The Sunday Funnies

Josh has been busy on the day of rest and this “Global Day of Doing”. He writes:

More on the Wegman plagiarism story. I still cannot work out whether this is a distraction from something else or another massive own goal. A very helpful post by Tom Fuller over at WUWT tho’. Which inspired this.

It is the 10:10 Global Day of Doing.

It is ten minutes past ten o’clock on the tenth day of the tenth month of 2010.

A thought…

As it is a Sunday I am celebrating with not doing a whole heap of things, and

doing a lesser carbon-cutting heap of jolly good things like gardening and drawing.

…saving the planet one cartoon at a time 😉

BONUS EXTRA: Motivated by the evil annoying feckless bunny, I followed a link back to Hot-Topic New Zealand, who just can’t stand the fact that we are beating him 7-1 in reach in NZ, and so decided to write a smear article.

Only one problem for our truffle farmer turned climate crusader – his lack of tolerance for dissent in even the simplest form:

Wow, I’ve been called “thin skinned” for not tolerating some abusive anonymous trolls, but when you disable portions of your own website just to deny all visitors the chance to give their invited opinion, well that’s the kind of exclusionary thing you’d expect a 10:10 supporter to do.

Maybe he’ll put it back his thumbs-down “dislike” button. No pressure. Heh.

49 thoughts on “The Sunday Funnies

  1. Somehow, it 10:10 has jumped from 73,000 to 96,000 again. in a day
    Exploding Mr Cresoote was one of them

  2. I think I will commemorate the day by mixing up a batch of vinegar and soda, creating a whole bunch of new “carbon pollution”. Heh, heh, heh.

  3. Presently, I’m waiting for the lumberyard to open so I can nail some more sequestered carbon on the the front of my house.

  4. As the right hand is absent, are we to assume that it does not know what the left hand is proposing to do? If so, it seems very appropriate.

  5. Hmmmmm …
    Approxiamtely twenty minutes or so until that magic moment arrives here on the east coast … 10:10:10:10:10:10:10:10:10, and on and on. Franny and her cohorts … none too bright. Now’s the moment’s passed, does her organization fold with but one crowning moment of glory, the viral video see the world over.
    Or on the morrow, will 10:10 rise phoenix-like as 11:11?

  6. Today is the campaign day of 10:10. It is also 65 year since the formation of North Korea’s communist party. To celebrate this rare occasion, the Dear Leader Kim Jung-il today said he encourages the South to follow him in his 99:99 campaign.
    Cut the carbon footprint relative to the depraved capitalist South by 99%.
    They should follow in the footstep of North Korea’s shining example!
    Night picture!
    The Dear leader later added “I have red button too” No pressure!
    This is satire!

  7. >> All wise, listen up.
    >> This means something, this imports:
    >> Shun mashed potatoes.
    <a href="Or DO the Mashed Potato!

  8. Shouldn’t it be a day for not breathing, the CO2 not generated would be a fine present to Gaia. Indeed, my computer model suggests that if all warmies hold their breath until midnight ………. there will be a lot less irritating people around tomorrow. I bet that’s better than you thought!

  9. [Now it has come to Haiku! (kim’s: at 5:54 am)]
    There will be a Global Climate Action Day event here in this little Northern California Town. I wonder if it will be a celebration? After all, total global cyclonic energy is at a 33 year low. Antarctic sea ice was near record high. Arctic temps were colder than average nearly all summer. We’ve had fewer days above 90° this year than is typical. I’ll I ask the questions, but make sure I have a clear escape route first.

  10. What a beautiful 10-10-10…
    The temperature is nice in the house… I will turn up the furnace.
    It’s a nice day out there… I will cut the grass.
    Oh, I see one or two leaves in the driveway… I will use my 2-stroke leaf blower.
    This afternoon we will go some off-road in our big AWD.
    To finish it off, we will have a big bbq and a deep fried turkey.
    On Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful of all of mankind’s technology that make our life fun and enjoyable.

  11. Under the Delivery Partners of the 1010 org., you can read:
    “Olswang LLP
    Keeping us out of jail, free”
    Brilliant, I thought. So they are keeping you out of jail when you kill people?
    I then found at the Olswang LLC website
    that they write: “Our pioneering and problem-solving ethos …”
    Maybe Olswang endorse that kind of “problem solving ethos”, maybe they are just as “pioneering” as 1010 in the video?
    One should ask them about their ethos and about their “keeping 1010 out of jail” – they have a contact page on the website.

