Memorial Day


This morning, I took my children out front, and we placed three flags in our front yard. Each child got one little flag on a wooden stick to plant in the front garden, while mommy and daddy got the big flag to hang from the porch.

After a little discussion on why we did this on Memorial Day,” to remember those who keep us free”, my son William remarked, “ok…can we wash the car now?” (that was our next project).

Well maybe it’s a little early at nearly 4, to install some patriotism. But later when William and I drove to the hardware store together he said “Daddy, how come those houses don’t have flags? We have flags”. It was then I realized we were the only house on our entire street displaying flags today.

Good question son, good question.

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Mike H.
May 29, 2007 11:50 pm

It needs a good answer like, people are doing so many fun things that they don’t have time to think about their country or the ones who have sacrificed for it.
I know that’s not your answer, but it is the neighbors answer.

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