Choose a winner for the caption contest

This post, showing a photograph from Doug Mills of The New York Times generated over 1000 comments. To pick the best caption for this, I have a voting poll below. May the best caption win.

Here are the top ten eleven (well, I just had to add my own) captions based on our proprietary feedback model. The captions are rotated so that there is no regular top down order, and vote stuffing is discouraged by IP tracking.

The winner will get a personalized photo with their caption and front page post on WUWT with attribution, plus a bag of rock salt. Merry Christmas everyone! – Anthony


130 thoughts on “Choose a winner for the caption contest

  1. “Message from Lord Monckton for you, sir. What does ‘All your base are belong to us’ mean?” <– That one is pure awesome. Merry xMas!

  2. OT
    OK – I’ll believe it is a conspiracy.
    Just for the fun of it I played with a couple of search engines.
    A few days back “Hide t” gave a top fill in response of Hide the Decline.
    Today – nada zilch nihil nope – you have to type it out completely.

  3. Completely torn between “Mission accomplished” and “Shovel ready”. Both pithy and to the point.

  4. And a very merry Christmas to you and yours Anthony! (That includes the “staff” at WUWT)
    I’m off to dream of sugar plums. (I have 5 prezzies under the tree with my name on them!)

  5. Every time Obama says “Let me be perfectly clear . . .” it is the lead in to a gigantic lie. It is the essence of a serial liar.

  6. Merry Christmas to all.
    Thanks for an educational and entertaining year.
    And Anthony, thanks for the important work you do.
    I’ve stuck a little something in your stocking.

  7. Merry Christmas all. Somehow I think this winter will be one for the books. I remember as a teenage reading a verse from the Bible that said, “The universe fights on the side of the just.” Don’t ask me where it is, but it stuck. I think about that everytime the “Gore” effect shows up.

  8. Anthony, mods and commentators –
    This is the bestest Christmas evah!
    Thank you all for your tireless efforts on behalf of those who seek the truth.
    Merry Christmas, and all the very best for the festive season!

  9. Obama: Quote for the press, “If it wasn’t for global warming, this would be an Ice Age event”. They’re so gullible they’ll buy anything I say now.

  10. Merry Christmas to all my friends at WUWT. Though we don’t always agree it is so nice to visit a site about climate and have a reasonable discussion with out all the name calling and a large number of the commenters signing their names taking responsibility for their opinions and posts.
    I consider each and everyone here a friend and look forward everyday to visit the site. It is a great credit to Anthony and all his elves that this site is so educational and inspiring.
    Bill Derryberry

  11. I’m sorry Mr. President, you are going to have to wait at the terminal for quite a while before the limo shows up. It seems that they are having a hard time attaching the snow plow to the Prius Hybrid. No, I can’t explain it either. The snow plow worked fine for Bush when they used a F-150.

  12. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, and/or whatever salutation is most appropriate for Anthony and all at WUWT.
    If only the people currently in charge of the Executive and Legislative Branches of the US Government in D.C. were even remotely as inclined to true public service as WUWT, the USA and the world would be far better off. . . .

  13. I threw a little tip in the jar, too, to thank Anthony for the serious work, and also for the sheer entertainment value of Climategate and associated hijinks!
    WUWT has been required reading, every evening.
    The quality of posts from both Anthony and the guest posters, has really made the Climategate scandal interesting and exciting, like a detective novel, and yet very important and provocative to think about.
    Merry Christmas, all!

    (My remark: February 3, 1959, was the night, when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper, and their pilot died in a plane crash, near Clear Lake, Iowa, during a blizzard.)

  15. Happy Fill-in-the blank to you and all your people.
    Thanks for all your work, not forgetting getting Steve at CA running again after his own blizzard. The importance of your effort this year may even exceed that of last year, when Surface Stations had its great sprint towards the end.
    I’m putting a particularly shiny lump of coal into your tipple jar.

  16. From the “Weather is not Climate” Department:
    Three inches of snow in my Dallas front yard right now.
    I haven’t seen this much snow in….er…
    I haven’t seen any snow in December since… er…
    I haven’t seen snow in December in a long long time.

  17. Actually, the blank caption seems to be the smartest one to my eyes – the symbol of a stunned snowed president voiceless both from lack of success in Copenhaguen, snowy mess at home and an unexpected meteo-is-not-climate event : too much at the same time for being properly assimilated.
    I have a caption proposal : ” Sir, John Holdren’s team wants to assure you they will keep supporting you in the fight against warming no matter what happens. “

  18. Merry Christmas to Anthony, the mods and contributors. Many thanks for the information and entertainment.
    This is clearly George Bush’s fault!

