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A problem: nearly one third of CO2 emissions occured since 1998, and it hasn’t warmed

Guest post by Tom Fuller The physics behind the theory of global warming are solid. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, we’re emitting industrial levels of it, with China now in the lead for emissions. A significant portion remains in the … Continue reading

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Is green energy a fad that has run its course?

So, How’s Your Green Energy Stock Doing? Guest post By Steve Goreham Originally published in The Washington Times Is green energy a fad that has run its course? The investment community seems to think so. RENIXX® World, the Renewable Energy … Continue reading

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Monckton gets evicted from Doha COP18 conference

UPDATE: Monckton is being deported from Qatar. Such a show of tolerance from the “tolerant left” who do these sorts of stunts all the time (sometimes illegally). Monckton has been ‘de-badged’, meaning he no longer has a visa to stay … Continue reading

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Newsbytes -Heavy Snowfall Rejuvenates Himalayan Glaciers

via the GWPF and Dr. Benny Peiser New Evidence Undermines Climate Alarmism With high-altitude mountains in Himachal Pradesh experiencing up to 100 cm fresh snowfall in November month after 10 years, the abundance of snow on mountains has rejuvenated nearly … Continue reading

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Once again, reality trumps models – Pacific SST’s are flat

Model-Data Comparison: Pacific Ocean Satellite-Era Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies Guest post by Bob Tisdale I’ll be adding the Pacific Ocean (60S-65N, 120E-80W) sea surface temperature anomalies to my monthly updates. See Figure 1 for the area covered by those coordinates. Why … Continue reading

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