Taking the private jet to Copenhagen

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Any celebrity flying the green flag needs glittering eco-credentials. But how do they justify the fleet of customised planes, the luxury homes and the posse of servants?

Hypocrisy is the vice we find hardest to forgive, but it’s also the one we most enjoy discovering in others. And nothing piques our interest more than eco-hypocrisy as practised by the “green” celebrities who have been spouting green virtue but spewing out hundreds of tons of carbon from their private jets or multiple holiday homes around the globe.

There was Sheryl Crow, who had called upon the public to refrain from using more than one square of toilet paper per visit (“except on those pesky occasions when two or three are required”) and who was leading a Stop Global Warming concert tour across America. It was revealed that while Crow travelled in a biodiesel tour bus, her 30-person entourage followed in a fleet of 13 gas-guzzling vehicles.

John Travolta notoriously encouraged the British public to do its bit to fight global warming — after flying into London on one of his five, yes, five private jets (one of which is a Boeing 707). In 2006 his piloting hobby produced an estimated 800 tons of carbon emissions, more than a hundred times the output of the average Briton, according to the Carbon Trust.

It is less well known that Tom Cruise — who has campaigned for the LA-based environmental group Earth Communications Office — also has an air fleet and a licence to pilot his five planes, including a top-of-the-line customised Gulfstream jet he bought for his wife, Katie Holmes.

Harrison Ford, who is vice-chairman on the board of Conservation International, voices public-service messages for an environmental federation called EarthShare, and once shaved his chest hair to illustrate the effects of deforestation, is another hobby pilot. He once owned a Gulfstream but now makes do with a smaller Cessna Citation Sovereign eight-seater jet, four propeller planes and a helicopter.

Read the rest at The Sunday Times Here.


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With Prof Jones stood aside, the IPCC must pull all references to his work.
Logically – the Copenhagen climate conference should be canceled now.


Crow stole the material from her debut album from the musicians she jammed with in a dilapidated old space in Burbank and introduced her boyfriend to the dangerous practice of … never mind, I won’t go down that road, you can Google it and find out on your own. In any case, I created a blog space dedicated to an eventual music project of my own, named after her one sheet notion.


For her debut album …


The simple fact is this: the private jet is the one unalterable attraction of being filthy rich.
Most of the plutocracy would sooner begin processing their relatives into biodiesel than give up the Gulfstream.


Just a reminder that the Munk debates are starting in 45 minutes time. It should be interesting.

LOL. I was involved in selling Travolta his Pilatus Porter turboprop, which had previously been used in filming Air America with Mel Gibson. He’s quite the flying nut. Apparently Cruise picked up the flying bug from him, that Earth Communications Office sounds like a scientology front organization. which from googling appears to be so. Famous scilons are notorious about security and private travel accomodations.


They wre a great recruiting tool for climate realism.

These Liberals love to change everything in my country except the climate.Which they want to stay exactly the same,along with natives with bones through their nose.
‘Sting’ loves them little critters.

Charles. U. Farley

Gary Hladik

From the article:
“Perhaps it is better that public figures say the right thing, even if they are not doing it themselves. Does it really matter that much that those who ask us to behave better are imperfect in their own behaviour?”
Er, yes, if they expect us to actually listen to them.

40 Shades of Green

Here is a quote from this article that might make it as quote of the week.
However, as one Hollywood agent told me, the real reason so many people in Tinseltown drive a Prius is because
“it’s the only car you can drive which costs under $35,000 which doesn’t make everyone think that your career has gone down the toilet”.

Ron de Haan

Mike Lorrey (15:05:49) :
“LOL. I was involved in selling Travolta his Pilatus Porter turboprop, which had previously been used in filming Air America with Mel Gibson. He’s quite the flying nut. Apparently Cruise picked up the flying bug from him, that Earth Communications Office sounds like a scientology front organization. which from googling appears to be so. Famous scilons are notorious about security and private travel accomodations”.
Great, so do you say Scientology is all behind this?


Anyone actually taking anything scientologers do seriously??

And of course lets not forget the most famous enviro-hypocrite of all, our friend, mentor and planet savour, Al Gore. Some fun facts about Al Gore:
* He and his wife live in a 20-room mansion that uses 20 times more electricity than an average American house
* He travels around the world in a private jet. Sure maybe he doesn’t fly it, but the impact is the same.
* He has a toxic waste dump on his family farm. Yes you are reading that correctly; a toxic waste dump.
* He has a Zinc mine on his farm which pollutes the surrounding ground water.
* He bought ocean front property after “Inconvenient Truth” came out.
* He bought a huge house boat that runs with a monster diesel engine.http://www.surfacestations.org/
* He is reported to be driven around in big SUV style limos and with the engine idling when he is not in the limo to keep the temperature comfortable for when he comes back to it after giving talks on how everyone needs to do with less.
This is just the stuff we know about. I can’t imagine he ‘survives’ with one measely ocean front vacation property for example. I’d be very surprised if he has less than 5 houses personally.


