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Why Copenhagen Will Achieve Nothing

Guest post by Willis Eschenbach The upcoming Copenhagen climate summit, officially and ponderously named “COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009″, is aimed at reducing the emissions of the developed world. The main players, of course, are the US … Continue reading

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Boxer-Kerry: “climate” bill or green jobs program?

It seems difficult to figure out just what the Boxer-Kerry bill is these days. If nothing else, its a sloppy rush job, beyond that, is it climate, or something else? How much will it cost? Only the shadow knows. From … Continue reading

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More “unprecedented” warming in the Antarctic

Via a Euerekalert press release Past climate of the northern Antarctic Peninsular informs global warming debate IMAGE: The American icebreaker RV/IB Nathanial B. Palmer is shown off the South Shetland Islands. The drilling rig is clearly seen on the rear … Continue reading

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Copenhagen – not happening

A summary from Dr. Benny Peiser’s daily newsletter: Delay is preferable to error. –Thomas Jefferson A world treaty on climate change will be delayed by up to a year and is likely to be watered down because countries with the … Continue reading

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2009 Weblog awards – nominations open

Well, it is that time of year again. Blog awards. Time to honor your favorites in many categories. The way it works is that we start with nominations. The blogs that get the most nominations wins a spot in the … Continue reading

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UAH Global Temperature for October, down significantly

October 2009 UAH Global Temperature Update +0.28 deg. C by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. YR MON GLOBE NH SH TROPICS 2009 1 +0.304 +0.443 +0.165 -0.036 2009 2 +0.347 +0.678 +0.016 +0.051 2009 3 +0.206 +0.310 +0.103 -0.149 2009 … Continue reading

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