Wyoming Governor Backs Out of Climate Debate

Gordon Was Standing Tall In The Saddle Until He Backed Down

Views of an Energy Conference in Wyoming

The great strides we have made in 41 years on this topic is to substitute carbon for carbon dioxide.

Wind Turbines Out West-Part 1

Wind energy development has exploded in southeastern Wyoming. In just two counties we have now in operation, or permitted to begin construction, some ten wind projects involving 613,000 acres (958…

CO2 sequestration research stumbles onto something useful: a big lithium strike in Wyoming

Guest post by Alec Rawls Most lithium (the lightest metal) is now mined in the Andes (image above), but it looks like the U.S. has more than a little of it…

Western voters mostly skeptical of global warming

This is interesting. The American Spectator tips us to this this poll, conducted under the auspices of Colorado College’s State of the Rockies project one in which most questions were…

Wind power gets bent out of shape in Wyoming

Trent Brome writes on his Facebook page: Arlington, WY – avg annual wind speed of 31mph, gusts above 110mph, seems like a great place for a wind turbine ….right?

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