Quote of the week #23 – calls for resignation in Climategate

Calls from the left for the resignation of Dr. Phil Jones from CRU continue to mount, and they are coming from surprising places.


For the second time this week, George Monbiot called for the resignation of Dr. Jones saying:

But there is no helping it; he has to go, and the longer he leaves it, the worse it will get. He has a few days left in which to make an honourable exit.

I don’t know that an honourable exit is possible at all now, given the revelations of FOIA obstruction. Read Monbiot’s column in the Guardian here. But, if Dr. Jones does decide to resign, or the University asks him to do so, I expect this coming Monday will be his last opportunity to do so per Monbiot’s suggestion.

Maybe as on object lesson for himself in all this, Mr. Monbiot can learn to stop calling people he disagrees with “deniers”. The connotations with “holocaust denier” are distasteful and unnecessary.

Ditto for Richard Littlemore of DeSmog Blog, who could also dispense with the term in language he uses if he wants to bridge the gap. He also, by the way, suggested Dr. Jones resignation saying:

I don’t personally know that Jones has to be sacked, but I have to admit that it would be savvy for him to at least offer to step aside before someone in authority makes a move to give him a push.

As 25 year veteran member of the media myself, and still currently employed in radio, I agree with Mr. Monbiot when he says:

The crisis has been exacerbated by the university’s handling of it, which has been a total trainwreck: a textbook example of how not to respond.

I expect more calls for resignation will follow. Plus, we’ll see investigations being launched.

Trainwreck might not be a descriptive enough word.


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In first line should be Phil Jones?
I guess it’s just a merging of Michael mann with Phil Jones, Hey maybe they could both go?

John in NZ

I am concerned that Phil Jones will be the scapegoat when in fact the whole AGW industry is at fault.
Dr. Jones will be blamed and hung out to dry but the AGW machine could keep grinding on.


Now when you lose one of your strongest allies …..
You might be in trouble. Bracelets anyone?


The lawsuits will reach into all corners of the AGW movement before this is over with.

I imagine there are some faithful readers out there who have been away for the last week, have just arrived home, fire up the computer, check their Email, then come here and find the universe was swapped out while they were away.

Moonbat (paraphrased): Throw out the couple of bad apples and get on with Copenhoken.

Spenc BC

Our Prime Minister gets it I think. I thank God for this mans clear headed-ness, but he has been put in a real bind because of the Liberals signing of Kyoto.

Bruce Armour

Ric Werme (19:48:44) :
“universe was swapped out …”
Best description I have seen – Ric did it in only 4 words!


Despite Monbiot’s calls for Dr Jones to resign, Monbiot continues with terms like “rationalist”, when describing his position, “denier” in describing skeptics. The verbiage he uses tells all. Being a rationalist implies that being a denier is something to look on with contempt, or even pity.
His point of view is skewed as the very ideals of science he espouses are the ones that the deceit, the lack of openness required to replicate results; and the very messy debates that must occur for science to be..well, science, are sorely lacking. The CRUgate emails reveal that very clearly.
I see nothing in his remarks that lead me to believe that anything but a very bitter fight is in his – and our – future.

The Sacrificial Offering.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Deniers all! for your turning the other cheek after we called you names and accused you of all the things we actually did ourselves we humbly offer you Phil Jones as payment.
We give him to you as a symbol of our contrition, now back to business as usual, we have a Climate Conference to prepare graphs for.
This is nothing but misdirection and hoping that a sudden case of conscience can absolve them of guilt as easily as an offset negates their carbon sins. It is a offer to make us all go away.
I do not understand the motive though they have so much political cover on this and a complicit MSM that the only thing I can think of is that they stopped emailing the talking points around since this incident occurred and Monboit and DeSmog have headed off the reservation.

Tor Hansson

It seems just and proper that Mr. Jones should resign from his post. He has been dishonest, possibly even committed crimes. It won’t look good if he still has his UEA title when sitting at the defendant’s table.
It seems equally just and proper that the respective institutions should investigate the conduct of their respective employees. A full purge is truly needed to cut out this rot.


