UEA/CRU responds to Climategate "inquiries"

h/t to Bishop Hill who writes: UEA has issued a response to the various inquiries. The timing is odd, to say the least. Perhaps they’ve all been on holiday. See it here. What he’s alluding to is unspoken rule number one in public relations: “If you have something you must announce but really don’t want…


GRACE under fire

Guest post by Thomas Fuller It is hard to understand many of those who are convinced that climate change will destroy civilization. Previous ideas about massive sea level rise or tipping points leading to unending temperature increases have been debunked. Conventional theory on climate change points to moderate temperature and sea level rises that can…

Sea Ice News #21

This week was a true roller coaster ride with Arctic Sea Ice. It is best summed up by looking at the JAXA graph for extent, shown below: Below, see the area of interest magnified.