to the chase, “Japan cans it”
Who in their right mind would pay someone to do something
that they are not allowed to do, in the first place?

Steve Oregon

I think the better headline is
Kyoto drops Kyoto

Baa Humbug

Malaga View says:
December 2, 2010 at 9:01 am

And in related news: Turkeys vote to postpone Christmas….

Hey don’t laugh, my local RSPCA asked me to take in a rescued turkey a few weeks ago. Belonged to an unkind person apparantly.
Mr Bojangles is his name now, and Xmas is definately cancelled for him. (but I might make him a carrot and corn cake)


That Global Warming Gravy & Fame Train is derailing faster than the bottom is falling out of the carbon trading market.
A fine wreck to sit back and watch . . . the debris pile will be topped off with the shattered credibility of the global environmental movement.

John from CA

PhilJourdan says:
December 2, 2010 at 9:06 am
Japan has a ring side seat with the worst poluter in the world – China. Any extension of Kyoto would hamstring the Japanese economy just as China is burgeoning. The Japanese did not build an economic empire on stupidity.
Exactly, why would they sign a legally binding agreement when China and India aren’t willing to do so.

Peter Walsh

Daniel M says:
December 2, 2010 at 8:40 am
What sound does the first domino make?
No sound whatsoever.
We are surrounded by global warming here in Ireland.
We call it SNOW!

So, Japan is in the pay of Big-oil! They will be happy to learn that.

M White

“Kyoto has achieved precisely nothing.”
11 It enabled governments to increase taxes for no good reason
If you want to inform the BBC that the whole of the northern hemisphere is approaching its winter season-
“Lethal cold weather grips northern Europe”
Have you been affected by the heavy snowfall? You can send us your experiences using the form below.

Gord Richmond

Will Stephane Dion be renaming his dog, or will he simply have the poor thing euthanized?

Tony B (another one)

Interesting to see just how little mention of Cancun is evident on the BBC website. You have to really dig to find anything on “the sombre news”. Contrast with the hype of 1 year ago, when the BBC had 200+ personnel chanting the mantra in the snows of Copenhagen.
This year the 200 seem to be reporting the unseasonably cold and snowy conditions around the UK, instead. I find it really amusing to see that the reporters dotted around in the freezing wastes, all consistently dressed in their “North Face” jackets (I wonder how much that publicity is worth), are almost to a man (and woman) not wearing hats, which is just bonkers in these conditions. I suppose hats are banned, as they might indicate that someone has planned for the global cooling phase that we are so clearly in.
At least the woman reporting from the Scottish location (I have forgotten its name – so surprised that BBC has not made a big deal of it….) with the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the UK has been given permission to wear one. Got to thank ‘Ealth and Safetee’ for something I suppose.


I would love to, love to, love to believe that this signals the beginning of the end but there is a huge industry behind AGW that will not walk quietly into the night. Drive from Chicago to Omaha through Iowa or to North Dakota through Minnesota. It’s astonishing. From 2007 to 2010 those wind farms have bred like rabbits. Forests of them and oversize load truck after truck carrying components to erect more of them. I fear all these progenitors will not wish to be easily embarrassed.

Oh i would love to see those faces now of flag waving girls and boys who organise “the fossil of the year award”. For them it must be Pearl Harbour all over again.

Steve in SC

I love it when a plan comes together!


So far, only the Guardian has latched on to this story, but that could be because of this quote at Wikipedia, under the heading “Journalists working for Russian intelligence services”:
Oleg Gordievsky commented on the newspaper: “The KGB loved the Guardian. It was deemed highly susceptible to penetration”
Let us hope that the Guardian is reporting pravda.


A dose of realism is pervading the Cancun talks which are no longer about climate change. It is now all about redistributing the wealth of the world by replacing our current monetary system with one based on carbon emission.
Unfortunately for the ruling elite (the old monied puppet masters of the UN), the plan could only work if 80% of the population of the world was willing to sacrifice their freedom to ‘save the world’, but they were too slow to get governments to agree to binding treaties before climate oscillated back into cold mode again.
Here in Sunny Sussex on the south coast of England we are ‘enjoying’ 16″ of global warming, and few people I know believe in the CAGW meme. We now need to be watchful for the next attempt to foist a world government upon us and be prepared to defend against it as we have with climate change.


Excellent news…! Mind you – nobody ever seemed to read Kyoto, because all the politicians kept on about CO2 (can be taxed, see…) when Kyoto always talked about reducing greenhouse gases as CO2 EQUIVALENT…
Anyway – we live in interesting times, folks…

Japan … renowned for the high quality of their products … must have taken one look at the rubbish coming out of the CRU and decided that it couldn’t put it’s name to anything based on such poor quality work.

Scamcoon is dead!!!


I’m loving the fact it’s the Guardian reporting it. I imagine (although I haven’t visited the article) that there’s a lot of hypocritical piety in the comments section!

Henry chance

They are closer to getting nuked over this than N Korea is for it’s recent stunts.
All the greenie talk and luv for all things Chinese. Japan was the second largest economy in the world. It still is very close to #2.
Japan is showing a little leadership.

Alex the skeptic

So that’s what Cancun was all about, pulling the plug on the life support machine.
When is the funeral?
Will Obama and other (rolling) heads of state be attending? No they cannot, most of them are snow bound at the moment, and according to Piers Corbyn, we have it like this till end of February with record lows and snows never seen before.
This follows last winter’s record land snow cover, northern hemisphere.
The Cancunians can at least enjoy the sun; wait a minute, let me check the weather there; oh, its rainy all the way. Pity.

Alex the skeptic

Global Climate Disruption has been disrupted at Cancun by the Kyotoans.
So what’s next? Ocean acidification? Global Oxygen Depletion?

Justa Joe

Jeff Norman says:
Here are the top ten things achieved by Kyoto.
You omitted one of the greatest benefits of Kyoto. It gave the the Int’l left a vehicle to bash America in generaL and Bush specifically even though Clinton already signed Kyoto, which the Senate never ratified. (the left never let facts get in the way of effective propaganda).
So will everyone now vindicate the USA since Kyoto is demonstrably the joke that we all knew that it was?

tarpon says:
December 2, 2010 at 9:02 am
I wonder why the Cancun-con doesn’t embrace nuclear power?

Because that would lead to prosperity for developed nations. Can’t be having that! The goal is, not about saving the environment, but about bringing down the so-called developed nations. And I personally believe the goal for the UN is to give them sovereignty over all other nations.


Japan is the the most advanced technocracy in the world. There is no way they will accept to give away their “toys” and lifestyle to the third world via this fraudulent scheme.

jimb from Canada

Well for year alarmists have screamed we must change before we hit a tipping point!
Now that I believe we’ve hit that tipping point, I know what they ment, and that were so worried we would see it happen.
We all need to push a little more to help the tipping point called “the truth”, finally jump over the hurdle.
Speaking of Japan, I wonder if Al Gore knows what Seppuku is? Considering hes a politican and lawyer, I doubt it.