I am not yet convinced that there has been a serious (note modifier) scandal of science here. Tho I leave open the possibility that once the data portions of the leak have been analyzed that I may eventually come to that conclusion.
I am convinced, and have been since day one, that there has indeed been a serious scandal of *scientists* here, centered around Dr. Jones.
Dr. Jones must go as head of CRU. He can remain as a professor, researcher, teacher, and person who attempts to publish his findings. He must not remain as someone with high administrative and coordinating power. He has clearly shown he is not worthy of it.
Dr. Jones says “My colleagues and I accept that some of the published emails do not read well.” That’s mighty big of you, Phil. Mighty big. Except YOU were in a position of leadership. If you had lead by example in a different direction those emails likely would have “read well”, or at least better, not only yours but your colleagues and underlings. That’s what leadership does –it sets a tone, a culture, that the rest of ones peers and underlings then tend to follow. If those emails “don’t read well”, then Phil Jones, director of one of the, oh, 3-5?, most important climate research institutions in the world, has nowhere to look for the reason why but in the mirror.

John Ryer

Anthony, I absolutely applaud your coverage of this. Nobel prize material.
Instead of resignation, the CRU shouold be called upon to go back to the baseline data, reconstruct their predictions (if they can), and make it available and transparent to all.
This is a far harder path for them then their resignation. It is also professionally correct.
John Ryer, PE, CPG, CCM
PS. Thank you for the earlier Akasofu article, he is a friend from Fairbanks. By the way, we all voted for global warming. 🙂

Roger Knights

Ric Werme (19:48:44) :
“I imagine there are some faithful readers out there who have been away for the last week, have just arrived home, fire up the computer, check their Email, then come here and find the universe was swapped out while they were away.”

OT: During last year’s financial crisis, there was one week during which the market dropped a heart-stopping number of points–over 15% maybe–and then recovered to its starting level by Friday. One joke that circulated at the time postulated a trader returning from a one-week vacation, looking at his screen, and saying, “Seems not much happened while I was gone.”


“Dr. Jones will be blamed and hung out to dry but the AGW machine could keep grinding on.”
Don’t worry about Jones. If he gets the boot he’ll make all the money he could ever want on the extreme-left lecture circuit.

Christopher Byrne

Given the recent evidence of the great political minds that exist within the CRU, it is interesting to see their dismal response. Perhaps it’s simply a case of them not really thinking they’ve done anything wrong.


We may be “deniers” today, but someday everyone will boast of having been in the “resistance”.

North of 43 south of 44

Title SNAFU why is there a f at the end of Climategate ?

Spenc BC

The University of East Anglia has released a statement concerning the email controversy:

What is it that we deny again? We have a few hundred years of suspect measurement data, and few million years of even more suspect proxy data, on a 5.4 Billion year-old planet. We don’t understand how the sun works, we don’t understand how the clouds work, we barely understand how the oceans work and volcanic activity is a complete wild card. Our understanding of Earth’s climate system is rudimentary at best. Our predictive capacity as it pertains to the trajectory and future state of Earth’s climate system borders on nil. Individuals claiming that there is a scientific consensus that humans can accurately predict the trajectory and future state of Earth’s climate system are either charlatans or deluding themselves.


Ric Werme (19:48:44)
classic !

Spenc BC

Sorry that last link was bad. They took it down!

Roger Knights

“Dr. Jones says “My colleagues and I accept that some of the published emails do not read well.” That’s mighty big of you, Phil. Mighty big.”
chuck (20:13:44) :
“We may be “deniers” today, but someday everyone will boast of having been in the “resistance”.”

Right on!

