BBC Video on False Claims in Gore's Inconvenient Truth

BBC news report - click to play video

As a followup to my post Et tu, Gorus, here is a BBC News report on the 9 items that a British High Court deemed to be false claims in the documentary,  An Inconvenient Truth.

3 thoughts on “BBC Video on False Claims in Gore's Inconvenient Truth

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  2. Hey Anthony, Found something interesting when you look at sites
    with only the old style MinMax guages. Check the thread. you won’t
    believe your eyes. I segregated the sites based on whether they were CRN123 AND had old style minmax guages. Circumventing the MMTS issues and
    ASOS issues. Stunning Difference, by far the MOST significant result I have produced. More stations please!

  3. I just watched the BBC video and it was excellent.
    Anthony I continue to be impressed by your world class blog! The graphics are top notch, just like your commentary on the issues.

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