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The week in Gore

Al Gore has been running the interview circuit this week, and it seems since his sale of CURRENT TV to Al Jazeerra he has gone from golden boy to goblin boy in the eyes of the media. He’s pushing his … Continue reading

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Skeptical Science to be featured on National Talk Radio

But it isn’t what they hoped for because it is about ‘…we need a conspiracy to save humanity‘. Brought to his attention due to my shoddy treatment after appearing on PBS with a reasoned response, nationally syndicated radio talk show … Continue reading

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Fired OSU instructor challenges job loss

You may recall WUWT’s coverage of Nick Drapela, a climate skeptic who was fired from his teaching job at Oregon State University. My friend and fellow climate skeptic, nationally syndicated radio host Lars Larson tips me about this story: Chemistry … Continue reading

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In Colorado wildfires, ‘worst in state history’, why won’t the Forest Service use the biggest firefighting tool available?

AP labels the 2012 Colorado wildfires worst in state history in this story. My friend and fellow climate skeptic, nationally syndicated radio host Lars Larson, asks some pointed and pertinent questions about what appears to be some of the most … Continue reading

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Pacific Institute reinstates Peter Gleick – but won’t provide confirmation of the “independent investigation”

UPDATE4: 6/7/12 11AM PST The independent investigator is named, see update #4 below. UPDATE5: 6/7/12 11:15AM PST Heartland has just released a statement, read it here. UPDATE6: 6/7/12 1:15PM PST Josh weighs in with some biting satire in a cartoon … Continue reading

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