Video: Dr. Tim Ball on the CRU emails

From the Corbett Report:

Retired climatologist Dr. Tim Ball was interviewed to discuss the significance of the recently leaked emails and documents from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University. These emails reveal stunning behind-the-scenes details, and Dr. Ball shares his insights on what they show. Of interest is what he has to say about the Wegman report.

The interview was conducted in studio, by telephone and runs about 10 minutes.

See the video below.


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Great piece from Dr. Ball. Unfortunately, we are all Winston now…
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Nice reply with the Orwell/Winston clip. Love that. What I want to see is Gore and suzuki in jail, as well as these other crooks at the CRU.


A little OT perhaps, but just learned of an unusual ETF trade on the 18th. Someone dumped 20 times the normal trading volume of a green fund. First Trust NASDAQ® Clean Edge® Green Energy Index Fund (QCLN) . “The index is a modified market capitalization weighted index designed to track the performance of clean energy companies that are publicly traded in the United States and includes companies engaged in manufacturing, development, distribution and installation of emerging clean-energy technologies including, but not limited to, solar photovoltaics, biofuels and advanced batteries. ”
Draw your own conclusions, but either someone was very on the ball, or had a heads up on the Hadley business. Tomorrow should be interesting on FoxBusiness and others. etf/ETFpricehistory.aspx?Ticker=QCLN

Gene Nemetz

I agree with Timothy Ball that there must have been some law broken in their manipulation of data.


Dr. Ball is correct when he says that it is a troubling time for climate scientists. They all look like those economists who two years ago claimed that the collapse of major banks is impossible. What a pathetic group of clowns. I cry no tears for them.

Doug in Seattle

Curiousgeorge (18:49:11) :
Since this material actually became available on the 17th, perhaps someone downloaded when they first saw the links that were spread then.

Jim G.

You mean like allegedly deliberately deleting, and encouraging (conspiring with others) to delete material that had been requested under FOI statues?
Yeah. Perhaps a few.
The real question is will there be a congressional investigation, a hold placed on all climate legislation, etc, etc. (sadly not very likley, since the legislation has little to do with protecting the world.)


Repeat after me:
Not Hadley.
Not Hadley.
Not Hadley.
Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University. Hell, if people here can’t keep it straight, then this is not going where it should.
REPLY: suggest to them then to rename the temperature product they produce to something other than HadCRUT. That is where much of the confusion is rooted. – Anthony


It is high time to get legal opinions on these revelations — this is not an academic ‘tempest in a teapot’. The AGW ‘science’ is a serious political conspiracy that deserves and requires a serious and organized response. The cabal has captured a number of scientific organizations such as the American Chemical Society, and it is time for the rank and file to rebel.

Layne Blanchard

Incredible revelations. But will they be enough?

We have Fairfax press in Australia continuing to completely ignore that any of this has happened. All this will do is clearly show the public that they are a dinosaur that is no longer credible. The collusion between all these parties is incredible and appalling!

Curmudgeon Geographer

Has there been any commenting from the scientific journals that were targeted. The ones that either rolled over or resisted?
I’d be interested to read some confirmation along the lines “yeah, we got emails threatening to withdraw from publishing with us in the future”, or “yeah, we noticed a sharp drop in submissions from these particular scientists after we published so and so”.


Doug in Seattle (19:00:11) :
What time (eastern) on the 17th did FOIA make his post? Whoever made that trade acted very fast. The majority of the trade happened within an hour of market open on Wed. Run the 5 day chart at .
Very “on the ball” as I mentioned. We’ll see in the next few days, if it was a smart move or not.


Confirms what I have suspected: They got into weather data worldwide and corrupted it.
I have one burning question now:
Where does one turn to find the data that existed before the CRU/IPCC began purging it to suit thier own purposes?

If you don’t understand something, think money. There is a major money trail leading to the coffers of the “Hockey Team.” Government grants, major grants — big money. The “Hockey Team” is an organized group of bandits; they have manipulated data, perverted science, destroyed reputations of fellow scientists, intimidated editorial boards, conspired to restrict the publication of works that do not support AGW, colluded with other groups to spread AGW propaganda, and instigated an elaborate shield to prevent public examination of their data and methodology. Bandits! Not scientists. So powerful did they become that they assumed effective control of the IPCC, and as such, gained international influence with many governing bodies. Power and arrogance! This is a great EVIL. It must be prosecuted in the courtroom. Until then, I propose that the “Hockey Team” be shunned. If “Cap & Trade” is passed or EPA greenhouse gas emissions regulations are imposed, these e-mail and data files must be taken into the courtroom and presented as evidence to expose this fraudulent hoax. Sometimes I wish I was a lawyer.