  19. Gore gets it.
    Merry Christmas Anthony and the moderators, you have done an exceptional job this year. Thankyou.

  20. Merry Christmas or what ever holiday season you prefer to celebrate.
    Thanks for great entertainment the last few weeks and your cutting edge coverage of the story of the year that the mainstream media is trying to hide under the rug.
    (that’s the big lump in the rug that no one wants to talk about.)

  21. Merry Christmas to all and a safe and Happy New Year!
    “Its Global Warming, sir. We’ll be grounded until they get the data to show it’s warming again.”

  22. Here are my nominations forn top ten. (The first two were mine.):
    “Get outta here with that parka!”
    “Shovel ready?” (This is the only one that’s also on Anthony’s list.)
    I leave Biden in charge for ONE day…….
    “Phew, good job I used the phrase “climate change”; otherwise I would have looked a right boob.”
    ”Looks cold…I hope they left the limo running”
    “How can there be snow ? I’m sweating…”
    “We are not amused”

  23. It must suck to be in the MSM, having to pass up all these genuine gems.
    Merry Christmas to us, one and all, and a WUWT New Year.

  24. Merry Christmas and thanks to all.
    All I want for Christmas is… let’s save the world from global warming alarmists!

  25. Shovel Ready is brilliant invocation of a political buzzphrase outside of AGW politics, but its context would be lost on non-Americans. Declare a moral victory for it anyway!

  26. The first thing I thought was, “Did Algore get here before me?” But Lord Monckton one is the one I like the best. Nothing I’d like better than to see a Lord rub a commie’s nose in his own mess.

  27. Can’t you just see the NYT or some other newspaper publishing a study saying, in all seriousness, that we really do have warmer snow now? I can.

  28. new email, got tired of the spammers!
    deVereGuy (17:29:21) : (with apologies:-)
    “De-plane, de-plane, hide the de-plane!”
    Merry Christmas to Anthony and all the moderators, and thanks for all you do!

  29. “All your base email are belong to us!”
    Merry Christmas and/or Happy New Year, folks.
    We are the champions, my friends!

  30. There are still several snow fall records happening every day in the United States since this photo was taken.
    For example: today there was 14.2 inches of snow in a single day—in Oklahoma City!! That’s an all time single day record there!
    And Texas has had several snow fall records—yes, Texas!

  31. Obama: Let me get this straight, you replaced the jet fuel with soy milk and durian oil mixture , glued some sage smudges to the undersides of the wings, and it COMPLETELY reversed Global Warming?
    Crew Chief: Apparently so. But there’s one little problem …
    Obama: What’s that smell?
    Crew Chief: uhm …

  32. A very Merry Christmas to all.
    And to Sir Anthony & the Mods — congrats on a terriffic year, especially the past couple months.

  33. Merry Christmas to Anthony and mods and commentators at WUWT! Thanks for all the intelligent sharing that goes on here: you fellow skeptics have saved my sanity this year, after I stumbled across this site. What a boon to humanity so many of you here are (L&R)!

  34. I want to request a FOI on the results, make sure that its Peer Reviewed, blah, blah…. 🙂
    Ladies and Gentleman of WUWT, have a very Merry Christmas.

  35. more weather is not climate:
    First snow ever on Christmas Eve in Waco, Texas.
    h/t The Weather Channel

  36. 1) “A global warming conference in December… what a bunch of geniuses.” – I first laughed at this one. I guess since I had just spoken with someone about that a short time earlier.
    2) “Mission accomplished” – an pointedly entertaining fair turn of phrase against a very aggressively critical current Pres. about the prior Pres.
    Finding WUWT about a year ago was a fantastic discovery for me and, as for many others, has won my multiple times daily attention. As has been testified to above WUWT is an indispensable instrument for reasonable scientifically oriented forays and interaction regarding one of the most impacting challenge to the human condition. Congrats to Anthony, the Mods, guests and sensible commenters and readers for constructing and contributing to this endeavor that has been hugely influential in re-inserting objectivism (skepticism) into the AGW debacle.
    Vote daily!
    Merry Christmas, etc. to all, and to all a good night (morning in my case).

  37. Got 29.4 million hits on Yahoo! search for hide the decline; no auto-prompt for anything less. The battle continues. Thanks to WUWT and Merry Christmas and stay the course!!

  38. In regards to the “Shovel Ready” line, is it a Socialilist shovel?? 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you Anthony and all in involved in this great site.

  39. I liked, “I shall now proceed to walk on water.” Obama’s fevered supporters probably never thought that his Messianic promises would be comprised only by him walking on ice “water”, and the like.

  40. Merry Christmas Anthony, tireless mods, contributing writers, and the community of WUWT. I sincerely hope you all enjoy the holidays with the ones you love.
    Manfred Kintop
    Calgary, AB

  41. Merry Christmas to Anthony, contributors, and moderators who’s efforts make WUWT one of the most informative and best science sites on the web.
    And also to all of the insightful commenters who frequent WUWT. Anthony’s articles provoke a gold mine of comments and discussion. Through reading your comments I have learned much and still have much to learn.

