Why Cooking With Gas Won’t Melt Arctic Sea Ice: Temperature Anomaly Graphs Obscure Important Dynamics

It reveals the critical climate dynamics of ocean currents that naturally transport warm warm water from the tropics into the Arctic causing very different local temperatures and sea ice extent.

Natural Oceanic Cycles Behind Heavy East Australia Rains, New Study Finds

In other words, rains and dry periods depend on what the oceanic cycles are doing, and not CO2. Understanding the key natural cycles is key.

University of Rochester Researchers Go ‘Outside the Box’ to Delineate Major Ocean Currents

Antarctic Circumpolar Current

International Satellite to Track Impacts of Small Ocean Currents

SWOT’s solar panels unfold as part of a test in January at a Thales Alenia Space facility in Cannes, France, where the satellite is being assembled. SWOT will measure elevations…

Transport Of Tropical Ocean Heat Causes An Over Estimation Of The Global Average Temperature

Jim Steele Video shows how the redistribution of tropical ocean heat to the Arctic can raise the global average temperature without any added energy to the earth’s climate A simple…

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