Ron de Haan

Very good.
A clan of 42 insiders controlling the peer review process, creating their own climate fantasy by cooking the data. Brilliant. I
This puts a bomb under the IPCC2007 report and it’s conclusions.
As a consequence, any Government and any politician engaging in a decision making process based on suspect data is liable.
So what we have to do is make an inventory which reports and which data in the IPCC 2007 report could be tempered with and inform the politicians what’s going on.
I don’t think that you will find any politician who sticks his head in a sling voluntarily.
They detest public scams. Bad for the career.
Time for a lawyer and an investigation me thinks.

Jeff L

Jim G. (19:01:04) :
I have seen no commentary from any politicos about the CRU emails. I hope they are aware of the situation. I really hope it isn’t as you said – seeing this is political & has nothing to do with protecting the world.
Is any one aware of any commentary from any one in the political realm, esp from the US?

the spike appears to have been on the 16th rather than the 18th. but, i’m certainly no expert in this stuff. i’m just an engineer.
but, at least i DO know that science does NOT involve hiding data.

Paul Vaughan

CTV (Canadian Television) won’t touch this story. I encourage Canadians to write to them.
Unlike others who have posted above, I don’t see this as being about revenge. We are dealing with a problem so fundamental that revenge is irrelevant.
Don’t misunderstand me Alarmists:
I’m not in favor of toxic pollution; I’m opposed to misinformation about [anthropogenic] climate change and I walk &/or sea-kayak 95% of the time when I travel.
You are blocking research oriented towards understanding nature deeply – and as an ecologist and longtime advocate of parks & natural forests, I have disgust of the deepest variety for the costs you are bringing upon the reputation of the environmental movement.
You appear to appreciate nature less than your unsupportable, abstract notions about it.
I sincerely hope Anthony will soon be free to change the channel back to inspiring science articles, because administrative politics is sickening & draining.


It’s interesting to read the big Real Climate comments since this broke – Gavin is spinning like a top. There’s a desperation present that’s never been there before – he’s running scared!


I went to the web site this clip comes from. Do you really want to be associated with 9/11 Truthers? This is exactly why the mainstream media feels comfortable in ignoring any opposition to warmist orthodoxy.

Gentlemen (and Ladies!)….
A suggestion from my Brother, Dr. Daley Hugoson – “The proper term is
de-canonization”, which means the REMOVAL of the Phd status by the “canonizing” institute.
Now judging by the general “integrity” of Universities these days (i.e. NONE,
“SOLD the HIGHEST BIDDER”, “Sold, the the LEFTMOST WING..” etc., Harvard
is planning an changing “Lux et Veritas” (Light and Truth) to “Obscurum quod Subjectio” (Darkness and Falsehood)..We doubt highly that the “spheres between the legs” are big enough on ANY University administration to have a hope of the audacity to WITHDRAW a Phd from any of our CRU Academic Felons.
However, stranger things than this have happened in life.
And movements start somewhere.
SO let us therefore move to have Phd’s REMOVED from the likes of Jones,
Mann (particularily MANN..the error on his data analysis is agregious and really UNFORGIVABLE)…Software QUALITY ASSURANCE is an ESTABLISHED DISCIPLINE, and these Yo-Yo’s doing NONE of that, deserve NOTHING. NO salary, no status, no recognition.
It’s time was start a movement to DEMAND THIS.
Any seconds on the motion?
So moved? The vote is?
Well, if analysed by the CRU it would be 1000 to Zero.

DJ Meredith

Could this turn into Al Gore’s Teapot Dome?
…The irony there is Elk Hills….Sold by the Clinton administration under rather, uh, unusual conditions to Occidental Petroleum, which Gore had a stake in….
Prepare yourself for some of the finest double-speak the world has ever heard as spin doctoring takes a hot new twist.

Henry chance

Mann and Jones are busted. Funding for them will dry up and it should and they may get demoted the way passive agressive universitys operate.

Douglas DC

My own E-mail friendship with John Daly was a privilege.His memory is served best by
pursuit of this to the end.E-mail E-mail E-mail.Don’t quit.Congress,or your own legislative body. I wonder what Monckton is up to?


That was a awesome interview. He succinctly stated the major issues associated with this new information.