  42. Anthony:
    Thanks to you and the team for another great year. 30million hits by the year end! Happy Christmas. Wishing you all a resounding success for 2010.

  43. Hi folks – All me mates and their gf’s / wives / kids say hi and Merry Christmas. Most believed in GW but after a few drinks they are with us now…

  44. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Anthony and all the mods.
    O/T, sorry, but your theads are getting so long as more and more supporters join in that my scolling digit is getting cramp as I work my way back to the top of the page in order to click on your other items.
    Is it possible for you to put a “Return to the top” button, say, on the same line as the check box for “Notify me of follow-up etc”.
    Many thanks for all your efforts.

  45. Quote me on this Bob. “As you can see and as I make perfectly clear, our unprecedented agreement has already taken effect.”

  46. My original caption suggestion: ”Gaia is a denier!”
    This and many other suggestions in the original list match or surpass the ten that have been dictated to us by Anthony (including, surprise, surprise, his own). It would have been democratic to have given us a vote on all of the suggestions, so that we had a full choice (I would have voted for Cynthia’s brilliant suggestion, also not included here). This isn’t democratic. It’s a fix. I’m sure the MSM will now have a field day – criticising Anthony for criticising fixes at places like the CRU. Actions speak louder than words.
    I’m a democratist. I don’t do fixes when it comes to democracy. WUWT has failed the democracy test. I’m voting with my feet – and leaving.

  47. As there are more of me today then there were yesterday, I just want to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you from all of me here in Denmark. It´s always a joy to visit WUWT.
    Thank You.

  48. A very Merry Christmas to you and your crew .
    It’s been a crazy year, and I suspect it’s not over yet!

  49. I had much difficulty choosing between these two:
    “A global warming conference in December… what a bunch of geniuses.”
    “But it’s a warm snow.”
    The Bush mess was my third favourite.
    John M Reynolds

  50. “All your base are belong to us!” Hahaha, I laughed hard at that one. Nothing better than old memes!

  51. “I’m not getting off this plane until it is 70° and that white stuff is gone. What does it take to get a decent photo-op around here?”

  52. You have to think like Obama would!
    “Well look at that, our successful Copenhagen plan is already working!”

  53. “Somebody took the snow out of the context!” from someone above is not up there for the vote but is my favorite. I would add “… move on”

  54. It’s Christmas in Australia and we have milder (not too hot) weather. Best of all is that one of the worst affected areas of the current drought is receiving some good rain from my namesake, ex cyclone Lawrence.
    The politics is shifting and more people are asking for the truth. The MSM continues to deny and so does Rudd (PM) but the blogs are gaining. Thanks to WUWT and others for providing the media and the momentum to expose this mother of all scams. There is still a long way to go but now we have hope.
    Merry Christmas to all. I look forward to the enquirys and the prosecutions. The mid terms in the US should indicate the way ahead.

  55. How about………….”I’m confused……Your telling Me the CRU’s “Trick” only works on Paper and the on the Ignorant Masses?”

  56. All Your Base Are Belong To Us
    Yeah !

  57. “Sir, we have to get the best PR firm that money can buy to handle this and put down that Climategate thing.”
    The statement above is pure hypothetical fiction inspired by the film ‘Power’ (1986) starring Richard Gere. Any correspondence to real events would be coincidental.

  58. “Sir, did I ever tell you the joke about a jackass that froze to death in the middle of a corn field on a hot summers day?”

  59. “When he mentioned snow job, I thought he was talking about the speech he was giving to the Copenhagen Conference delegates!”

  60. “”Few challenges facing America and the world are more urgent than combating climate change.” (Barack Hussein Obama)
    Mann-made or man-made?

  61. Aw, man, the Gore Effect came in second. Well played with the Bush reference. Looks like it’s time for me to concede defeat 🙂

  62. Thank Anthony for all your hard work. I hope that we will one day have a ticker tape parade for the heroes of Climate Realism such as yourself.
    Best wishes for Christmas and nextyear to you and your family and all readers.

  63. crosspatches comments had me howling with laughter,
    I didnt get the all your bases, thought anthony had meant all your Biases..
    thanks for the clip link. I would have possibly voted that one..bit I didnt:-)
    I love reading the articles and some rational discussions,
    Thanks to Anthony and everyone, and Merry whatever to you all.

  64. I’ve come back to check progress. It looks like I’m not the only one who’s refused to vote – only 130 comments. Next time try democracy without seeking to ‘fix’ the result first, Anthony. Then the democratic majority won’t ignore you like it has done here. Very sad.
    [Reply Maybe folks had so much fun with the original thread which got over 1000 comments they didn’t need round two. RT – mod]

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