I need some volunteers for a special climate related project.


I have a need to test something. Unfortunately testing that something requires a lot of careful manual labor at the PC keyboard.

When the work is done, it will give a basis for a comparison that as far as I know, has not been done before.

I don’t want to say what it is, because I’d like the work to proceed without having to deal with commentary until it is done. It’s easy work without need of any special skills other than attention to detail, and can be done at your computer. While it is just detailed and somewhat tedious, I consider it very important.  The scope of work is far larger than one person can do easily, which is why I’m asking for help from my loyal readers. I figure I need at least 20 volunteers to do it. The more volunteers the better, because it will mean that each volunteer will have less work. You can do this from anywhere in the world with any Internet connection on any PC or Mac.

The caveats:

1. You have to be a real person known to me. No phantoms or non de plumes. You can stay under a handle on this forum, but you have to reveal your identity to me privately. No exceptions.

2. Once I get a volunteer count, I’ll divide up the work amongst the total volunteers and make assignments

3. Everyone will get credited in the final result, unless you opt not to.

4. The results will be made public on this forum when the project is complete, eta 15-30 days. Results will be made available for sharing, checking and replication by others.

5. Be prepared for perhaps as much as 8-12 hours of detailed work, possibly more, possibly less, based on how many volunteers we have.

6. Self starters will do best; once I turn you loose with instructions, there won’t be much support I can offer beyond answering questions.

7. There’s a chance the results may show nothing of interest, but the work needs to be done so that a comparison can be made.

If this sounds like something you would like to help with, please indicate your willingness to help with this project in comments below, and I will contact you privately.

UPDATE 7/7/08: I have plenty of volunteers, and the project will go very quickly now with this many. So I’m closing the thread for additional volunteers. Thos that have volunteered, look for an email from project -at- surfacestations dawt org in the next day or so and we’ll work out assignments.


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I can help.


I’m interested in helping out on this.

Sure, count me in. No prob. I’m in front of my keyboard most of the time anyway.


I can help.


I am willing to help.

I’m willing.


Uh, tentative for me…at least I shortcut the vetting process.


I would like to participate. What do you need for additional ID?

Delighted to offer my assistance if required 🙂

I can give you some time.
Please forward instructions.


As an avid reader at your site it’s my duty to contribute in some small way.


I’m willing.


I volunteer.


Lot’s of free time right now, so please, do contact me if needed.


I can help out. I’ve been ordered by the doc to take it easy and let an injury heal for the next 4 weeks anyway, so it may keep me from terminal boredom.

Jeff Coatney

I can contribute.


As long as it doesn’t require constant internet access I’ll be able to help.

I’m in. Does this mean you’ll give me another excuse to go to Yosemite again??? 🙂


I’d love to help out.

Leon Brozyna

Sure, I can give a hand. When did keyboard work become manual labor?


I can help out.

Need you ask? I am definitely willing to help


Sign me up, Rev.
Contact me by email with the details.


I can help.

Jim B

Hey I have a Job, wife and kid. So anything you could do to help me hide from these people for 8 to 10 hours would be greatly appreciated!
Two questions:
1. Would this count towards university credit?
2. Would this count toward my “mandated” community service?
Just Kidding I’ll help out no problem.


I’m in!
(but I am sitting across the ocean in Europe, I hope this ist not a problem at all…)


i too will help. count me in (although i am leaving town for the next 2 weeks on saturday)…..
at this rate, you may have about 50 volunteers…


Sign me up.
BTW, any and all data in electronic or scannable form can be electronically transcribed, but I realize that often manual input is the simplest solution.
And tongueincheek, I feel a cult coming on. Scientology better watch out. Let’s call it Climatology.

Jan Janssens

Count me in!

Pierre Gosselin

“It’s easy work without need of any special skills…”
Hey that’s me!
I can donate about 2 hours a day. (Warning: I’m not fastest on a keyboard).
Please send some over this way!

Christopher Elves

I’d love to help….as long as being in Australia isn’t a problem!

Pieter Folkens

I’ve got a 3rd-year university student home for the summer lookin’ for something interesting to do. We’ll make it a family project. Count us in.

L. Gardy LaRoche

I’ve got some time.


Red 5, standing by…
But seriously, count me in. What info do you require from me for a posi ID and how do you require it?


I’m retired, can’t afford to go for a drive. Send me something interesting.

Phillip Bratby

Count me in.

Steve Viddal

I see that by now at least 36 people has signed up. If you still could use an extra pair of hands and a keyboard I would be very interested in helping out. Provided (of course) the work can be done from Norway.
Do you require anything more for identification?



Computer consultant at the ready. If you think I can help, then count me in.

Frederick Davies

I think I can give 12 hours over the next 15 days… no problem. Contact me on the e-mail for identification.

The engineer

Copenhagen Calling – dix point !
Love to help.
My name is my E-mail (minus the digit).

Frank/ Denmark

Well, sure, Anthony!
If there is more need for hands, im in!
– Sounds interesting 🙂


I am around my computer all the time and have accumulated knowledge of climate science. I am a college student with best climate education of an “A” in Physical Geography, freshman level. I am not sure if that is enough, especially if it requires extensive complex mathematics, which I have not quite reached yet in my education level. If this is observing weather and searching for data, I’m in as I do that all the time. You say 8-12 hours of work, does that mean a total of hours over 15-30 days?


You can forward me instructions and I will see what I can do.

Patrick Hadley

Yes, I would be very happy to take part.

Be glad to help, Anthony.

Richard S Courtney

I am also willing to help if I can.

Dodgy Geezer

Yup, I’ll apply as well. I’m based in England. But how will you check that we’re real people?
REPLY: Vee have vays…

Tim James

Okily dokily!
I’m your man.


Sign me up, Anthony.