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By this logic, Chris Mooney should be blaming Obama for not seizing the opportunity to talk about global cooling last winter

Sigh. This is so bad… it’s funny. For the record, it is now official; Chris Mooney is a paid political hack disguising himself as a science writer. I’m going back to calling him a “kid blogger”, because no adult could … Continue reading

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University of Nebraska claims record drought in the USA? Not so fast…

From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln  comes a news release about the 12 year old U.S. Drought Monitor dataset, proclaiming “record worst ever” as if this has some relevance in history. Sorry, I have to call BS on this. Take June … Continue reading

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July sea ice outlook submitted to ARCUS

The WUWT Extent Projection: 4.55 million square kilometers. Readers polled, 142 responded with 22.11% of responses in the range of 4.5 to 4.6 million square kilometers. 4.6 million sqkm  11.21%  (72 votes) 4.5 million sqkm  10.9%  (70 votes) This was almost … Continue reading

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Putting Piers Corbyn to the test

I’ve been given a link in email today to a public forecast page for July by weather prognosticator Piers Corbyn, which you can investigate in full yourself here. I find his web pages and forecasts hard to read, and even … Continue reading

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WUWT sea Ice forecast poll, just a few hours left

The poll closes at 12PM PST, Thursday, July 5th. If you have not voted, get your vote in now here. The deadline for submission to ARCUS is today.

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Linking the ENSO and PDO induced rainfall of the Pacific Northwest to proxy data in tree rings and lake sediments

From Penn State , another Mann paper with proxy sets, and a divergence problem. At least they are talking about the MWP, or as they call it, the Medieval Climate Anomaly which had been erased in previous papers Mann had … Continue reading

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‘Doppler radar’ for solar storm detection

Rice researcher part of team that used Doppler shifts to ID phenomenon; may help predict space weather  HOUSTON – (July 2, 2012) – Doppler measurements that help track storms on Earth may also be useful for understanding storms on the … Continue reading

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