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Friday funny: I scream, you scream, we all scream for global warming

It was really hot out… More: About these ads

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Spencer: strong negative feedback found in radiation budget

Strong Negative Feedback from the Latest CERES Radiation Budget Measurements Over the Global Oceans By Dr. Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Arguably the single most important scientific issue – and unresolved question – in the global warming debate is climate … Continue reading

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Drill spill kills bill?

In the greatest of ironies, it appears the BP oil drilling spill may kill the chances for the Kerry-Lieberman sans Graham (pick one:climate, energy, jobs, flavor of the minute) bill they say they will unveil on May 12th. Excerpt from … Continue reading

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“The decrease in upper ocean heat content from March to April was 1C – largest since 1979″

Recent Variations In Upper Ocean Heat Content – Information From Phil Klotzbach By Dr. Roger Pielke Senior Phil Klotzbach has graciously permitted me to post an update on upper ocean heat content in the equatorial upper ocean. He writes “The Climate Prediction … Continue reading

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Marketing Advice For Mad Scientists

By Steve Goddard and Anthony Watts They are mad, maybe not the crazy kind of mad scientist, but mad nonetheless. When people are mad, sometimes good judgment goes out the window. The Guardian published a fascinating “open letter” from AAAS, signed … Continue reading

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