French President Macron Threatens a Devastating Electricity Embargo against Renewables Obsessed Britain

Britain may be about to pay a heavy price for their mad dash for renewables, and neglect of energy self sufficiency. As Brexit negotiations enter a standoff, France is threatening to embargo desperately needed British imports of dispatchable electricity generated by French nuclear reactors, unless Britain permanently cedes fishing rights in British territorial waters to the EU.

Why 100% Renewable Energy Is Less Realistic Than a Unicorn

Guest “you can’t get there from here” by David Middleton 16 Sep 2019 | 14:45 GMTHow Inexpensive Must Energy Storage Be for Utilities to Switch to 100 Percent Renewables?MIT researchers list the energy storage technologies that could enable a 100 percent renewable grid By Prachi Patel […] Electricity and heat production are the largest sources of greenhouse…