Mann O Mann

Anyone notice the exchange at 1255558867.txt (
It is about the October 2009 BBC article “doing a U turn” on temps no longer warming.
That is Mike Mann throwing Gavin Schmidt under the bus when Tom Wigley states : “there have been a number of dishonest presentations of model results by individual authors and by IPCC.
Mike Mann quibbles a bit looking for an explanation for models failing to address cooling and then says: “perhaps Gavin has some further comments on this (it is his plot after all)”
Mann offers Wigley this statement after Mann had told Wigley to look at Schmidt’s graph that is “worth a thousand words” at . Wigley looked at it and makes the “dishonesty” charge.
Mann flails and throws Gavin at a critic who doesn’t buy his BS and who is on to his intimidation game.
Hey Gavin – they will throw you to the wolves if it means saving their own skins.

Neil O'Rourke

Note that the link for the stock is broken:
But, the statement is quite correct; there was a huge spike in trading volume on the 18th.

Curiousgeorge (18:49:11) :
The link was posted at Jeff Id’s on the 17th just before 10:00 p.m. There are reports in the media that FOIA tried to post it at RC but was prevented by the alertness of the crew there, who notified CRU… but then didn’t follow through with details… and the authorities were not called in… you don’t suppose….????

R Shearer

What about financial fraud, tax evasion? Were the following taken out of context or just “tricks”?
NOAA want to give us more money for the El Nino work with IGCN.
How much do we have left from the last budget? I reckon most has been spent but we need to show some left to cover the costs of the trip Roger didn’t make and also the fees/equipment/computer money we haven’t spent otherwise NOAA will be suspicious.
Politically this money may have to go through Simon’s institute but there overhead rate is high so maybe not!
Best wishes
From: “Tatiana M. Dedkova”
“….Also, it is important for us if you can transfer the ADVANCE money on the personal accounts which we gave you earlier
and the sum for one occasion transfer (for example, during one day)
will not be more than 10,000 USD. Only in this case we can avoid
big taxes and use money for our work as much as possible.”

P Gosselin

The Problem is Europe.
It’s the Vatican of the Climate religion. Now the foundation of this religion is crumbling.
How do you react when your religion is shown to be bogus?
You just don’t come out and admit you’ve been stupid and duped for years. Nor do you admit you have been defrauding and duping your followers.
No, like in the Middle Ages, extreme means will be used to keep it alive. Don’t expect the media and Europe governments to just give up their religion.
The tone in Copenhagen will be interesting to watch.
This ball is going to be hard to stop.
Excellent commentary by Mr. Ball.

Nothing to see here, move along please.
This is normal argy-bargy between scientists, who write e-mails not expecting them to be hacked by some Russian Big Oil funded terrorists.
I cannot believe how you all have been so successfully duped by the Scam of the Century!!!

Keith Minto

Very clear and coherent response. It is good to have an audio and video confirmation of this revelation that to now has only been in text. I feel that the message will be be understood better when television, radio and the web begin a discussion on this.
This is monday morning in Australia and so far the Australian (front page) and the Courier Mail have this in print, the Sydney Morning Herald to my disappointment failed to print anything.
As a previous commentator said, time is on our side.

Henry chance

Dr Ball
“getting rid of the mideival warm period”
I also noticed that. Climate progress hails all the recent floods as CO2 caused. When the floods of 1919 are just as bad, he gets rid of it. Delete/censor the post.

Seems like the code also is worse than the emails;

Frederick Michael

How quickly ten minutes passes when you are enjoying yourself.

Barry L.

A little off topic, but worthy of noting as I have not seen any comments in this regard….
The biggest question of the day: Why have the MSM downplayed Climategate????
Their owners will loose billions… er trillions if this gets out. Green will be the new brown. The coverup MSM is providing almost makes them look as guilty as the climate science puppets so recently exposed.
A little history on MSM:

D. Ch.

Before going too far down the road saying all this politicized science must have broken some law, etc., you should contemplate that scientists and engineers who work for large companies in the private sector are well aware of how directors and supervisors would prefer one sort of data-set, or one type of result, over another, and how there are always helpful employees with good engineering and science credentials who are happy to support this preference (the “party line”, if you will). Time and again you will find little tolerance for information that points to flaws in past technical decisions or current technical policies (you see, there’s always some important person or group of people responsible for those decisions and policies). If climate change played out the same way this sort of thing routinely plays out in large private companies, it wouldn’t be discredited until the evidence against it became impossible to deny — say the world’s average temperature falling 5 degrees over the next 5 years — or the refusal to face reality began to hurt the bottom line badly enough to effect the CEO’s bonus! Really, as soon as scientists, engineers, and so on become players in how large amounts of money are allocated, it’s silly to expect dispassionate analysis on the merits of the technical and scientific issues under discussion. In the private sector, fortunately, people can waste time and effort any way they please without affecting most of the rest of us. When the same sort of self-interested science takes hold in the public sector, however, it’s much less tolerable, for obvious reasons. I’m sure if you dug into NASA emails, and the emails at the top levels of the defense-industrial complex, you would see the same sort of East-Anglia nastiness at play — probably worse, in fact, since those areas of government supported science and engineering have been in operation for many more decades. Always remember, the more expensive an experiment has been to perform, the less likely it is to be declared a failure …

Bob Wood

this puts the finger of suspiscion on all politicians pushing climate change legislation. I hope it helps blow out their flame!!!!


