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Study: ‘green’ biofuels could be costing the earth

From the University of Leicester  department of inconvenient truths: New study suggests EU biofuels are as carbon intensive as petrol University of Leicester research into greenhouse gas emissions from oil palm plantations provides robust measures now being used to inform … Continue reading

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Water evaporated from trees cools global climate

From the Carnegie Institution – maybe we should build more cooling towers. Washington, DC. — Scientists have long debated about the impact on global climate of water evaporated from vegetation. New research from Carnegie’s Global Ecology department concludes that evaporated … Continue reading

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Wastewater GHG emissions, a poop de grace?

From the University of Cincinnati Wastewater recycling can multiply greenhouse gas emissions New research shows that wastewater recycling processes may generate more greenhouse gases than traditional water-treatment processes. Despite this finding, there are good reasons to continue keep wastewater recycling … Continue reading

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Attack of the killer clothes dryer

From the University of Washington  comes news of a terrible scourge of air pollution coming from America’s suburban wasteland. Yes, it’s the unregulated clothes dryer vent. I see a whole new division of the EPA just for this major threat … Continue reading

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Animals and plants flee 0.7°C temperature rise in last century

UPDATE: Highly recommended reading from Donna LaFramboise (h/t to reader Lars P), apparently this researcher has had several rebuttals posted against his previous peer reviewed version of this claim. One rebuttal by a prominent ecologist said: “the worst paper I … Continue reading

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Oh noes! Cities endanger the future environment

From Yale University Growth of cities endangers global environment New Haven, Conn.—The explosive growth of cities worldwide over the next two decades poses significant risks to people and the global environment, according to a meta-analysis published today in PlosOne. Researchers … Continue reading

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Climate change hype – it’s turtles all the way down under

From the Society for Experimental Biology via Eurekalert, now making the rounds on websites like ScienceDaily, worrisome news that climate change will possibly, maybe, could, put the endangered Mary river turtle in Australia at further risk. Even the author of … Continue reading

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Run Away! The “Anthropocene” is coming!!!

Guest Post by David Middleton I just love it when the authors of these sorts of articles start out with a series of mistakes… The Anthropocene: Can Humans Survive A Human Age? by Adam Frank About 12,000 years ago (give … Continue reading

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Monbiot smacks head first into reality

George Monbiot has published a story in the Guardian with a strong dose of reality: He goes on to say that maybe it’s time to give up “magical thinking”. I hope that by laying out the problem I can encourage … Continue reading

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Green Sin Week – your personal guide to penance

Mocking Lent, Good Friday, and Easter observed by millions, the eco website “Grist” this week showed the link between all things green and religion, by making a “virtual confession booth” for those who have sinned against Gaia. Apparently, there’s been … Continue reading

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Canadian Harp Seals In New England (“prediction” of cooling?)

Canadian Harp Seals may have “read” the predictions of the coming decades of stabilization of global temperatures and perhaps some cooling. Animals like the Harp Seal have experienced many millions of years of climatic change and, through the complex processes … Continue reading

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One more thing that is “better than we thought” – NOAA: “the atmosphere’s self-cleaning capacity is rather stable”

Yesterday we learned that the great Pacific Garbage Patch really isn’t as big as hyped by media, today we learn that the “atmosphere’s ability to rid itself of many pollutants is generally well buffered or stable”. Huh. Imagine that, the … Continue reading

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CO2 is Plant Food (Clean Coal, Say WATT?)

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein. When Lord Monckton told Congress “CO2 is plant food”, the Global Warming activists went crazy because … well, because they know he spoke an inconvenient truth. Monckton’s statement was ridiculed in many blog posts and … Continue reading

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Garbage: Another environmental claim proven to be hyped

From Oregon State University: Oceanic “garbage patch” not nearly as big as portrayed in media CORVALLIS, Ore. – There is a lot of plastic trash floating in the Pacific Ocean, but claims that the “Great Garbage Patch” between California and … Continue reading

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Naked bodies and a new Messiah

Guest post by Robert Zimmerman If anyone had any doubt that the global warming movement is undergoing a serious collapse, this so-called news article from Spiegel Online, entitled “Naked bodies and a new Messiah: Green groups are trying to sex … Continue reading

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Kyoto Protocol: Bad Science = Bad Policy

Guest Post by Ruth Bonnett As early as 1969, writings by Ayn Rand – philosopher and novelist – sounded the alarm bells on the environmentalist movement and the potential impact on our society: The uncontested absurdities of today are the … Continue reading

