Hot Propaganda – coming soon to a TV near you

Two comments:

1. You have to see this to understand some mind sets regarding “global warming”.

2. I didn’t know trains still ran on time at the end of the world.

(h/t to Paul Biggs of Celestial Junk)


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Mike C

It’s like… Al Gore’s road kill show.

That was disgusting.
They are truly getting desperate, aren’t they?
That means objective reason may be slowly winning, after all.


It may be my imagination but that chunk of ice about 21 seconds into the clip sort of looks like a double-faced evil person with horns.

Pamela Gray

Let me get this right. If land areas warm up, they get ….dryer? Then why was the Sierra Desert growing green plants when IT was warmer than it is now? I actually laughed at the polar bear taking a spill off the edge of the ice. That was a funny tumble! And the Kangaroo waiting for a train. Wonder what station he was waiting at in Australia’s interior part of the continent? However, the monkey hanging himself was such a prize. Hanging himself with dried old vines attached to a dead thin tree branch. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how much even an emaciated full grown chimp weighs?

Richard Sharpe

China to brace for cold fronts, snow.
I suspect they would welcome a little global warming right now …


Has anybody considered what our options are once Obama gets into office and these cap-and-trade bills and other CO2 limiting bills start becoming law?
Could we take this issue to court?


Ohhh! If the video wasn’t already so bad, the logo in the end is from a Portuguese environmental organization, Quercus! And I’m Portuguese! I feel so ashamed right now…

Richard Sharpe

Pamela Gray asks:

And the Kangaroo waiting for a train. Wonder what station he was waiting at in Australia’s interior part of the continent?

There is a line from Darwin to Adelaide via Alice Springs, right through the middle of Australia, and then there are lines into Queensland, eg from Townsville to Mt Isa, or from Brisbane to Cunamulla and Winton etc. There is also a line in NSW to Broken Hill, and so forth.


Hey cartoon polar bear – maybe it had something to do with the carbonated sodas you and your cubs have been pushing for a decade or so. Too bad so sad you got your cartoon comeuppance. I would have preferred the traditional anvil drop, however.


that has to be a joke…..i don’t think they could be serious.


That is just sick. People that make that stuff have some issues that would be better suited for a Mental Institution than ad making.


Unfortunately, many ADULTS in the USA will believe every word. I have heard dozens of interviews of people that voted for BO who had no idea who Joe Biden or Sarah Palin were.


So is this how species become extinct? They commit suicide.
I have about 20″ of global warming in my yard from todays So. California snow storm, nice job predicting this storm by the OWS weather guy.


Just goes to show if you can’t fight with facts a picture is worth a thousand words. You can’t be accused of lying and unfortunately it works.

Mike Bryant

This reminds me of the old Indian with the teardrop running down his cheek as he watches real pollution.
Now we have a parade of suicidal, cartoon (not real) animals, offing themselves at some future (not real) point in time, which has supposedly been caused by pollution (not really, it’s plant food), because we were all too selfish to accept the fall of western civilization. Really…

Pamela Gray

Ah. That means you Aussies have kangaroo guards on the front engine.

Pamela Gray

That comment about pictures instead of facts brings up another comment. Most of the pictures are cartoon characters. Is that in and of itself a commentary on whether or not the populace as a whole can distinguish between fantasy and reality?

Nothing works like anthromorphizing wild animals to get sympathy for your cause. Today’s cartoon-loving movie-goers will eat this up. As they pay that extra 50% carbon cap tax for heating their living quarters, driving their vehicle, preparing their next meal, taking a bath, lighting the room, flushing the toilet, etc. etc. etc. I predict there won’t be a dried up tree for the monkey to hang himself from — we’re going to be burning every scrap of wood available to keep warm soon. Kangaroos? There won’t be any, we will be eating them for food. Polar bears? Man-eating polar bears? Who cares? When they jump off the last iceberg, I won’t miss ’em one bit. And neither will the people they keep trying to eat.


Now, if only we can get the Greenies to do what the cartoon animals were doing in that vid… The world would be a better place… So, if yer green an’ feeling down…. You know what to do. Your own mob have shown you the way. Don’t let us stop ya!
I don’t know where these guys are living, but outside my place it’s green and the weather is great. The Kangaroos look happy…. They’re on the golf coarse laying in the shade as fat as mud.

“…cartoon (not real) animals”
“Most of the pictures are cartoon characters.”
Computer models.

That has to be one of the stupidest commercials I’ve ever seen. By their reasoning, we should actually push for global warming because it gives animals such amazing cognitive abilities! So smart they know when to give up, and how!


Mark 19:48:56–Yes, there is something you can do. Write to your Congressmen and tell them about what this AGW is nothing but Theories, not Facts. If you don’t like writing, email them or call them. I email mine thru Conservative site. I’ve been passionate about this Issue and ALL of My representatives know how I feel. Check this out on the latest Cost feascal..

Jim G

The first take was with a real polar bear.
But he ate some of the crew and made popsicles for a treat later.
That left only enough money in the budget for computer animation.
(which, from a technical standpoint was pretty good)
We have received the most snow in the high deserts of Ca than I can remember since 1993.
Of course, we wouldn’t have snow at all if it wasn’t getting warmer!
And those Siberians are shooting for the -60C December record, and coming close to it!

Indeed computers models, sigh. Garbage in – Garbage out.


Hmmm… reality seems to be a bit different from their scenario. Heaviest snowfall since 1979 today in Las Vegas!


Words fail me.
(The last time words failed me was my calculus exam in 1975.)