But, but, but…..It’s all required to “Raise Awareness” and “Save the Children” (heh, heh. Not to mention the insider trading info ).

Don’t know how that link to surface stations got there … oh well, good site 😉

Drink wine and preaching to drink water.
Oecologists as oekologists are.


Travolta and company are revolting. Giant egos, tiny brains. Screw him. I do my traveling in a 24 year old Ford Ranger.


“But He said, “Woe to you lawyers as well! For you weigh men down with burdens hard to bear, while you yourselves will not even touch the burdens with one of your fingers.” Luke 11:46

Leon Brozyna

To the well-heeled with their fleets of private jets:
Practice what you preach. Us peasants already recycle, not because of the gospel you preach, but out of necessity. We scrimp, we save, we keep the heat down in the winter, not to save the planet, but to save our wallets. And as for Ms. Crowe … I hope to never share the same air in a room which she may occupy. Purely a matter of health & hygiene.

John F. Hultquist

Many years ago Paul Ehrlich appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Johnny ask why, with Ehrlich being such a critic of population growth and the consumption of world resources, would he wear expensive suits ($200 then was expensive) and travel so much. His answer was that as long as he had “figuratively” been booked on the Titanic he might as well go first class.
The point is these AGW folks really believe Earth is doomed unless they can stop others from producing CO2. This justifies their supposedly short term ‘over the top’ CO2 production.
Really rich people, such as movie stars, live by their own rules.

Robert of Canada

Warwick Hughes (14:58:52) :
That would mean the IPCC itself is worthless (not that I didn’t already know that).

Spenc BC

1 sheet of toilet paper huh! Some trick! How does that work for any other male out there? Snip if you want I just couldn’t resist!


Let us not forget uber-hypocrite Barbra Streisand with her 6 homes, a 12,000 sq ft air-conditioned barn and a lawn that requires $20000 a YEAR to water.

Aaaah Copehagen central – double the size of Bali creating the carbon footprint of a medium size country

Robert of Canada

Charles. U. Farley (15:16:55) :
That was an incredible powerful piece of propaganda. I have been so beset this week with people who know little saying but … but … but… And I can rebut all their butts.
This is good. I shall send it too them.

Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall at Hopenhagen?
Most asked question — How did this happen that we were all duped?
Answer — we wanted to believe.

D Caldwell

I think you’ll find that they justify their huge carbon footprints with the purchase of indulgences…. er, I mean carbon offsets.
Carbon offsets – now there’s the real scam.


A list celebs and their ethics, all that methane from the tobacco decaprio and travolta go through on screen is probably about the same as the daily flatulance from a field of cows.


WaPo is trying to attribute an AP quote to Marc Morano/Climate Depot:
WaPo: Juliet Eilperin: Climate scientist at center of e-mail controversy to step down
Marc Morano, who edits the climate skeptic blog, ClimateDepot.com, welcomed the news with an e-mail stating, “One Down: ClimateGate Scientist Phil Jones to temporarily step down… ‘pending investigation into allegations that he overstated case for man-made climate change.'”
here’s AP:
AP: UK climate scientist to temporarily step down
Britain’s University of East Anglia says the director of its prestigious Climatic Research Unit is stepping down pending an investigation into allegations that he overstated the case for man-made climate change.
here’s USA Today’s AP report:
USA Today: AP: Controversial head of U.K. climate research team steps down
Britain’s University of East Anglia says the director of its prestigious Climatic Research Unit is stepping down pending an investigation into allegations that he overstated the case for man-made climate change, the Associated Press reports.
NYT has, unsurprisingly, left out the “overstated the case” bit:
NYT: AP: UK Climate Scientist to Temporarily Step Down
The chief of a prestigious British research center caught in a storm of controversy over claims that he and others suppressed data about climate change has stepped down pending an investigation, the University of East Anglia said Tuesday.
meanwhile, The Guardian, has its own peculiar take with an anonymous ‘environmental campaigner’:
Guardian: by Alok Jha and agencies : Climate research chief Phil Jones stands down pending inquiry into leaked emails
Director denies conspiracy claims and stands by scientists’ findings on global warming
One leading environmental campaigner said: “It seems like a sensible course of action – finally, the CRU seem to be getting their public response in order. But any reading of the emails in context would lead to the conclusion that nothing untoward happened here at all.”
the guardian rubbish has a great quote from Pachauri:
‘Pachauri said: “People should be discreet … in this day and age anything you write, even privately, could become public and to put anything down in writing is, to say the least, indiscreet … It is another matter to talk about this to your friends on the telephone or person to person, but to put it down in writing was indiscreet. If someone was to say something like this in an IPCC authors’ meeting then there are others who would chew him up.”‘

Having committed to reading this Faustian contract to the very end, I could only conclude that the author was suffering from teminal paralepsis.

M White

OT but just seen a preview of tomorrows UK papers on TV
The Daily Express front page
And the Independents front page
“Cameron hit by Tory backlash on environment”


Actually, this was a training routine in boot camp. Has to do with folding the square, tearing out the inside corner, and your middle finger.