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Montford and Newbery’s submission to the BBC’s Science Coverage Review

I’ll be honest and say that I’m deeply sceptical that this or any other submission will make much difference, but I admire their tenacity. Andrew Montford ( Bishop Hill ) and Tony Newbery (Harmless Sky) have put in a submission … Continue reading

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Inconvenient eco bags – now with lead

From the New York Times: Even Reusable Bags Carry Environmental Risk By MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM They dangle from the arms of many New Yorkers, a nearly ubiquitous emblem of empathy with the environment: synthetic, reusable grocery bags, another must-have accessory … Continue reading

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Climate Change: The Keywords (Part 1 of 3)

Written by Geraldo Luís Lino, special to Climate Change Dispatch – reposted here at WUWT by request – Note: the opinion of this author is not necessarily the same as mine. I provide this for discussion by CCD’s request. – … Continue reading

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No more double standards

Government officials and grant recipients must also be held accountable for fraud Guest post by Paul Driessen False, misleading or fraudulent claims have long brought the wrath of juries, judges and government agencies down on perpetrators. So have substandard manufacturing … Continue reading

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UM report labels Discovery Channel incident “politically inspired terrorism”

Via Press release (Eurekalert) Report from START: Discovery Networks Hostage-Taking a Rare Terror Event U.S. Violent Terror Rarely Against Media, Capital; Rare for Environmentalists COLLEGE PARK, Md. – A new report by terrorism researchers at the University of Maryland concludes … Continue reading

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As a man, I feel eco-discriminated against…

I’m (almost) always a supporter of ideas that conserve energy or resources. Theoretically then, I’d be for this minimalist bathroom idea show below, made with a minimum of materials, it looks like something from IKEA. Only one problem…the dual use … Continue reading

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EPA says no to lead ammo ban

In a moment of clarity, the EPA doesn’t ban something. But wait, bigger craziness still looks to be on the horizon. See the end of the story. ========================================== EPA PRESS RELEASE Brendan Gilfillan FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 27, 2010 … Continue reading

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Surprise: Fish tolerate 2.5°C temperature shift in 3 years

Tiny fish evolved to tolerate colder temperature in three years: UBC study University of British Columbia researchers have observed one of the fastest evolutionary responses ever recorded in wild populations. In as little as three years, stickleback fish developed tolerance … Continue reading

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Interior Dept. Inspector General Investigating post facto falsified statements from engineers on drilling moratorium

While this isn’t our normal fare here at WUWT, I found it interesting and relevant, since WUWT covered the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling spill story early on here, with several follow ups. This story is a result of that spill. … Continue reading

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U.S. Forest Service embraces climate change

No word on Smokey bear’s new duties yet, but maybe they’ll make him do a new public service pitch, maybe something like this: Above: a parody image,  see WUWT story on Ursus Bogus Forest Service Shifts Strategy to Address Changing … Continue reading

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Stinky environmental politics

From Jo Nova: Tyranny: How to destroy a business with environmental red tape [Note: I visited with the Thompsons at their farm during my visit to Narrogin. While time did not permit me to do the full scale story that … Continue reading

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Sustainability Teaching: “lack of ethical dimension”

Ethical issues ignored in sustainability education, research EAST LANSING, Mich. — Just about everyone agrees that sustainability – cutting energy use, reducing carbon emissions and, in general, keeping the Earth green – is a good thing. But why do we think … Continue reading

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Americans Not Inclined To Pay More To Fight Global Warming

From Canada Free Press Democratic Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman declared yesterday that a new EPA study shows their new global warming legislation won’t cost Americans much after all. But so far most Americans don’t show an inclination to pay anything … Continue reading

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New Dogs; IPCC tricks

Looks like they took lessons from Briffa. From Fox News The seven experts who advised President Obama on how to deal with offshore drilling safety after the Deepwater Horizon explosion are accusing his administration of misrepresenting their views to make it … Continue reading

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What happens if a hurricane hits the Gulf Oil Slick?

There’s been a lot of worry and speculation over what will happen if a hurricane and the gulf oil spill collide. In response, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has prepared a document answering some of the questions. There’s of course, … Continue reading

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The Gulf oil rig explosion – on the scene photos

Regular WUWT commenter Jimmy Haigh, a geologist by trade, sends along a PDF that is a compilation of on the scene photos taken right after the explosion and in the following two days. I’ve converted it to web format. These … Continue reading

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