Bart Nielsen

Monbiot’s calls for Phil Jone’s head reminds me very much of the Despair.com poster regarding disloyalty: “There comes a time when every team must learn to make individual sacrifices!” http://www.despair.com/disloyalty.html

This is very reminiscent of the internet bubble … “there’s nothing wrong with the new business 2.0! The industry is as stable as a rock and internet businesses will continue to double and triple stock prices regardless of income! This is the new market and we don’t have to worry about downturns any longer.”
Deny …deny … deny! Like a bad smell, it will go away.
Not so much!!!!!!!

Spenc BC
Les Francis

If he goes it will because he let the information escape – not for what is contained within them.
There is no doubt that the issue should have been handled better by the University and those responsible for the funding.
There will still be an emphasis on the leak rather the the damage inside.
This issue has legs and still has a way to go yet.



Pete M.

The crisis has been exacerbated by the university’s handling of it, which has been a total trainwreck: a textbook example of how not to respond.

Trainwreck might not be a descriptive enough word.
Perhaps “Clusterf***” would be an appropriate qualifier.

Gary Plyler

Dr. Jones is not alone. He was just one lead member of a Warmist Cabal. I hate to see anyone loose everything, even despite their calling us ‘deniers’ and ‘flat earthers’.
If Dr. Jones has enough time at CRU, he should be allowed to retire. If not, he should be required to teach a science class covering ethics in science, the scientific method, and proper peer review methods. However, he should never be allowed touch climate data or perform peer reviews, ever. Then, when he has enough time in service, he can retire if he wants to.

I’m cross-posting this from my blog because I haven’t seen it anywhere else. It’s from the hacked CRU files and concerns Shell Oil and the WTO driving the climate research agenda at CRU and ENV.
My apologies if this information was already generally known by the community. A better-formated version of the information can be found on my web-site here: http://magicjava.blogspot.com/2009/11/setting-research-agenda.html
ource: uea-tyndall-shell-memo.doc
Mick Kelly and Aeree Kim (CRU, ENV) met with Robert Kleiburg (Shell International’s climate change team) on July 4th primarily to discuss access to Shell information as part of Aeree’s PhD study (our initiative) and broader collaboration through postgrad. student project placements (their initiative), but Robert was also interested in plans for the Tyndall Centre (TC). What ensued was necessarily a rather speculative discussion with the following points emerging.
Shell International would give serious consideration to what I referred to in the meeting as a ‘strategic partnership’ with the TC, broadly equivalent to a ‘flagship alliance’ in the TC proposal. A strategic partnership would involve not only the provision of funding but some (limited but genuine) role in setting the research agenda etc.
Shell’s interest is not in basic science. Any work they support must have a clear and immediate relevance to ‘real-world’ activities. They are particularly interested in emissions trading and CDM.[Clean Development Mechanism]
From: “paul horsman”
To: m.kelly@
Source: greenpeace.txt
It was good to see you again yesterday – if briefly. One particular
thing you said – and we agreed – was about the IPCC reports and
the broader climate negotiations were working to the globalisation
agenda driven by organisations like the WTO. So my first question
is do you have anything written or published, or know of anything
particularly on this subject, which talks about this in more detail?


Quote of the year:

David Walton

Re: John in NZ (19:44:14) :
I am concerned that Phil Jones will be the scapegoat when in fact the whole AGW industry is at fault.
Dr. Jones will be blamed and hung out to dry but the AGW machine could keep grinding on.
One at a time, John, one at a time.

David Walton

Given the huge amount of comment traffic the volunteer moderators have been handling, we all should give them a nod and some applause.


A modest proposal for Dr. Jones and his adherents to raise significant funds for pursuit of advocating for C02 reductions. . . .
. . . .offer all your emails for the *last week* for download at $9.95. I would sooooo be there for that. 🙂


Just The Facts (20:16:51) :
Great statement, however, NOAA, claims to be able to understand from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun!!! NOT….