  12. Sequestered carbon is now turning yellow, orange, and red, and falling all over my lawn. Do I rake them up to be burned, immediately adding to the current CO2 content of the atmosphere, or do I pile them down by the far fence to seep back slowly? I suppose since the sequestered carbon structures from whence these came will need it next spring, I shall do the former.

  13. So many own goals, (I mean gifts), from the warmists, I think we probably have enough to rewrite the lyrics of ‘The twelfth day of Christmas.’
    On the second day of Christmas, 10:10 gave to me,
    two exploding children and a decline that was hidden in a trick.
    Ok, I’m not very good at it. Ideas anyone?

  14. Ian E says:
    October 10, 2010 at 8:16 am
    “Shouldn’t it be a day for not breathing, the CO2 not generated would be a fine present to Gaia. Indeed, my computer model suggests that if all warmies hold their breath until midnight ………. there will be a lot less irritating people around tomorrow. I bet that’s better than you thought!”
    If it’s not CO2 of fossil fuel origin , then it doesn’t count – apparently…

  15. Latest 10:10 news from UK.
    Rampant Apathy the prevalent emotion in London.
    Crowds not gathering in Streets.
    No outpourings of spontaneous emotion.
    Sun predicted to set in west again this evening.
    News from our cycling correspondent:
    Folks. I bring a despatch hot pedal from a day cycling with my local biking chums. Normally of a fairly greenish/libdem/beards and sandal tinge, I was expecting some fun at their expense re ‘No Pressure’.
    But not even a mention over lunch. Not becasue they were embarrassed, but because they had never heard of the 10:10 campaign, and cared even less. The only discussion of the date referred to the supposed auspiciousness of the date for getting married. Admittedly the obergruppen GruneMeister was not there today, but it may have been because he – who under it all is quite a nice and thoughtful guy – was bust on other things today.
    For the record…17 cyclists, 32 miles, 5 hours together…and not a peep about 10:10. Fannie’s strategy to engage the already committed os shaping up to be as big a triumph as her venture into grown up media presentations. Tee Hee!

  16. I have been holding out on firing up the heating until absolutely necessary. You know, no need to use energy needlessly. But today I was sitting here freezing as the temp has plumetted.
    So I fired up the central heating and bled the air from the radiators in the house. Nice and cosy now.
    Sitting back down this thought suddenly popped into my head…
    10:10 today and it is the day I fire up the heating for the forthcoming winter season.
    How ironic! 🙂
    Done my bit.

  17. Once every year there is a Red Nose day, in favour of some very worthy causes.
    One wonders if Red Button day will come to enjoy anything like the same level of enduring popularity

  18. From Sarah on Iowahawk:
    “The six of us here at home will throw some dead meat on the wood-burning smoker; pour used motor oil into the burning pit and set it on fire; add a tire or two to the flames for more-impressive smoke; and send lots and lots of lead downrange.
    And that’s just the morning schedule. Later, we’ll fly to California, fire up the chainsaws, and start cutting down some old redwoods for our spotted-owl feast. On disposable plates, of course, which we’ll attempt to wash anyway just so that we can waste water.
    If I’m feeling particularly outraged at the 10.10 crowd, I just might procreate – think of it! An entirely new human to suck down resources and increase my family’s carbon footprint.”

  19. for Vince at 9:02:
    (lalala) On the 10th of October, 10:10 group gave to me:
    10 percent reductions
    9 pounds blueberries
    8 of disbelievers
    7 flights to meetings
    6 sigma tree-rings

  20. for Vince at 9:02:
    (lalala) On the 10th of October, 10:10 group gave to me:
    10 percent reductions
    9 pounds blueberries
    8ing disbeliev-ah-s (line to be sung in cockney accent)
    7 flights to meetings
    6 sigma tree-rings
    4 saken science
    3 misted sceptics
    2 exploding students
    and Gaia’s anger channelled at meeeeeeee!

  21. What did I do for 10.10.10? Dug up a load of native flax plants and took them to the tip. They were bothering me as they’d overgrown the driveway and I couldn’t see as I was reversing my big Holden V8 up it.
    The Hot Topic thread comments are comedy gold by the way. i can imagine all the regulars sitting there in chunky jumpers, mugs of lentil soup in hand, ready to repel the rampaging hordes of WUWT realists! Couldn’t find a “dislike” button though.