My wife is a lawyer who defends people unjustly accused of child abuse and neglect. The Child Protective Service people she battles share a mindset with some of the AGW folk – both groups are certain they’re right, both know the end justifies the means. A big difference is that CPS tends to hide behind a legal veil of secrecy, but the AGW crowd has to continually recruit.
This video is the sort of thing CPS might produce (replace animals with children) to recruit new foster contractors and case workers. I decided to get more involved in climate issues in large part because there is science behind it instead of the steady mantra of “our children are our next generation”. Tactics like these smack of desperation and putting emotion far above the science. This is so far beyond people’s perception of Global Warming (such as it has been lately) that I hope it will have the opposite impact and show the AGW believers as far worse crackpots than anything Al Gore has called his opponents.
More on New Hampshire’s CPS, the Division of Children, Youth, and Families is at and too many other pages around my site.


Here in the Seattle area we are alternating between snow and Modified Artic Air with daytime highs below normal nighttime lows, 36F, if not below 32F and nighttime lows in the teens and twenties, since Dec. 14. It’s not going to get back to normal temps and dear old rain for at least ten days. I’m having a battle to keep my water pipes from freezing. If the electricity goes it’s going to be challenging. The roads are skating rinks. Global Warming, my fundament.

Mike Bryant

J. Hansford,
Look at Australia’s anomalies over the last 30 years.
Not really a whole bunch of change.

Mike Bryant (20:23:21) :

This reminds me of the old Indian with the teardrop running down his cheek as he watches real pollution.

Yeah, but that was effective because people could watch it and see a path to fix the problem. In the cartoon, the animals die and it’s too late to change things. The cartoon offers only despair, the Indian offered sadness and guilt, but also motivation to fix things.

Frank Ravizza

Disturbing little video. This chimp hanging himself was a classy touch. It would be comical, but when shown to children (including the older variety) this kind of propoganda does harm.


CGI is expensive. Where are these guys getting their money from. There’s this seemingly never-ending torrent of cash pouring out of somewhere.
The banks and the automakers didn’t think their well could ever run dry though. So when the cash finally stops flowing even into the bottomless pit of Warmism are these environmental groups going to need a bailout?

Brooklyn Red Leg

Joseph Goebbels would be proud. I wanna go vomit now. Funny, the polar bear diving into the ocean…so he can swim a good 100km to the nearest landmass or next icepack. Cause God knows, the species name isn’t Ursus maritimus ::rolls eyes::

The disgusting ad is a silent commentary on:
(a) the admaker’s perception of the public’s stupidity;
(b) the stupidity of the viewers who will believe it;
(c) the cynicism of the admaker himself;
(d) all of the above.
Where is this all going?

I think this one provides a more balanced view


Biggest PROPAGANDA piece ever.
They better give that and ‘R’ rating, and if they ever show that to children under 15yrs they should be taken to court within an inch of their lives, as it would be considered Child Abuse to show such disgusting images.

Douglas DC

BTW the “Old Indian” with the tear was Iron Eyes Cody-who wasn’t even an
Native American (I prefer that myself as I’m part Cherokee) he was of Italian
extraction.I lost a stepson to teenage suicide-by hanging.This is a sick,sick
Oh,Pamela,got snow?
Just starting here in La Grande…

Heh! Linked! Very funny. And so TRAGIC!

I wonder if Tim Flannery could identify the Kangaroo species for us? Road Kill Cafe anyone?


Anthromorphizing, making these animals so much more pathetic, cuddly even….even if it is animated it is designed solely for an emotional repsonse. People all too often act on emotion vice rational thought when it comes to issues this complex.
All I can do is shake my head, show it to my son and explain why AGW and this kind of tripe is all garbage – and not to fall for the things they “teach” in school about it.


That add would have cost a heck of a lot of money to make and will cost a lot more to broadcast. Who is funding this?

The Diatribe Guy

Wow. Just… wow.
Fortunately for real animals, they tend to not be as weak-minded as us humans, and so they actually won’t be offing themselves as soon as things get a litle rough.
I don’t get a couple things, though. I mean, a Polar Bear.. OK. And everyone likes monkeys. But a kangaroo? When did we start sympathizing with the plight of the kangaroo?
I posted this in another thread, but it was kind of out of place there. It fits in much better here. Speaking of propaganda, check out the new “musical” some schools are sponsoring: “Santa Goes Green.” I linked to a clip of the music. You have to listen to that.
And then, there’s an unrelated book by the same name that apparently is flying off the shelves.
Full indoctrination is in motion.


That was the funniest thing I have seen in months. Only someone with a heart of stone could resist laughing out loud.


Given the number of roos killed on the roads in Oz (a lot of us have roo bars on the front of our vehicles) I think the end of the world has already come.

F Rasmin

Dear Pamela Grey. Kangaroos are found right inside of cities in Australia. I saw one from my front verandah by the lake two weeks ago and I live in the Northern suburbs of Brisabane. They are everywhere in Australia. Come on down! It is forecast to be 95 degrees farenheit tomorrow.

Mike Pickett

This panders to the people Jay Leno interviewed on his “Jay Walk.”
Unfortunately, they are in the majority now…thanks to 2 generations of “Progressive Education”…

F Rasmin

Dear Pamela . Sorry for all of the typos, I cannot see my keyboard for the sweat running into my eyes. But please come on down. I feel for you with all of that freezing weather. I have read many of your posts and I feel that you get a little bit fed up now with the frost and the snow.The white beaches here are but 10 minutes drive from my home and Brisbane is sunnier than Florida (I am not rubbing it in, I am just trying to promote Australia; a country that I love).


That was one humongous ice berg the polar bear took the header off. What was his problem?

Phillip Bratby

Oh no, I’ve been proved wrong again. I thought all that warming would increase the amount of evaporation and there would be lots of rain and everywhere would be green and there would be dynosaurs all over the place and the world would be a much better place without all those mammals.


I’m reminded of the ad from the early 70’s that had the small kid taking about how there would be no oil to make gas from when he grew up.