How not to measure temperature, part 2

I decided I’d drop some more fun with entropy your way. Here is the USHCN
station of climate record in Redding, CA GISS number # 425725920010 and used in
the climate modeling database

It is now operated by the US Forest Service at their HQ located at the
Redding Airport. It used to be operated by the National Weather Service, but
that WSFO closed in the mid 90’s.

Like Marysville, the site is surrounded by asphalt, and the surface is
unnatural – its wood chips over weedmat, and I’ll have to say it was hot as heck
to walk on during mid-day..

But the kicker is the “accessories” they’ve added for convenience of running
the hygrometer and for night observations. Yes it is another fine high-quality
USHCN climate recording site. I wonder how many times they forgot to turn off
the light? It looks like there might be room for a hot plate to keep your coffee
warm while making observations.


add a blower

The blower is used to run air past the wet bulb hygrometer…its not the
correct way
to do it (manual aeration by rotation is specified).

let there be light

Here is the satellite picture from Google Earth


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  1. Some years ago I was involved with a thrust measurement program at Edwards Air Force Base (NASA). We installed our own official, regulation Stevenson Screen for standard temperature measurements. On bright sunny days we could see a measureable temperature change when someone would park a dark car near the measurement site. The effect disappeared when the car was moved.

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