  22. This Sunday is Douglas Adams day. Did you spot that 101010 is the binary value for 42 (32+8+2) – the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything? Fans of “Hitch-hiker” please note.

  23. I spent the day building the molds for the fuel tanks for my jet glider conversion.
    What is really funny is that it will save fuel compared to launching by airplane tow or even retrieving by car in the event of an outlanding although it will be less fuel efficient than using a piston engine and propeller.
    So where do I fit?

  24. Vince Causey says:
    October 10, 2010 at 9:02 am
    So many own goals, (I mean gifts), from the warmists, I think we probably have enough to rewrite the lyrics of ‘The twelfth day of Christmas.’
    On the second day of Christmas, 10:10 gave to me,
    two exploding children and a decline that was hidden in a trick.
    Ok, I’m not very good at it. Ideas anyone?
    For your education may I suggest this link

    along with the admonition to ‘be very careful of what you wish for’
    regards (and early best wishes for a happy christmas)
    john r

  25. alternatively,
    a very merry methane christmas to all—-

    (meant in the best possible taste —— of course)
    john r

  26. Well its all over in UK, and the earlier remarks about apathy have been confirmed from the 10:10 website. Almost nothing happened to ‘celebrate’ 10:10.
    Some people in Nottingham had a bring and buy sale. One or two went on a bike ride in Durham. 8 earnest looking people in Derbyshire got together in field to play ‘Carbonopoly’..presumably a variation on the popular Monopoly board game. Somebody talked to somebody else about 10:10 outside a library in Haringey. London. That must have been a highspot!
    As nothing else happened in UK, it was pleasing to know that in Zimbabwe, some schoolkids tidied the schoolyard (though what this has to do with carbon reduction has totally escaped me), and in Lithuania, a nice lady has started to plant some tress (ditto). In Berlin, ‘Katie and Mark’ made the ultimate sacrifice and ‘pledged’ to give up bottled water – though this maybe simple economics
    And that was that!! You have to ask whether it was the biggest flop in history. The lion roared, blew up a few kids, ruined the reputation of two ‘film makers’, setback the ‘Climate Change’ agenda by 10 years…and in Berlin, one or two fewer bottles of water get sold. Big f…g deal!
    Oh – and I’ve resigned from Sustrans who were stupid enough to remain associated with 10:10 even after No Problem. That’ll cost them 300 pounds (c. 500 USD) of my voluntary donations each year. Any suggestions on how I could spend it better?

  27. I drove 686 miles from Orem, Utah to Las Vegas and back. Went to my daughter’s wedding. I’m going to guess she might want some baby carbon suckers. And 4 of my 5 kids used another car for a total of 1372 miles, and my daughter and her now husband drove from Seattle.
    I’m so proud of my kids! They have no idea they were helping me out. We gotta stop that coming ice age you know 🙂
    PS. The Bellagio fountains are great. Think of the power it takes to run those.