Robert E. Phelan (20:07:52) :
Curiousgeorge (18:49:11) :
The link was posted at Jeff Id’s on the 17th just before 10:00 p.m. There are reports in the media that FOIA tried to post it at RC but was prevented by the alertness of the crew there, who notified CRU… but then didn’t follow through with details… and the authorities were not called in… you don’t suppose….????

You know, it’s probably a huge stretch, but, if RC was the first attempt, and CRU and RC knew about what was going to happen, and they are the people knowing what the contents are and what was “really” going on within the emails and codes, it is not inconceivable that one, or many of them that may indeed have these kinds of investments, would perhaps opt to quickly dump them, “just in case”. This would at least be a step towards protecting their investments. What would be YOUR first reaction if it were you? After all, portions of ClimateGate certainly illustrate functions of money and possible monetary motivations.
Would be interesting if someone were able to do a little research to find out exactly which companies had their stocks suddenly dumped, then, if there is a way, tie them back to any of the “usual” suspects, even Gore, or Soros, etc… After all, Gore, Soros, Fenton, etc.., all have close ties to and the entire ClimateGate “team”.

David S

Suppose that the people behind this control the mainstream media. What are the odds the media will report it?
Suppose the people behind this own most of the politicians. What are the odds the politicians will do anything?
Suppose the American people are so dumbed down they’d rather watch Desperate Housewives than pay attention to important events. Will the people do anything?

Curiousgeorge (19:23:40) : Very “on the ball” as I mentioned. We’ll see in the next few days, if it was a smart move or not.
The major trading houses (Goldman is stellar at this) have a full time person or three assigned to each major stock, ETF, sector, … Their job is to see and know everything about their sector or stock prior to market open each day. If anything that looks “big” is in the wind, they are to take major market positions FAST.
So if this was “out” prior to the open, I’d expect the “market maker” to know it and the major trading houses to know it AND I’d expect them to act within minutes of the open. This also would trigger a bunch of folks with “stop loss orders” in a cascade…
The real indicator for a smart operator doing manipulation would be if there was a spike in options trading ahead of the stock move… Buy puts, short stock… cover in..


Robert E. Phelan (20:07:52) :
Curiousgeorge (18:49:11) :
“The link was posted at Jeff Id’s on the 17th just before 10:00 p.m. There are reports in the media that FOIA tried to post it at RC but was prevented by the alertness of the crew there, who notified CRU… but then didn’t follow through with details… and the authorities were not called in… you don’t suppose….????”
Nor TMK was the UEA computer system locked down days before. Then there’s the motive for wanting to upload a large zip to – realclimate? Then there’s the issue of the file being prevented from loading…in that case, what authorities would they have alerted? I heard Gavin claimed that they had alerted authorities 2 or 3 days before the bomb hit JeffID.

Gene Nemetz

FatBigot (20:28:15) :
How quickly ten minutes passes when you are enjoying yourself.
On Thursday when this story first broke hours of reading went by and 2:00 am came pretty quickly.


Squidly (20:56:16) :
So, in addition to moving funds around to hide failure to comply with grant money from NOAA [1056478635.txt] to ostensibly avoid paying taxes (and the FBI gets involved in stuff like that) you have the prospect of SEC violations in the dumping of stocks.
Whoa. This Climategate thing is one hot potato.
The lads at CRU might be getting a visit from Scotland Yard, don’t you think?

Curious George:
The link you provided didn’t work for me…. it may require special permissions. Any chance you could follow up? I’d be very interested if any of the transaction involved Australia and the companies Windesal Limited, Velocitimage Group Pty ltd, or Harrop Trust.
Squidly’s “huge stretch” (which it is and would be too good to be true) would be a violation of SEC regulations.
I wonder what the market will be doing tomorrow.

Patrick Davis

Got some coverage here in Australia on SMH…
Seems like it’s being played down a bit to me.


Robert E. Phelan (22:00:38) :
Woodward & Bernstein didn’t have anything like this.
The really big players will have little choice but to throw CRU under the bus at this point, otherwise it will cascade onto them. It may do that anyway.