All right everyone: how many Hockey Still Graphs will appear at Copenhagen?
I’m taking bets…
I heard they were moving all 12 Yamal strip bark trees to Copenhagen as well. They’ll make great furniture…

Robert Wood of Canada

Moonbat is exhibiting classic cult-deprogramming post-denial syndrome (CDPPDS to the uninformed) symptoms.
He is profoundly disturbed that what he was led to believe is not so; he can take the Kool-Aid or demand the head of Jones.
At least Moonbat has a sense of self-preservation, even if it goes against reducing his carbon footprint.

Robert Wood of Canada

Stay your ground Jones; fight all calls for your resignation. Make a show. You believe (not) this carp! It is what you are! Don’t be THE fall guy!

Jones is not the only one that should resign, and after the rot is culled the media and governments need to be looked at next. They have committed a similar crime by not checking the data. We are supposed to rely on both parties for that….but alas right now in Australia our prime minister is reading directly from “The Copenhagen Diagnosis” in parliament today and ALL of our media is still promoting this report at every opportunity.
Do they not realize that this is the same crew that has been lying to us all?

Robert Wood of Canada

Gary Plyler (20:28:59) :
No, I disagree. Jones should be treated the way he treated his opponents: persecution and unemployment.
Also, he should be locked up in jail for fraud, along with his IPCC bretheren (term used in respect of the USA thanksgiving)


This thing is spreading out of control like a wildfire. The tentacles reached very far and deep. Temperature data was collected ( I presume the original hard copy) then digitized, manipultated, posted as genuine and the originals destroyed. The US looks to be badly affected. 2-3 decade chunks missing out of key stations, altered down on the back end raised up on the recent end on urban stations.
NZ raw data appears to have escaped massive degradation.
What a ghastly thing to do.


Hey, look, if Jones goes no one should reasonbly expect that he will be replaced as Director of CRU by anyone who isn’t a warmist. Of *course* that is what would happen.
People, there is a serious, significant, and legitimate scientific dispute about what has caused the global warming (which is certainly real and scientifically uncontroversial –what has caused it is the source of controversy) of the last 35 years. Jones, Mann, Briffa, Santer, et al *believe in their hearts and minds*. Don’t think otherwise.
My fantasy choice for Director of CRU is a warmist who at least believes in the tenents of science at a bone-deep level –transparency, collegiality, iteration, reproducibility, and skepticism. Yes, gasp!, skepticism! It is in fact one of the cardinal tenets of the scientific method for proving a theory.

Warren Bonesteel

Has anyone noticed that several of the authors of a paper to be presented in Copenhagen sent and received several of the emails in question.

Geoff C

As a thought experiment, imagine we had been following the Kyoto protocol for the last 11 years. The AGWers would be saying that the earth is cooling slightly, obviously due to reductions in CO2 emissions and we would never have a hope of convincing politicians otherwise. This would result in loud calls for even more reductions.
Likewise, if any Copenhagen reductions were to eventuate, and temps dropped a little, we would be in the same position.


As I stated in earlier posts, lawsuits are bound to come out not to mention a possible Congressional investigation. This has the possibility to seriously derail Cap and Trade or Copenhagen. Phil Jones will be the fall guy. There is just too much money involved. The Team, in this respect, has been pretty niave. Political cover can only goes so far. Once they’ve become liabilities they are expendable. Look for Jones to be offered some “consulting” in exchange for his scalp (who knows, perhaps with ALGORE). Once the supeonas are issued, the game is up. The activists must get a handle on the situation fast.

Robert Wood of Canada

They must ALL go; Hansen, Jones, Mann, the English guy in New York called something (oh, yes, Gavin), the IPCC. the EPA. The LOT must go; jobs and all, gone. OUT. DEMONS. OUT.

Spenc BC

These people are criminals that have cost us Billions in bogus research results. Hang em high I say. They need to be prosecuted!

Spenc BC

This site is a God send. Thanks to all for your work on our behalf!


“In the frenzy of the past few days, the most vital issue is being overshadowed: we face enormous challenges ahead if we are to continue to live on this planet.”
Phil Jones
Wow, I didn’t even know kicking them off was an option.