  28. Hi Folks!
    To commemorate the 10:10 eco-snuff movie, I would like to suggest that October 10 henceforth be celebrated worldwide as Climate Fools Day.
    Let this day forever be a reminder of how the eco-fascists blew themselves up with their own hateful propaganda, marking the beginning of the end of the global warming scam.
    Can our internet-savvy friends please help create a website–something along the lines of “”–with links to the 10:10 eco-snuff movie. The objective is to shame these green bullies and remind them that civilized people won’t tolerate their unacceptable fascist behavior.
    e.g. text on website page:
    [Ticking countdown] LEFT TO CLIMATE FOOLS DAY!
    CLIMATE FOOLS DAY is a day of peace and sanity where the free peoples of the world celebrate:
    – The end of eco-fascism
    – Electricity and all its life-enriching benefits
    – Oil and coal and all their life-enriching benefits
    – Cows and all their tasty benefits
    – All the good things about protecting and caring for our environment, minus the fraud that is carbon taxation, emissions trading, biofuels and other unproven renewable energy technologies
    But No Pressure!
    – 10:10 eco-snuff video
    – Franny Armstrong’s Half-assed Hahaha Apology
    – 10:10’s follow-up whiny “I just got a baby” apology
    – Sony statement
    – Kyocera statement
    – Mind-boggling hypocritical statement by’s Bill McKibben, condemning the 10:10 movie while calling those who question the science of global warming “deniers”
    And maybe at the next Climate Fools Day, we could have a big event like the Burning Man Festival–where a giant UPSIDE DOWN MANN made out of watermelons is blown sky high at the push of a button. That would be a sight to behold.
    Possible activities and merchandise:
    – Hot air balloon rides
    – Mike’s Magic “Trick” show (will attempt to make Ken Cucinelli disappear)
    – Hold your breath competition (sponsored by EPA)
    – Sugababes and Sting in concert, featuring the hit singles “Push The Button” and “Every Breath You Take”
    – Haunted Hothouse featuring demons like James Hansen, John Holdren, Al Gore, Osama bin Laden, etc.
    – Franny Armstrong blow-up doll (for men who have the urge to screw watermelons)
    – Phil Jones FOI Request Blocker and Auto-delete Email software
    – Rajendra Pachauri voodoo science doll (comes with IPCC approved temperature spikes)
    – Warm beer
    IMHO this event would really make a killing. The sales of t-shirts and hockey sticks could really blow up.
    And look at what’s happening in Germany–Where is the outcry and condemnation of the 10:10 eco-snuff movie by German leaders? Germany is so heavily invested in the carbon trading scam that they are now ignoring exactly the same type of behaviour that led to WWII. Will failure to act against the global warming scam lead to WWIII? How ironic would that be? A war brought on by the fraud of a noble peace prize winner.

  29. In honor of 10:10 I started the day with extra tea (boil boil, toil and trouble), proceeded to drive around to several shopping malls in a large wagon, had a nice big grilled lunch prepared on a grill about 4 ft x 8 ft, had a Starbucks (of non-politically correct type), and dove to the Mission Santa Clara again (pictures “soon”). Then dumped a load of leaves and apples in the backyard to compost (and release their stored carbon) before baking a very large lasagna in the oven (served with various pastries and cakes including a cheese cake and ice cream).
    Then, just for fun, I figure out just how small a chunk of wood it takes to “sequester” all the CO2 over a 1 square foot area of land. 13.6 ounces. About the size of a modest paper back book. Pictures here:
    And got the wood pile in order for burning this winter. A pleasant day all around…

  30. I didn’t have time to get the T-shirt printed for the day.
    The one with a big red button.
    I had more pressing appointments.

  31. Peter P. says:
    October 10, 2010 at 9:19 pm
    “[…] Will failure to act against the global warming scam lead to WWIII?”
    Oh please. We are busy building the nursing homes for our aging Greens. They are good for one or the other political folly, but a war? I beg you. By now, they didn’t even manage to wreck the German economy.

  32. Since 11/10 is Thanksgiving in Canada (they do it earlier than the US in case it is too cold to fire up the grill, I think), I’ve saved my conspicuous carbon usage until today. Not having a grill in the apartment, I will use the over-sized oven for the rather small turkey (only a few of us this year), but start good and early so it will use the most carbon possible!
    I’ve bought veggies from as far away as I could find (although that probably took less carbon than “buying local” – I couldn’t resist) and will rinse them in lots and lots of water.
    Absolutely nothing about 10:10 here in Canada – if it wasn’t for “No Pressure” I wouldn’t have known I needed to burn lots more yesterday!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  33. Peter P above.
    I love the idea of having 10:10 as Climate fools Day for ever and ever. Must set goals for all members to accomplish so we will need a “Mission Statement” to go along with it.
    Latimer Adler, I suggest a new gas fired barbecue grill. Also one of those gas guzzling patio heaters.
    Peter Walsh

  34. Further to Peter Ps comment about 10:10 being nominated as Climate fools day, I think that we should have an “emblem” or badge to wear on the day.
    Needless to say, we have an obvious pre-designed badge alread waiting for us.
    Can you imagine, a small lapel badge or broach, quite simple in design. Not measuring more than about an inch long, by half an inch wide with a small red button superimposed on top. Might be ideal. Must think of a suitable “motto”, e.g. here lie the ruins of…10:10..the corpse of Saint Al, Mann’s woodwork,
    Designed by Josh maybe and made available for sale vis WUWT and Bishop Hill, Jo Nova etc. All profits to go to WUWT, Bishop Hill, Jo Nova etc to help them carry on the good work and to give Jo some more chocolate…!
    Peter Walsh, Ireland

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