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UK’s Press Complaints Commission responds to the premature ‘Gleick cleared’ Guardian article by Suzanne Goldenberg

Paul Bongiorno submits this story: Mr. Watts and company, Good day Sir. I’d received a response from the UK’s Press Complaint’s Commission regarding the UK’s ‘Guardian’ story of, ‘Peter Gleick cleared of forging..’ fiction. The ‘PCC’s Simon Yip forwarded me … Continue reading

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The Telegraph finally figures out where the North Magnetic Pole is was, issues microscopically sized correction

WUWT readers may remember this story I wrote about the clowns from Old Pulteney’s “Row to the Pole” who had headlines blaring in Britain exclaiming they had rowed to the “north pole”. Telegraph, BBC, and Independent geography FAIL: “Row to … Continue reading

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James Delingpole beats a Press Complaint from UEA

Guest Post by Barry Woods The University of East Anglia has made complaints to the Press Complaints Commission about three blog posts by James Delingpole (photo at left) in the Telegraph about Professor Phil Jones and the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) … Continue reading

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