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Monbiot issues an unprecedented apology – calls for Jones resignation

From Andrew Bolt, my “mate” down under at the Herald Sun, comes this surprise. I’ll have to say, it is to George Monbiot’s credit to do this. I embrace his first statement, because it succinctly sums up the situation: It’s … Continue reading

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CRU’s Phil Jones: “Maybe because I’m in my 50s, but the language used in the forecasts seems a bit over the top re the cold.”

The Powerline blog has done an excellent job of summarizing the issues surrounding the Climatgate/CRUtape Letters in the past couple of days. Since they reference WUWT in the most recent article, it seems relevant to also post here. It seems … Continue reading

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Fox News Glenn Beck on Climategate

UPDATED: Better video quality in this copy on YouTube. Previous copy was low-res. Beck’s summary of the CRU email exchanges is very strong. Transcript follows, thanks to Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters for it.

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Intensive land-management leaves Europe without carbon sinks

Away from Climategate and back to science, here’s something interesting fingering land use as an issue. This is from the Max Planck Society. A new calculation of Europe’s greenhouse gas balance shows that emissions of methane and nitrous oxide tip … Continue reading

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The CRUtape Letters™, an Alternative Explanation.

By charles the moderator Rodin’s The Thinker at the Musée Rodin. Author CJ. Licensed under Creative Commons. I have a theory. With the blogosphere all atwitter about the emails and data “stolen” from the Climatic Research Institute at the University … Continue reading

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