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Recycling research: meteorite alien life discovery dubious?

Post by Ryan Maue You may have seen the breathless coverage on Fox News of the alien life discovery from NASA’s Dr. Hoover — in some fancy meteorite.  The “exclusive” nature of the discovery was hailed as evidence that we … Continue reading

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The reverse of UN’s disastrous “oil for food” program: Ethanol uses 40% of US Corn Crop

Global Food Prices Jump To Record Level Because of Higher Corn Prices – or the alternate title: Cornholing the future There’s lot of gloom and doom being pushed, trying to link food prices to climate change by the usual howlers. … Continue reading

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Stormchasing in Oklahoma

Well not exactly, there’s no storms here today, but there are a lot of vehicles like this one: I’m attending this conference, not as a storm chaser, but as a supplier of technology to aid in storm monitoring.

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