Watch this debate…….
…Canada’s ‘Green Party’ + Mobiot vs Bjorn Lomborg + Nigel Lawson.

Russ R.

I will agree with Ms Crow, and use a single sheet, when the IPCC report can be printed on it.

Robert of Canada

To follow up, I have viewed this several times. It is very subtle, and somewhat ambiguous in intent. But I found it powerful. Did anyone else watch it? Opinions Please?

Another Gary

How about creating a “Hall of Shame” for the eco-hypocrits? Maybe a set of Eco-hypocrit trading cards with the appropriate and verifiable stats affixed? Sure to be a collector’s item in the future ice age.


No doubt Cheryl’s lack of modern paper-based hygienic practices are more than made up for in attention to legal contract paperwork. Or, do they write those agreements on a single sheet of foolscap.
These people give me the creeps.


pat – yeah, that Pachauri quote about the only thing wrong in Climategate is that they were indiscreet in committing their sins to text shows why the man can’t be trusted with a nickel of my money, much less the billions he’s trying to shake us down for.
Pachauri’s clearly enjoying his fame a bit too much. He’s a middle-class bureaucrat that’s suddenly on the rock-star-globetrotter gravy train, and I’d bet he’ll cling on to it with his last breath.


Our unbalanced entertainment habits are what give movie stars and illiterate sport stars OBSCENE SOCIAL POWER, due to what they are paid by the free market. They have power and we gave it to them.
Better to go check out a library book. From “Life the Movie”, college textbook, used to be the educated would never watch “vulgar entertainment “, had to be somehow edifying and uplifting. You “went out” only with your own “class”.
Made us vulnerable to Al Gore’s thing. I didn’t watch it.
A whole generation of otherwise great nature shows have been ruined by constant reference to AGW. I can’t stand the word “planet” anymore. I have avoided going to many tv news channels I used to watch because of constant propaganda and political bias.
It will take a long hard effort to get this poisoned yeast out of the dough.

In this email,
In http://www.climate-gate.org/email.php?eid=230&keyword=tree%20rings
I came upon this talking about an ABC piece.
From: John Christy
To: “Michael E. Mann”
“However, I do agree with Stossel’s premise (though I don’t know what the piece will actually look like so I may be disappointed) that the dose of climate change disasters that have been dumped on the average citizen is designed to be overly alarmist and could lead us to make some bad policy decisions. (I’ve got a good story about the writers of the TIME cover piece a couple of months ago that proves they were not out to discuss the issue but to ignore science and influence government.)”
I think this is why the MSM doesn’t want to touch it. They’re part of the hoax. They’re the ones who have been pushing this and now the world is going to make decisions based on news networks simply pushing grandiose stories for ratings. THEY ARE THE NEWS when it comes to Climategate.
I haven’t had time to look more in depth, but maybe others could figure out how deep the media dug this hole.

Retired Engineer

DAISNAID is standard procedure. If Congress can do it in almost everything, why should JT be different? They are ‘saving the planet’. Just ask them. (Why am I reminded of the Viet Nam era ‘saving the village’ story?)
And I really don’t want to share a commercial flight with Sheryl. For the same reason as Leon.

Robert of Canada

Charles. U. Farley (15:16:55) :
This is a very powerful video; surprised myself that I have not seen postings about it. It is very professional. It also suggests familiarity with the CRU “leak”. That word is used forcefully. And note the disguised voice. Of course, the producers could just be wanting to reinforce a lie.
Who were the producers?


Gosh, I wish I had a private jet. 🙁 Maybe when my cash-payment from the energy producing complex for my being an AGW skeptic finally arrives I can start doing some jet shopping. 🙂

Hey, Travolta believes a scam created by a hack Sci-FI writer on a drunken bet is THE Religion. WHy wouldn’t he believe in another one created by hacks from the UN and NASA.

Bruce Cobb

They like to call it “Hopenhagen”, but a better term for it is Hokumhagen, the biggest climate circus show on earth, and one Barnum and Bailey could be proud of.
There will be the usual climate clownery, of course. I don’t know if Big Al will make an appearance, but if so, that will be a spectacle not to be missed. There will surely be world-class spinning, waffling, and wheeling and dealing. In the high wire act, doomsters will try to top one another in amazing feats of prophesy on the extreme danger the planet faces if the developed countries do not immediately lay waste to their own economies, and ship boatloads of cash along with much of their industry to “poor” countries. So, step right up, ladies and gents for the show of the century, perhaps in history – I present to you HOKUMHAGEN.

Gene Nemetz

stand up comedy that applies. the whole video is funny, but the part that applies here begins at 2:38

Gene Nemetz

Sheryl Crow’s “One Square” Jimmy Kimmel Live

Mike McMillan

Hey, some people like to fly. Some of us can afford our own airplanes. Others of us have to rent. Back off, you ground pounders !

James Sexton

Well, we all already knew that hypocrites abound in the AGW/sky is falling crowd. While I enjoy a VINDICATION beer, I’ll tell you about how the evils of drinking is harmful to everybody else.